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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-33

13-33. Demon Lord Shin (3)


Satou's here. In long stories, new difficulty makes an entry when everything seems to have been solved. Whenever I read the scene, I feel excited with the new things while also feeling sympathetic towards the protagonists.

"If it isn't Kuro? Is the half demon over there a souvenir? Sorry but, if it's for blood supply it's unnecessary you know?"
"You're mistaken, I've got something to consult you--"

This is the castle of Ban the vampire in the lower layer of the labyrinth.
I came here since I thought he, who has lived for a long time, would know something about it.

Aze-san has lived longer, but he should be more well-informed about things related to monsters.
I thought of relying to the orcs of Heraruon temple that are living in the royal capital underground, but bringing an unfamiliar human to the place where they're hiding would not be good, so I took it off the list.

While handing my present, a small barrel of 『Blood of Lesseu』 wine to the vampire princesses, I cut the talk about Shin boy's [Miasma Poisoning].

"So it's like that dearuka. Ryuna, take out the miasma."

The taciturn little vampire princess bites the unconscious Shin boy's neck and begins to suck the miasma instead of blood.
In just 30 seconds, Shin boy's [Miasma Poisoning] is cured.

However, that's--.

"--what, it came back again?"

Ban is surprised as the [Miasma Poisoning] state came back again just like when I used healing magic.
Looks like the effect of demon lord-fication is firmly rooted.

Apparently, the little vampire princess thinks that she's failed, she bites Shin boy's neck once again trying to suck out the [Miasma Poisoning].
Shin looks like he's in pain, so I use magic power healing skill to circulate magic power in his body, relieving his weakened state.

"Hey, I heard Kuro-san came--"

The little-oni (goblin) girl Yuika runs on the corridor of the castle of the perpetual night wearing a frilly apron like a young wife.

Even though she's goblin, she's not ugly like the demi-goblin, she looks completely like a human besides a small horn that grows on her forehead.
I want Lulu, Sera and her to stand together in a stage at least once.

"Ara? A new guest--Ryuna, stop sucking the miasma noja!"

Yuika's gentle expression that looks like Lulu's changes into a stern one like that of a veteran warrior.
The oldest personality of Yuika who has multiple personalities, [White Oni Sovereign] Yuika 3 probably surfaces.

Yuika 3 continues with some shocking words.

"If you keep that up, that youngster's 『Soul Vessel』 will break!"

As I thought, it seems unlike monsterfication, demon lordfication can't be dealt with ordinary means.

"That youngster's miasma is the proof of the breaking soul vessel."
"Yuika, do you know what we should do?"

I ask Yuika 3 who saw through Shin boy's state in an instant.

"Umu.... The ways to directly restore a soul vessel is limited noja."

Yuika 3 closes her eyes like she's remembering things, and then she suddenly talks.

"According to an ancient document, you should let him soak in the dragon spring created by heavenly dragon or ancient dragons for three days and three nights, but people can't pass through the barrier of the Dragon Valley, and this boy won't hold up if you bring him to another continent."

--Hm? The Dragon Valley's barrier cannot be passed through?

"Once, I fought a hero whose Soul Vessel was broken, but I had some Hermit Liquor (Souma) at that time, so the hero survived by drinking it noja."
"Is there no Souma remaining?"
"None. The one I used at that time was the last."

I look around while applying magic power healing to Shin boy who's breathing painfully.
Yuika didn't mention it, but I could ask the heavenly dragon in the Fujisan mountains to make a dragon spring even without going to another continent.

However, Yuika 3 still continues her story.

"I don't have any Souma, but I know the recipes of medicines with similar effect."

Yuika 3 sticks out her chest proudly.
She looks like she wants to be praised, so I commend her, "As expected of the White Oni Sovereign!", and urge her to continue.

"The Phantom Miraculous Medicine created from the Blood Sphere and the Phantom Soul Liquor."

Unfortunately, I don't have the Phantom Soul Liquor.

"Dragon Vermilion created from Dragon Spring Liquor and Spirit Drop."

Spirit Drop huh.... The Sakura Drop I got from the Sakura Dryad should be a kind of Spirit Drops.
I should be able to make this one.

"Looks like I can somehow make this Dragon Vermilion."
"That's good, but Dragon Vermilion has stronger effect as a strengthening medicine than healing. In case of a fledgling like this youngster, he might die before his Soul Vessel is restored."

--That's out of the question then.

It seems Yuika 3 senses it, she tells the next recipe in a hurry.

