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Okami wa Nemuranai 22.4


Back at home, Eda hasn't returned yet.

Lecan went to the square, bought some meat skewers, and sat down on a bench.

Once he was done eating, he secretly used <Appraisal> on the coming and going people.

<Appraisal> is a spell that targets a specified object, it can't be applied on multiple unspecified targets.

In other word, it's not a magic that can answer <What kind of equipment does this person have> question. The magic is not for identifying what equipment does one carry, but what does the equipment one carry do.

Besides, if your target is within sight, you can tell basic information such the armor, sword, mantle they carry just by looking.

With <3D Perceptions>, Lecan can tell hidden equipment as well. The ability detects objects that are physically present in a space, unaffected by visibility. It can even detect stuff behind a closed door or inside a box. Initially, its range was only 50 steps around Lecan, but it's been bolstered to 100 steps recently.

<3D Perception> enables him to obtain information naked eyes can't get, such as a dagger inside a holder on one's waist, a chainmail worn under an armor, or a hidden jewel stuffed inside a pocket.

And it's possible to <Appraisal> things caught in it.

Lecan is practicing how to clearly recites the spell name <Appraisal> quietly while trying not to move his mouth as much as possible.

At the same time, he's also practicing <Appraisal>-ing objects carried by moving people.

It's for the sake of interpersonal combats.

He likely won't get a chance to use <Appraisal> once he's in the heat of combat, but he could diminish severities of unknown surprise attacks if only he could appraise stuff carried by potential enemies. This world has Grace items. It's full of items that possess abilities far beyond Lecan's imagination. You can never be careful enough.

<Appraisal>-ing objects carried by moving people proved quite difficult. However it's not undoable. Fortunately, he's got plenty of mana. He simply needs to practice on it over and over again.

<Appraisal> is easier to do if you stare down the equipment someone in front of you carries, but Lecan is practicing <Appraisal> without directly looking at the target. This also proved difficult.

He spent some time practicing appraisal before coming home, then Eda returned.

Since she said she doesn't mind using <Recovery> for Goncourt House when Lecan told her about his discussion with Norma, Lecan went back to Norma's medical center and informed Norma of Eda's affirmation.

During dinner, Eda had an interesting story to share.

"There's a magic instructor staying at Adventurer's Association right now, you see. They said these magic instructors were dispatched from Royal Capital to Adventurer's Associations all over the places."
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"First they'll measure your mana if you pay one copper coin. It's to tell if you've got mana or not, see."

"I see."

Not everyone who possesses mana is aware that they do. Of course a magic user can tell when someone utilizes their mana right in front of that magic user. However, someone who possesses mana cannot utilize their mana unless they have practiced on it. In that case, a magic user won't be able to tell if someone possess mana even if they're standing right in front of them. You need a special kind of talent to be able to tell whether someone possesses mana or not.

"And if it turns out you've got mana, you can then attend the classroom lecture and get technical guidance. The classroom lecture is for basic course and costs one silver coin."

"What's a basic course?"

"Uun. It's like, what types of magic there are, and what do they do."

"I see."

"Those who are taking the basic course can get technical guidance on specific spells. This one costs one big silver coin for each spell. But there's no way to tell if you got an aptitude on that spell until after you've tried to learn it. You still gotta pay one big silver coin even if it turned out you don't got the aptitude."

"That's fair."

"And then those who managed to cast the spell can pay more to get academic and technical guidance, or so I heard."

"Sounds interesting. Is that magic instructor gonna be there tomorrow?"

"She said she'd be staying in this town for awhile."

"Alright. I'm going to Adventurer's Association tomorrow."

"And I'm gonna learn cooking from Miril-san."

"Who's Miril."

"At least learn the name of your next door neighbor, okay."

Lecan wanted to take a break from fighting for a while.

He fought a lot in Dungeon Ninae and had a duel in Golubl.

He wanted to take it easy for the time being.

He'd like to learn a new spell, but he's been barred from visiting Shira until the 26th.

Hence, learning magic from this magic instructor at Adventurer Association sounds like it could be a good time waster, thought Lecan.

Thus, Lecan went to Adventurer's Association the following day.

There, he meets a technical instructor of Royal Capital's Magic Association, Dorost Shepter.

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