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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-37

13-37. Inauguration (2)


Satou's here. When it turned out that my friend was acquainted with my other friend, I feel that it often ended it with, "the world sure is small huh". However, it seems that it's a bit different in another world.

"Huh? Is it Mastill? Is that beautiful girl your current master now?"
『That's a nostalgic name. If you know that name, then you're really not Yamato's descendant, but Shiga Yamato herself?』

--So Raka and Hikaru were acquainted?

Mastill is probably Raka's old name.
I block Hikaru's mouth before she could affirm it.

"U-um! Wasn't Mito-san Satou-san's childhood friend?"
"You there, is that true?"

Sera-san keenly heard Zena-san and asked her.
Come to think of it, these two weren't acquainted huh.

"Raka-san, is she your acquaintance?"
『Yes, she was the king whom my master served many generations ago. I occasionally talked about her to Karina-dono, the Ancestor King Yamato is this girl.』

Raka answered Lady Karina's question.
There's no meaning in me blocking Hikaru's mouth now.

"You're too close."

Arisa who was watching the situation a step away pulled me and Hikaru apart.
For some reason Hikaru's face is red, but there's something that needs to be done first right now.

"Satou-san, I have a question--"

Sera-san started to speak with a serious face, but I put my index finger on her mouth to stop her.

It's possible for me to befuddle these three here.
Admitting that Hikaru is the Ancestor King Yamato, I can just tell them, "She has been tempered since she was little and becomes strong."

But now that I'm able to chant, have secured bases of operation, and able to manipulate the mind of someone who opposes me, there is no need to lie to my close friends.

"--You cannot turn back once you heard it you see? Yet, do you still want to know?"

Though that's only if the other party is aware of the disadvantage and wants to know the truth.


Sera-san answered without any hesitation.
Unlike her graceful looks, her character is straight-forward.
Even though Sera-san might dislike it if she heard it, but on this point, she might be similar to her older sister, Lady Ringrande.

"I want to know too."

Zena answered next.
It seems she was hesitating for a bit, but then she said those words with a clear expression.

"--I, I too, um.... I want to know about Satou too."

Lastly, Lady Karina answered with a shaken voice.

"Well then, let us have a talk."

I asked Arisa to take care of Hikaru, and then brought the three to the [Mansion of Ivy] in Selbira the labyrinth city.
I couldn't go to Pendragon Mansion and Echigoya Mansion, and I couldn't think of any other place where there were illumination and complete protection against espionage.

"Th-this place is?"
"It's the 『Mansion of Ivy』 in Selbira the labyrinth city."

I told the truth to Zena-san who was the first that came to her sense.

"N-no way! But we were just in the Royal Capital!"
"Is it true, Raka-san?"
『I'm sorry, Karina-dono, even I am not that almighty.』

In order to calm them, we left the entrance hall for the parlor.
Leriril with sleepy looks appeared from the manager room when we were walking.

"Satou-sama! You have (haft) come!"
"Hey, Leriril. I'll be borrowing the parlor."
"Then, I'll get (gef) the tea (fea) ready."

Leriril sleeps early, so it's already hard for her to speak properly.

"Don't worry about the tea and sleep, I'll have the tea tomorrow."
"Fuai, goof nifht."

I put Leriril who was tottering to sleep on the manager room's bed, apologized to the three who were waiting, and settled down in the parlor.

"Um, who was the child earlier?"
"Ah, she's the manager of this mansion, Leriril a house fairy (brownie)."

I answered Zena-san's question briefly.

"The 『Mansion of Ivy』 of the sage, Trazayuya.... Then Satou-san is...."

Sera-san is muttering in low voice, scary.

I take some tea and cakes from Storage and line them up on the table, then begin the talk.
Looks like they were surprised with Unit Arrangement, they didn't even retort about the things that appeared out of nowhere.

"Then let me show you my true identity."

I might as well do this in chronological order.

"Once, I was the Silver Mask who exterminated the greater demon in Seryuu city."

I put on a blond wig and a silver mask while saying that.

Zena-san looks surprised.
Since I also wore them in Muno City, Lady Karina reacted the same too.

"Another time, I was the White Mask who exterminated the revived 『Golden Wild Boar King』 in the Duchy Capital underground."

This time I changed into a white mask with a smile on it.
Sera-san is hardened with startled expression.

"And, my true identity is--Hero Nanashi. I'm someone who was summoned from another world just like the heroes of Saga Empire."

Lastly I put on the violet wig, and bowed like an actor.
The three listened until the end without laughing.

"Thank you for listening to me. Do you have any question?"

I changed back into Satou and lightly asked them.
My mind felt lighter after revealing my secret.


Sera-san was the one who spoke first.
She takes my hands and continues speaking while shedding tears from her eyes.

"You saved me from the demon lord's hand."

'Save' is incorrect.
Because I had let her die.

"At that time, my power wasn't enough--"

Sera-san interrupted me from denying.

"No, I am here because Satou-san took back my body from the demon lord's hand and lent your power to the  『Artifact of Resurrection』."

Then, Sera-san stopped talking and stared at me.
I understand that her lips are trembling since our bodies are close to each other.

"That's why, let me say it. Thank you for saving me."

Looks like she was overcame with emotion from expressing her gratitude, Sera-san kissed me passionately.
It's just an innocent kiss where our mouths touch each other, but I can feel the passion of her feeling.

