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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-63

16-63. Parion Holy Land, Once Again (2)


Satou here. Making a mistake in the way you exterminate pest would invite a large outbreak of pest in rebound, said someone in TV and SNS. What's important is knowing the correct information.

"Is that the entrance to the City Core's room?"

I went through shadows with Tama and arrived at the sanctuary underground, where the [Immortal Magic King (Lich)] was.
Countless Undeads are trying their hardest to get to the City Core, and the Lich in question is apparently among them.
Every time the Lich's fists clad in purple light hit the floor, the blue magic barrier gets broken apart like scattered sparks.


I tried to call out the tongue-twisting name of the Lich, but it gave no reaction.
Got the same result even after I called its creator's name, [Nemo].
The Lich just keeps on striking the door located on the floor without a care in the world.

Looks like this ex-homonculus Lich has little to no ego, it feels like it can only follow the orders given to it like a machine.

Instead, a Wraith Lord who had been pompously commanding the Undead from behind them noticed and glared at me with its hollowed eyes that glowed dark red lights.


The Wraith Lord screamed out grossly and charged at us while brandishing its bishop's staff.


I was going to purify it with some anti-Undead light magic, but since its face felt familiar, I stopped myself and punched it with a mana-clad fist instead.
AR reading tells me this Wraith Lord has no unique name, but its face is definitely that of Holy Land Parion's Pope, Zazaris.
He probably lost his life during the greater demon's raid.

The knocked Wraith Lord seemed dumbfounded as it put its hand on its cheek, afterward it incited the Ghosts and Wraiths that were working beside the Lich to come at us.

"Nin nin~?"

Tama cut down the approaching Wraiths and Ghosts with her ninja katana clad in blue light.

『How's it going with the homu-homu?』
『I got no response.』

Arisa who was standing by behind the line called me through [Telephone].

『I see, then--』

Arisa stopped talking midway.

『--Ge geh. Master, the airship it's--』


While Arisa was finishing her line, Tama's ears stood up as she peerlessly demolished the enemy with acrobatic moves.
With the latest model of the Golden Armor, the helmet's ear ornament will move to match Tama's ears inside, it's really cute.

I checked on the movements of the dots in radar using Parallel Thinking, the large Saga Empire airship that was pursuing Demon Ships had just passed through the sky above the city.
I opened the map to see if the airship had some problems, but immediately after I did so, a huge tremor assaulted the underground hall along with a slight reaction from Crisis Perception.

The ceiling broke apart, Demon Ship's tip jumped out of it and went on to hit the ground.

The splinters flying here from the cloud of dust were all kicked about by Tama who did it while uttering [Nin nin].
Looks like she's obliterated all the Ghosts and Wraiths already.

I turn around to face the invading Demon Ship, but there doesn't seem any need to deal with it.

As the Demon Ship disappeared into black mist, Hero Meiko showed up while holding a holy sword shaped like a Japanese katana.
It's different from the holy sword she wielded before, must be something she took from her Unique Skill [Unlimited Armory (Endless Swords)].

『Master! Are you all right? Hey, master!』
『Both me and Tama are fine. Are you okay yourself?』
『Oh good. We're fine over here. Or maybe we can get into the bath together later, and you can look if I'm hurt anywhere--』

I hung up the call while sighing since Arisa started to ramble on about dumb stuff.

My eyes met Hero Meiko then.

"Tch, it's you--I'll deal with you later!"

After finding me and cussing, Hero Meiko walked toward the door that led to the City Core room.
There, the Lich that had been ignoring all the quakes from the Demon Ship's crash was still fully focused on hitting the magical barrier.

I just noticed, the Wraith Lord--Pope Zazaris was gone, perhaps he was crushed by the Demon Ship.
Or perhaps he might have fled to the Realm of the Dead, but looking for him in this situation would be tough.

"Yuuki! I found the place you mentioned! Come here already!"

Hero Meiko took a rustic-looking comm magic tool shaped like a transceiver from her [Inventory] and shouted at it as she cleared away the dust and looked down at the door on the floor.

"Meiko, are you guys looking for--"
"You're in the way."

When I was going to say City Core, Hero Meiko slashed at the crown of the Lich's head from outside her holy katana's reach without any warning.


I look at Hero Meiko while calming down the surprised Tama.

"What? Was that your prey?"

Hero Meiko snapped back and glared at me with a refreshed look on her face.

"Then it's fine isn't it."

