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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-19

In Arisa's point of view this time.

13-19. Nanashi and Arisa


"Arisa, you sure look quite cheerful today."
"You think so?"

Dehehe, I understand myself that my face has broken into a smile.
I don't think something wonderful like Yotogi will happen probably, but getting called out by your loved one in the middle of the night sure fires you up.

If I don't stop myself from getting another three helping in the feast today, were I strip and show my bulging stomach, my maiden's heart will be in a pinch.
Ah but, the dishes in the royal castle are different than what Lulu and Master usually make, so I just can't stop~


I heard a high-pitched voice when the carriage was just about to arrive at the royal castle's parking lot.

"Chicken meat~?"
"Bird of prey nanodesu."

Bird of prey? Is it like a hawk or an eagle?

"--Coachman! Stop the carriage!"

Liza who's looking outside speaks loudly.

I wonder what is it?

Time for magic!

[Area Search] activate!

Above is--.

"Arisa, pull yourself together."

Liza is slapping my cheeks.
In the grove of trees--the carriage is overturned on the thicket.

Apparently, I fainted.

"W-what happened?"
"The horses acted violently and overturned the carriage."

The horses did--?

"--Right! I remember now!"

Right when I was shouting, I heard the call from Tama and Pochi.
It seems they've gone scouting.

"Lots of carriages fell~"
"It'll be bad if we don't save them quick nanodesu."

That thing flies over the grove of trees like, 'gouu'.


Beyond the grove, I see many carriages toppled over and something circling in the sky.

Eagle as its upper half of the body, and lion as the lower half.

The mythical beast that rules over the sky--Griffon.

Anyone who sees that figure can only choose to escape.


However, I'll say this daringly!

"Griffon's cry should be 『Guruu』!!!"
"Arisa--what are you saying?"

Liza is looking seriously worried about me.
I'm sorry. I know that it's not a good timing to make the joke, but I couldn't help but did it no matter what.

I wonder if being an otaku is sinful....

"But, how did that monster invade the royal castle?"

I suddenly realized it when I heard Lulu.

Come to think of it, the royal castle has the barrier of Ancient King Yamato, so it was even safe during the attack of a greater demon back then, how did this one enter I wonder?

"It's Master nanodesu!"

Eh? Where?

"■■■■ ■■ Long Sight. That clothing and violet wig is certainly Master's, so I report."

I also take out a telescope from my magic bag, and look at the back of the circling Griffon.

I see a small figure of a person on its back.
If that figure is really Master, then the Griffon seems to be around 10 meter long big body in total.

"But, I don't think Master would do something that trouble people you know?"
"Nn, agree."

Just as Lulu and Mia have said, this is unlike Master.


"Everyone, get ready for battle!"

Everyone looks surprised hearing my command.

"That's an impostor!"

I mean the chest area is swelled.
Master who hates cross-dressing will never cross-dresses by himself.

"For now, let's attract their attention. I'll confine them in my space magic once they come here!"
"Understood. Pochi, Tama, use Magic Edge Cannon. Lulu, guard Mia and Arisa. Nana, provide the counterattack."

Everyone starts to act following Liza's instructions.

Red balls of light shot by the three fly toward the Griffon.
However, right before they hit, the shots missed the Griffon as if they evaded it themselves.

"--Wind barrier."

I hear Mia muttering next to me.

However, we should have succeeded tempting it going to the grove.
I mean the Griffon's hostile line of sight is directed here.

The Griffon plunges toward us at a terrific speed!
I look up at the Griffon and shout.

"Only barrier can win against barrier!"

That ain't the case, but the mood is important!

The tension MAX me can do it!
Without unique skill, there's no way this can be resisted!

--Activating space magic's [<<Dimension Labyrinth>>]!

The space before the Griffon swirls, swallowing its big body.
They tried to evade in a hurry, but their speed became their undoing, they disappeared into the the other dimension created by my magic.

"As expected of Arisa."
"Not yet! Three minutes. I'm going to call for reinforcement, so everyone please help the injured people in the parking lot!"

After I told so, everyone began to act immediately.

I take out the continuous MP-healing magic potion, that Master's created, from magic bag and drink it.
I still have enough magic power, but it's to be doubly sure.

Next I activate space magic's [Telephone], calling Master.

『Yes, it's Satou here.』
"Master, it's an emergency. Come here."

I frankly report.

"What's happened?"

As expected of cheat Master, to come at the next moment, he's too wonderf--mu?

"Wait, don't come with that figure."
"Ah, sorry--"

Master is not in his usual black haired shota-like figure, but in Echigoya Firm's Kuro figure with a foreign actor's face and white hair.
It might be handsome and all, but I like his usual face more than the camouflage mask.

After confirming that no one is looking, Master changes back to the usual Satou figure.

"And, what happened?"
"An impostor of Master and a Griffon appeared."
"What? Here too?"

Master expressed his surprise.

"Eh? Did a Griffon come out too there?"
"No, it was a fake Satou in my case."

So, such a wonderful object appeared.
I want to see it a bit.

"So, where's the impostor and the Griffon?"
"They're there."

We ran out of time-out before I could explain.
The sky broke, and a beak appeared.

"Then, I'll go ahead and eliminate--"

After declaring so reliably, Master won't move for some reason.

"--That idiot."

Master who's unusually angry changed into Nanashi form, disappeared, and reappeared beside the Griffon.

They're saying something in the distant, but I can't hear it here.

Next moment, the Griffon disappeared together with Master.

....I wonder what happened?

Explanation pulisu!

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