Being kissed by a pretty girl doesn't feel bad, but I'd like this kind of thing in 5-10 years.

Zena-san and Lady Karina looked like they were about to cry, so I lightly hit Sera-san's shoulders and separated our faces.

"I-I'm sorry, Satou-san. Suddenly, doing such a thing--"
"Please don't mind it."

I won't get angry from just a kiss as long as it's not like Arisa's style, aiming during a chance.
I'll get mad if it's done when I have a lover though.

"Do Zena-san and Karina-sama have any question?"

While apologizing to the two whose eyes were moist, I asked them.

"Sa-Satou-san is. No, is the name Satou an alias?"
"Right.... It is indeed an alias. My name when I was in the other world was Suzuki Ichirou."
"Suzuki Ichirou...."

Zena-san murmured my name sadly.

"However, my name when I got summoned to this world was 『Satou』. Therefore, I think that my real name is Satou with this body."

It's a bit far-fetched, but I don't know the reason why my body got younger after all.
Arisa and the others call me [Satou] anyway, I think having Satou as my real name in this world is good.

Hearing my explanation, Zena-san nodded and said "Yes" while wiping her tears.
I'm glad that she understands.


Looks like this time it's Lady Karina.

"Will Satou return to the other world once you defeat all demon lords in the world?"
"I do not know that."

I replied Lady Karina who asked hesitantly with a vague answer.

"In the first place, I don't know why I was summoned to this world."

According to Hikaru and the others, the eighth person who was summoned by Princess Menea's kingdom was not me, but Shin boy.
Thus, the one who summoned me might be the Gods besides Parion, or perhaps even the Demon God.

The Dog-head mistook me for the Demon God, so there's a possibility that I might be the Demon God's offshoot (wakemitama), or an anti-dragon anti-god weapon.
This is just a supposition, so I haven't told it to anyone.

"Is that true?"
"Yes, I appeared near seryuu city several days before I met Zena-san after all."

I plainly answered Lady Karina.
I had talked about this to Arisa and the others, but Zena-san's reaction was a bit different.

"Then that 『Stars Fall』 was?!"
"Yes, that was a magic I used. I caused some uproar because of it."

I apologize to Zena-san since it caused an uproar in Seryuu city.

Afterwards, I answered several questions of the girls--for some reason, they asked whether I had girlfriends in the former world.
I thought it was a meaningless question since right now I have Aze-san as someone in my mind, but I answered properly regardless.
I also touched my relationship with Echigoya Firm just like with Hikaru. Zena-san who learned that the identity of Kuro was me was surprised with rounded eyes, but she didn't react in an extreme way like Sera did.
After answering many private questions, and when we were going back to the royal castle's garden, I remembered one thing I forgot.

I have to ask them to promise not to tell anyone my secret.

"--This is all of my secret. Would you promise me keep them a secret?"
"Yes, I will absolutely never reveal it."
"I'll keep it a secret even if I have to defend it with my life!"
"I-I also won't tell Satou's secret to anyone."
『I too pledge that I will never disclose it.』

The three people consented with sincere faces.
Normally, I should have used [Contract] skill chantlessly here, but I don't want to do something that looks like a sneak attack on my friends, I'm thinking of believing their sincere friendship.

--Lady Karina seems like she would say it out loud inadvertently.

There are plenty of ways to deal with it even if that happens though.
If the other party has bad manners, then that means I just need to erase their memory with mind magic.

And then, the day after the people who were aware of my secret increased by three, my companions and I got to receive rewards from his majesty for the [Floormaster] subjugation.

The rewards are the money from the auction of our loot though.

"Viscount Pendragon, as a reward for subjugating the 『Floormaster』 of Selbira Labyrinth Upper Layer, I grant you with 3500 gold coins."
"I will respectfully receive it."

Around 10% of the magic swords' sales huh--wait, my sense of money turned a bit strange.
I want to split the money to my companions equally. There might be times when they need money when they've become an adult after all.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've gotten the payment for the aerodynamic engine.
Well it's fine. There's the amount anyway, I'll make it a loan for 1000 years with no interest.

The team that subjugated the Middle Layer [Floormaster], Jeril's party, is on the campaign to Bishtal Dukedom, so the second position of the party, Mamoth-shi the scout received the rewards instead.

When I was going to step back after getting the reward certificate, the prime minister told me to stay.

"Next, announcing the new vice minister of the Tourism Ministry."

--No wait, you're virtually announcing that it's me by making me stay.

Sure enough, I could hear the nobles gossiping with my Attentive Ears skill.

"I-it can't be. An upstart viscount is the vice minister?"
"Impossible! Giving such a responsibility to someone with suspicious origin!"
"But I can tour the best!"
"Has his majesty lost his mind?"

Oy oy, putting me aside, if the last one was heard, you'd be executed for lese majesty y'know.

Moreover, what the heck is [Can tour the best]?
I'll befriend him if we can get along well later.

"I inaugurate Viscount Pendragon to be the vice minister of the Tourism Ministry."
"I will respectfully accept the responsibility."

I knelt before the king, and respectfully received the inauguration for the vice minister position.
I received the seal for the proof of the position, a scepter, and some medal-like thing. Looks like every one of them is a magic tool.

"We will bestow you attendant for it is a rigorous mission."
<TLN: It's not specified whether there are more than one attendant in the raw.>

--Eh? I never heard about this?

Attendant is just a nuisance though.

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