Hero Meiko ended the talk after interrupting me and then she turned her gaze at the place where she got down earlier.

"Seigi, don't get ahead of me, you! I'm the one that will take over the City Core!"
"I might just take it for myself if you're too slow."
"Michael! Carry me down."
"I'm Mieka."
"Ok ok, just make it quick!"
"That's not fair! Yuuki!"

Judging from the clatter, Hero Seigi and Hero Yuuki are coming, it seems.
With sounds of flapping wings, Hero Yuuki showed up, carried by a wingkin.

I thought this hero would look a bit more overbearing, but this hero's got a small build even for a middle schooler, the short hair suits this hero's gender-neutral face.

"Mask and purple hair? Don't tell me, you're the masked hero Nanashi?"
"Nice to meet you, Hero Yuuki."

I greeted as well as gave an affirmation to Hero Yuuki.

"Yuuki! Flying is not fair!"

While complaining, hero Seigi got here along with the companions I met at [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald.

"Geh, level 99? --Ah, Shiga Kingdom's hero huh."

Hero Seigi flinched for an instant when he saw me, but then he quickly guessed my affiliation from my title and breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Hey, Meiko! Don't leave your garbage on top of the door."
"Oh shut up. Just get your attendants to clean it up."

Hero Meiko snapped back at Hero Yuuki who looked down in disgust at the Lich that had been cut in two.


--Crisis Perception.

It's from the direction of Hero Meiko and Hero Yuuki.

"Get away!"

Tama's warning was promptly acted upon, Hero Meiko got away using Flickering Motion, and the wingkin who was carrying Hero Yuuki also moved away using Flickering Motion.

"Eh? What what?"

I got next to the slow-to-react Hero Seigi, and hurled him away to the direction of his attendants.

"No. That's--"

Hero Meiko replied to Hero Yuuki who was looking at the place they were at from behind his attendant's wing.

"--A demon lord."

As if hero Meiko's words were a trigger, the slime-shaped demon lord turned back into its Lich form.
Even without using Miasma Sight, jet black aura is visibly wriggling around the Lich demon lord.

AR reading tells me that this Lich demon lord is level 61.

According to a document I read at the Sage's Tower, the more Unique Skills a demon lord has, the higher its initial level would be, a demon lords with three Unique Skills would have the initial level of 70 at the lowest, but looking at this demon lord, that information might not be reliable at all.

Either way, I'm sure there was no oracle that prophesied another demon lord's appearance in this land.
Well, even before that, no oracle was ever given about the greater demon's raid. Looks like Parion Holy Land is more hated by God Parion than I thought.


Arisa who was standing by above ground called through [Telephone].

『Mia said that the spirits scrambled away all at once!!』
『Yea, it's probably because a demon lord has just been born here.』
『Demon lord?! Then, we're heading there too.』
『Nah, you don't need to. This place is a bit cramped, it'd be hard for you and the girls to wield your powers here. Besides, those Saga Empire heroes are here with us, Tama and I will act as their support.』

The battle junkie hero, Meiko has the highest level at 63, the hero specialized in wide area attack magic, Hero Yuuki at level 62, and the scout-type hero, Seigi is a bit lower than the two at level 57.
The combination is a bit worrying, but with our and their attendants supports, it should be doable for these three to beat a level 61 demon lord that's specialized in close quarter combat.

『Got it! Looks like Liza-san and the dragons have defeated the Demon Ships too, we'll be standing by at the outskirts together ok.』
『Yea, if things gets out of the heroes' hands here, I'll call for your help.』

Well, Tama-sensei who's nearing level 80 should probably be able to handle it by herself though.

In my view, the demon lord clads both its fists in dark purple flames.

And then it continues to punch the floor like when it was still just an ordinary Lich.

"Oy, oy, like we're gonna let ya."

Hero Seigi who had relaxed himself complained.
His attendants warned him not to let his guard down, afterward he drew his holy sword and swung it around with a pouting face.

"Now's our chance, let's take it down--this is our prey, you hear me! You, don't meddle in, okay."

While she was talking, hero Meiko turned around to us and gave a warning.

"Meiko! This isn't the time to argue about that! It's looking bad!"

Hero Yuuki warned.

The Lich demon lord kept on punching the wall without attacking the heroes, but the problem was its strength.
Its fists were on a whole different level than before, they broke down the magic barrier in no time flat, and the last hit smashed the door along with the floor.

