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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Get Your Ducks in a Row


Now that I'm done with the request and all, time to prepare for the dungeon conquest.

I do plan to return to surface once we get to a nice part sure, but once we dive in, it means the conquest begins for real. Thus, unlike before, I've got to carefully draw up the plan with the girls also in mind.

I've experimented with the Space-time magic 『Dimensional Storage』 since then. Creating a space that can hold about 100 kilogram worth of things requires 100 mana. Twice the mana amount for a space that slows down deterioration of things inside. And quadruple the amount for a space that completely stops deterioration. When I tried making a space, the magic took the MP from my maximum amount. Apparently the MP needed is treated like another framework. It consumes the MP required to maintain the space from that amount as well as the maximum amount. By the way, my max MP will be back to its original state if I discard the space. The MP consumed stays used, and the things stored inside get thrown out though.

Apparently this skill has another hidden proficiency level stat with it, right now I can only create two spaces, each holding 1 ton max. It should be more than enough, but being a human I am. I've a feeling that it won't be enough soon enough. Since I don't know how to increase the proficiency level, I'll create and maintain one one ton space without deterioration. And I'll use the other quota to repeat creation and deletion process. By the way, you can't put living things inside just like magic rucksacks. Wonder if that part will ever be improved?

And thus, since I've obtained a way to store my stuff myself, I've given Futsuno-san all the magic rucksacks I used so far. She'll be guarding our back, so she'll be in charge of holding our stuff. For the sake of hearing her saying 『I've got this ready for this situation!』 when the time is right. I'll carry only a pouch. In public, I'll take my stuff from the Dimensional Storage via that pouch.

As for stuff we carry with us. First of all, food, and then medicines.
Next is spare equipment and weapons. I don't need spares so long I have my fists, spear and magic, but I'd like to carry specialized weapons other than spears for Kagura-san. And so I come to a simple conclusion that oni girls equal iron clubs. Blunt weapons are so nice. Thus I've ordered one from Boss-san. Since I don't have the model, it's the type without thorns and stuff. But I'll get that one for her someday, for sure. Why you ask? Because that's just how it should be!! I'll make the swimsuit if I get my hands on tiger hide, yeap.

Mitama just got brand new equipment, so she doesn't need any. She's got a full set after all. I'm sure Futsuno-san has gotten herself brand new cane and protector along with everyone right about now.

The problem is food.
We probably will be procuring some on site but we won't know how much of those will be dropped by monsters, so we're still gonna bring lots before entering the dungeon. Considering the watchdogs of feast in our party, I've got to make sure to prepare the very best. Prolly gonna hunt some Louiv Pigs and stuff before proceeding further in the dungeon.

I was thinking of bringing a bath tub since we would likely want to take a nice bath after some nice sweating, but I could just use Stone Wall to create one myself, so I didn't go through with the idea.

While chewing on an extra chicken skewer I got for buying up a lot, I stare hard at maps of dungeon.
They're maps the old man in front of the dungeon are selling. I've bought maps for 6F-10F, the aspect greatly differs from that of the first five floors. I don't plan to take the shortest routes. We're using this opportunity to also raise our levels after all.

6F is a marshland area. There are even poisonous swamps there, gotta be careful. Apparently, it's got lots of amphibian and plant-type monsters.

7F is all about sandy beaches and sea. But why, I thought, apparently that's just how it is. Beating the fishmen and stuff that spawn there will net you fish for some mysterious reasons. Apparently, sometimes you could get pearls as a drop item from beating big shell-type enemies, it's a floor where many mid-class adventurers dream of getting rich quick, for those who pursue the romance of counting their chickens before they hatch.

8F is a jungle. It's a peculiar floor with high humidity and temperature unlike other floors in the dungeon where the temperature is kept at a comfortable level. It's inhabited by monsters such as snakes, carnivorous plants and old trents that can use magic.

9F is a quicksand cave. It's mainly infested by ants, but there are some large monsters around too depending on the locations. Including giant scorpions, manticores and stuff. The quicksands have also encroached onto some passages, so there's lots of people getting lost here.

10F changes back to the original looks of the dungeon floors. However, the spawned monsters are all goblins and orcs. And in quite a density as well. It's literally the demon's gate of a floor for female adventurers. Potential for an event where an imperial female knight goes 『Kuh... kill me』 is pretty high here.

I plan to run through all these in two months. It's ultimately just a goal though so I'm not gonna rush it. Getting too fixated on goals could lead to regret later on.

