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Okami wa Nemuranai 12_13


Lecan had his right eye wide open while still in his bed.

There's an intruder.

And someone who possesses mana at that.

He immediately put on his mantle, and after a slight hesitation, put away his sword into the <Storage>, then he went toward the main building while erasing his footsteps.

Despite being in the dead of night, this intruder is proceeding on behind the cover of places with little visibilty like behind trees and such. And at a tremendous speed. So this is how a specialist in assassination work.

The intruder has stopped moving at one of the pillars in front side of the main building. They're probably climbing up the pillar. It's just a guess since <Life Detection> cannot perceive altitude. They must be using some kind of tools to climb up that bare pillar without anything to hold.

--Why are they climbing from the front? The present family head and family should be located at the inner part of the upper floor.

As a matter of fact, there are many traps installed along the walls to the inner part. If you try to climb up on one of those walls, it will peel off and throw you down. It's common for a mansion that belongs to nobility in this world.

The intruder got on the roof. Right at this time, Lecan has arrived behind the main building, and is hiding himself behind a tree.

The intruder installed a rope end on the roof. With Lady Rubianafale's room right below.

Lecan rushed out of his cover, and dashed toward the main building's back wall at full speed without attempting to erase his footsteps.

The intruder noticed Lecan approaching. However, they faltered only for an instant and proceeded with their attempt to descend into the young lady's room.

A few moment is enough for an expert assassin to get into the young lady's room from the roof. Even if Lecan were to run around to the front, break the window and run up the stairs or perhaps shout out loud to draw attentions, he wouldn't make it in time at all. The assassin must have come to that conclusion.

However, Lecan did not go up the stairs.

"Wind! Wind! Wind!"

He ran up the wall with winds pushing his back. The wall he stepped on peeled off along the way, but he paid no heed to it and arrived next to the intruder in no time flat.

The intruder made an excellent reaction for an enemy.

Their left hand gripped the rope, as they came slashing with the dagger in their right hand.

Lecan took out his trusted sword form <Storage> and lopped the intruder's head off at a blinding speed.

The slightly visible intruder's eyes opened wide when they saw a sword appearing out of thin air. Those eyes were that of a woman.

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"It has been decided that Rubianafale shall be wed to Schadrest household. As Schadrest house is a distinguished family who has ties to the royal family, there are many who do not approve of the marriage, for a lady of a countryside noble to be a legal wife of such a house. Or those who consider their own daughters to be more fitting. As such I have installed guards in front of Rubianafale to stand watch all night every day. But never would have I imagined they would come from the roof."

After the disturbance had settled down for a bit, Lecan was summoned to the room of the family head, Zankajiel, to receive an explanation. Knight Ezak is standing next to Zankajiel.

Of course Lecan had noticed the night watch. He even knew who the night watch was last night from the characteristic he perceived with <Mana Detection>. However, he didn't think that the night watch could detect the intruder, nor would they win against her.

"Lecan. Was it not possible for you to capture the intruder without killing her?"

Knight Ezak asked looking seemingly displeased.

"The assassin was a professional. Capturing her alive, proved difficult."

"Ezak. I have heard that assassins would rather choose death when caught. Capturing her would likely not bear anything."

"However, Zankajiel-sama. We could have interrogated her. We might be able to find out who is responsible for such a cowardly act."

"There is nothing we could possibly do even if we knew. Then we would be better off not knowing."

"But, was it really necessary to kill such a young woman."

"She was wearing a mask, surely he did not know it was a young woman until after she had lost her life. Give it up."

That assassin was a mana possessor. She must have some sort of magical ability. It might have been a dangerous kind. Even if she was restrained, she might have been able to kill the young lady from a distant. Lecan never had any other option but to kill her at the time.

"Still, to notice an intruder that no one else could, and then brought them down after running up the wall, I could offer nothing but praises at your feats. Is it some fashion of ability that enables you to run up a wall that high?"

Lecan did not give an answer.

"Fumu, a secret is it. Well, no matter. Lecan, I am most grateful to you. Please continue to protect my daughter from now on."

"Yale (yes)."

Lecan decided to keep the silver ring on his left hand's middle finger day and night.

Afterward, the mansion suffered three raids within two months time.

It was Lecan who took care of the assailants in every cases.

None of the assassins left Zaidmahl house alive.

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