"Uwa, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Along with the door, the thick floor of the basement that ate the Demon Ship's crash earlier just fine broke down, and it began to fall into the underground cave where the City Core was as Hero Seigi screamed.
I carry Tama under my arm, and lift up hero Seigi who cannot fly along with his attendants using the magic-like psychokinesis, [Magic Hand].
Since Hero Yuuki is being carried by the wingkin attendant, and Hero Meiko is jumping from falling rocks to other falling rocks like it's an anime, I pay them no mind.

Arisa and the girls have retreated already, there should be no problem with them.

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"Guess I can't leave this alone, can I?"

Inside the City Core's room that's filled with blue light, the Lich demon lord is heading towards the City Core at a surprisingly quick gait.
AR reading tells me that the City Core is currently masterless, so the Lich demon lord would probably gain its ownership easily if it could get to it.

"I won't let youuuuuuuu!"
"Tch, shoulda gotten rid of it quick."

Hero Yuuki and Hero Meiko used Flickering Motion at full powers to try to stop it, but the Lich demon lord would probably get to it before them at this rate.

--Well, I'm faster than all of them though.

Using sight-based Unit Arrangement, I got next to the City Core.

『Welcome, o great king who rules over domains of higher order. Do you wish to register this land as a satellite city?』
"Yes, I do."
『Registration complete.』

I checked on the log, no new title in particular.

"Not fair! Hero Nanashi!"

Hero Yuuki and Hero Seigi howled to see me seizing the City Core's ownership.
The Lich demon lord is still going straight here without caring about the fact that it was too late.

"You two! Focus on beating the demon lord first!"

Hero Meiko shouted while clad in blue light and slashed at the Lich demon lord from behind.
Unlike before, despite the practically nonexistent level difference between them, a single stroke from Hero Meiko's katana cut off the Lich demon lord's head.

And even though its head laid on the floor, the Lich demon lord's body keeps walking forward while blood is gushing out of its neck like a fountain.

I thought it was a weak demon lord, pretty tenacious.

"Just die already!"

Hero Meiko cut away both Lich demon lord's leg with a horizontal slash.
The Lich demon lord that has fallen onto the ground is now crawling on the ground toward the City Core.

"Ew gross... I don't care if it's Seigi or Meiko, do something about this disgusting thing already."

Hero Yuuki shouted out loud from a distant.

"I'll do it!"

Hero Seigi runs up to the crawling demon lord while almost falling himself.
Since the ground here is uneven, it seems he can't use Flickering Motion well.

"Here I goooooooo!"

Using his running momentum, Hero Seigi clad in blue light jumps toward the Lich demon lord.

"--<Decapitate All Evil (Justice Prevails)>"

The sword that hero Seigi holds emits bright blue light by the power of his Unique Skill.
Ordinarily, you'd want to recite the holy verse first to draw out a holy sword's power, but it appears he forgot about it.

"Perish, demon looooooooooooooord!"

The holy sword is lodged deep to the half of the blade in the Lich demon lord's body, and then a moment later, a blue flame burns it down.
The Lich demon lord's body convulsed and raged violently, sending hero Seigi flying, but the holy sword stayed lodged in it until it disappeared into black mist.

"That was anti climatic."

Hero Meiko who had a fierce fight with a demon lord back then muttered while looking unconvinced.


The [God's Fragments] didn't show up even though the demon lord was killed.

More red dots showed up on my Radar. It's hard to distinguish the red dots, maybe because the surroundings have been painted red by the demon lord's blood. And since the floor is emitting blue lights, the dots and the blood get to look purple.

"What do you mean by weird--"

Hero Meiko picks up the Lich demon lord's legs and throw them into the blue flame.

"Meiko! Get back!"

Viscous liquid spouted out of the demon lord's legs that were in mid air, and turned back into Lich demon lords in an instant.
Oh right, it had [Infinite Regeneration (Rebirth)] and [Infinite Propagation (Division)].
Hero Meiko evaded the Lich demon lord's fist clad in [Unparalleled Pulverization (Nothing that cannot be pulverized)] power with her [Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can Hit)].

The Lich demon lord's fist tore the air apart, creating a tornado that smelled like ion as if it was wind magic.


Hero Seigi who was swallowed up in the storm screamed as he rolled on the ground.
Hero Yuuki attendant who protected the hero was hit by a debris and looked like he was going to die, thus I put up a force magic barrier.