Force-wise, Kagura-san is a pure vanguard. Me with my katana and magic, and Mitama with her dagger and bow are raid-type middle guard. Futsuno-san and Tama are rear guard. Our party has no tanks. Even if Eleanor-san comes into the picture, she'd be a super offensive type. This is one thing that needs a careful consideration. I'd like to look for a shield user if we ever get a chance to add more people. For now, we'll pull through by buffing everyone with a modified spell that combine all type of defensive magic, [Full Protection], I made. I mean my Mana Clad is practically like paper before Master and Eleanor-san, so I'm considering the possibility of having to plunge into a barrage of attacks with these power ups. I'd like to have defensive powers like a soaring steel palace one of these days. I want to try saying 『Hahaha, look. These attacks are like garbage.』

I got sidetracked. I'll be in charge of the frontline, while Kagura-san and Mitama are supporting from both sides. Tama-chan will be enshrined on top of Futsuno-san's head. After all, only Tama-chan and I can use sacred magic. We'll be relying on Futsuno-san's barrier and Tama-chan's healing when push comes to shove. Come to think of it, wonder if I can learn barrier art too. It'd be quite convenient if I could use it as footholds like a certain barrier-user. I'll ask Futsuno-san about it later.

Here I am backtracking to the adventurer guild while munching on banana I bought from Yahatt-san. This outing is turning into a little food tour somehow.
Why am I going back to the guild you ask, it's for checking on quests that are related to dungeon's 6F-10F. Lower floors quests were mostly about procuring foodstuff. There should be lots of quests about foodstuff too with higher floors, but I'm sure there will be some peculiar ones too. Like say, getting Golden Balls from the orcs on 10F. I got some myself the other day, but I've crushed them into powder and mixed it with medicines to create vitality agents and stuff. There should be also quests for the giant scorpions on 9F since their shells can be used to make weapons and armor.
Gotta think up ways to take care of such quests if we're going to take them on in the future.

Guess there's not a whole lot of quests at this time. Most of the remaining ones are quests that have been left untaken for a long time.
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《Soul Stones Delivery》
Recruiting people who can regularly deliver Soul Stones from every class. One month period. Please makes sure to bring five stones every week.
Client: Alchemist Guild
Reward: Price of each Soul Stones + Wages agreed upon beforehand
Contact Person: Alchemist Guild Receptionist

《Fish Dragon Extermination》
In need of livers of a rare Fish Dragon, thus please exterminate the sub-species of Fish Dragon, [Sub Marine], inhabiting the dungeon's 7F. Wanna have a go?
Client: Ordis Temple
Reward: 95,000 mani
Time Limit: Within 30 Days
Contact Person: Oldis Temple's Priest, Avesan.

《『String of Anemone』 Procurement》
Please procure 『String of Anemone』 item dropped by the rare spawn of plant-type monsters, Anemone.
Client: Alchemy Shop 『Second Moon』
Reward: 23,000 mani
Time Limit: Within 7 Days
Contact Person: Storekeeper of 『Second Moon』 Alchemy Store, Wakkenin

《Quicksand Cave Investigation》
Monsters that have never been discovered before seem to have appeared on 9F. Some insists that it's a tiger, another mutters as if giving up that it's a deer. We will be waiting at the provisional observatory base located on 9F, 『Whoosh Whoosh』.
Client: Monster Compiler
Reward: 1,200 mani each day
Contact Person: Adventurer Guild's Monster Compiler, Uretimo

《Spices Procurement》
Please defeat monsters on dungeon 8F and procure these spices.
Capskong: Pepper
Cinnamonkey: Cinnamon
Cloviper: Clove
Five pouches of each spices.
Client: Restaurant 『Hell and Heaven』
Reward: 30,000 for complete set
Time Limit: Within 20 days
Contact Person: Restaurant 『Hell and Heaven』 manager, Gai

Lots of troublesome-looking quests there. I can see why people keep their distance.
The rewards are nice compared to low floor quests indeed, but they're appropriate if we consider the labor needed to get there and the enemy strength. But this spice quest, the size of pouches and the amount of drop itself are unknown, would anyone even take on this quest?
But I'm glad I came here and saw these. I've still got to prepare a wee bit more. First of all, I need to get more bags to separate things. I don't know in which form stuff like spices will be dropped, it could potentially be disastrous if we don't have more than one bag to split them.
Also, after checking with the staff, apparently, there have been lots people that fell victim to the 7F Fish Dragon that was in the quest earlier. Especially male adventurers, apparently it's persistently going after male adventurers, I was warned.

I was just looking at the quest board. Yet it's enough to make me wonder.

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