Looks like the Lich demon lord who had been ignoring the heroes up until now can't keep doing so after almost getting killed.

A huge fireball--[Blast Ball] fired by Hero Yuuki passed by Hero Meiko's side.

"Hey, that's dangerous!"

The Blast Ball that exploded far from Hero Meiko spread flames and heat around, disheveling her hair.

"It's a support fire!"

The second Blast Ball was fired not at the Lich demon lord but at Hero Meiko.
The second Blast Ball hero Meiko evaded collided with the second Lich demon lord that showed up from within the flame, blasting it away to the other side of flame.
Apparently the second Blast Ball was aimed at the Lich demon lord that regenerated from its head.

"I don't need your help!"

Every time Hero Meiko slashed at the demon lord, a new demon lord appeared.
Though it seems it's getting weaker every time it regenerates and propagates, there's some level 50 demon lords mixed within them.

"Need a hand?"
"No! It's our prey!"

Hero Meiko immediately declined my proposition.

"Seigi! Do that again!"
"I can't! I can't use that for a while after using it once."
"You're useless!"

Hero Meiko keeps evading the Lich demon lord's attack even while quarrellings.
Looks like even she doesn't want to keep the enemy propagate more, she's refraining from attacking more.

Some of the regenerated demon lords are heading toward the City Core, so I along with Tama stand in their way and hurl them back toward the heroes.
The Lich demon lords that are still trying to get here are bound by Tama's Ninjutsu, [Shadow Stitch].
Hero Yuuki was saying something when the hero saw it, but I couldn't hear the hero over the sound from the intense battle.

『Master, the idiots riding the magic carpet are heading over there. Should Liza-san and the girls go fetch them?』
『No, I'll get Tama to take care of them.』
『Do you mind?』
『Aye aye sir~』

Tama jumps into the shadow connected to me with Ninjutsu.
I don't know what objective those temple officials that are riding on the magic carpet have in mind, but they'll only get in the way of the demon lord's subjugation so I'll have them go far away until it's over.

『So how is it going over there, master? You think the heroes could beat the demon lord?』
『Well, about that--』

I told Arisa the battle progress.

『So now Meiko is acting as an evasion shield against four demon lords huh.』

Arisa said that in amazement.

『Hey master, from how small of a part could this demon lord regenerate you think?』
『Who knows?』

Per Arisa's request, I tried cutting off the Lich demon's lord finger tip with space magic [<<Dimension Slasher>>].

『Looks like it can even regenerate from the size of a finger tip.』
"What are you doing! Are you trying to kill me?!"

Since hero Meiko was seriously livid, I isolated the fifth demon lord that sprung up because of my doing inside a transparent barrier of force magic.
As the demon lord is trying to break the barrier, I stack the barrier faster than it could destroy it.

Shock waves produced from magic capable of killing a demon lord is too great, thus I put my hand on the barrier that I had pulled close to me, and projected countless holy blades inside the multi layered barrier, disposing of the demon lord.
It'd be bad if the demon lord regenerated endlessly inside the barrier, so I tried to mimic Hero Seigi and burned down the finely chopped demon lord inside with a holy flame.

>[Holy Flame] Skill Acquired.
>Title [Holy Flame User] Acquired.
>Title [One who Destroys Evils] Acquired.

Whoa, a new skill in a long while.

"A d-demon lord, in an instant?"
"Just what's with this guy! I don't get it!"
"T-that must be a Unique Skill... Y-yes it must be!"

The heroes shouted out loud in perplexion when they saw me beating the demon lord.
I'd like to have a few words with hero Meiko, but since we're still in the heat of a fight, I keep watch over them without talking back.

『Hey, hey, Master? Meiko cut off the demon lord's head at the beginning didn't she?』
『Yes, it was quite a splatter-like scene.』

The blood gush is too much to even be recalled.

『You can create clones from, like, hair and blood, right?』

Arisa abruptly changed the subject.

--No, I get what she's trying to say.

『Then, like, can't the demon lord regenerate itself from its blood too?』

As if confirming Arisa's suspicion, the entire surface of my Radar is filled with red light.
Viscous liquids clad in dark purple lights rose up from the ground all at the same time and turned into innumerable Lich demon lords.

The majority of them are level 50, but it's just impossible for these three heroes to fight off more than 100 regenerating demon lords.

『Everyone, looks like it's about time for the Knights of Gold's turn.』

I called the girls with [Tactical Talk] while securing the heroes with [Magic Hand].

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