"The most certain one is after all, the omnipotent miraculous medicine, Elixir."
"Do you know the recipe?"
"Do not panic."

While her white skin is dyeing red, Yuika pushes the forehead of me who drew closer to her.

"The ingredients for Elixir are a bit troublesome."

Yuika raises one of her fingers, and speaks of the first ingredient.

"First, the 『Sap of the World Tree』 that only grows in the Elf Village is needed. Well, getting this one is impossible, but do not worry. A sap of an old tree soaked in philosopher's stone can be the substitute noja."

It's fine. I have metric tons [Sap of the World Tree] in my storage.

"Next, you need around 10 grams of the fine powder of either the dragon's bone, fang, or horn. One from an adult dragon is preferable, but using the one from the old evil dragon living in this labyrinth should be fine too, we should go get it together later noja."

I have them from the black dragon Heiron and the heavenly dragon, so there's no problem.

"And then the Monstrous Silver Ash created from the silver skin of the Great Monstrous Fish. I don't want to ever fight that monster again, but making one from the Monstrous Fish and the Silver Narwhal that breed here should be fine."

Silver skin huh....

"By silver skin, do you mean this?"
"W-what? ....T-that's it! How did you get that?!"

It's the piece of meat whom Liza and Pochi were struggling with back then.
So it's really not just a hard-to-eat part.

"I can prepare the other ingredients too. The ingredients earlier are all of it right?"
"There are several miscellaneous ones, but the hard-to-get ones are all of the earlier."

When I've finished hearing the recipe from Yuika 3, Ban who's been looking like he wants to cut into the conversation from awhile ago calls out.

"I'm sorry to interrupt when you two are fired up, but if it's Elixir, I have some dearu."

Telling so, Ban takes out a red bottle from Item Box.
The AR reading also states Elixir.

"It has around 10% probability of being inside the treasure chest that appears after you defeat a 『Floormaster』 dearu. The effect of the old ones is questionable, but this one is from around five years ago, so it should be fine dearou."

It seems a normal magic medicine will lose its effect in one year, but according to the information on the AR, it's good enough to be considered un-degraded.

"I have no use of it, therefore I'll give it to you."
"Thank you! It really helps."

I open the Elixir bottle I got from Ban and put it on Shin boy's lips.
I slowly hold it into his mouth, and then he begins to slowly swallow it.

Good.... As expected, I don't want to feed it mouth-to-mouth to a man.

"Fumu, he should be fine now nanoja."

Just as Yuika 3 has said, Shin boy's state has changed to [Miasma Poisoning: Slight].

"Next you should let him rest for 2-3 days. He should avoid places where the density of the magic essence fluctuates."
"Then I'll provide a room in my castle."

I accept Ban's offer and entrust Shin boy to the castle maids.

Since Arisa is probably worried, I tell her that Shin boy is saved with [Short Message] magic.

"Come to think of it, Kuro, is that a new mask?"

Yuika 3 stares at my face while looking puzzled.

"I prefer the plain Japanese face from back then rather than the face of a foreigner artist y'know."

Oops, I forgot that I used the face of my Japanese coworker even though I called myself Kuro back then.
Huh? That reminds me, Ban and the vampire princesses reacted the same as back then even though I had a different face, I wonder why?
I ask directly since it bugs me.

"We vampires can distinguish people from the smell of their blood dearu."

Quite vampire-like answer came back.

"Moreover, I have no family who's narrow-minded enough to even raise the corner of their eyes just because the other party looks different, unless it's a scheme."
"That's true, the time scale of humans' and our lives is different, therefore it's normal for their appearance and personality to differ whenever we meet."

Yuika nods to Ban's gallant words.
They're quite open minded.

In truth, there is no problem of me showing my true face to them who are staying indoor in the labyrinth lower layer.
They probably won't plot to make use of my power to do something evil either.
There are also the maids in the castle, but they will be [Contract]-ed not to tell anything when they're dismissed from the castle, so it should be fine.

--This is a good opportunity.

I think so, and release the Kuro disguise.

"This is my true appearance. My real name is Suzuki Ichirou, but I mainly call myself Satou here."
"Hoo, you're quite young dearuna."
"Umu, the glossy skin without a trace of beard is splendid noja."

The reaction is lacking even though it's the long-awaited exhibition.

Putting Ban aside, Yuika 3's assessment is strange.
Perhaps, she's a shota-lover like Arisa.

It seems she's noticed my line of sight, Yuika 3 who's touching my body all over shouts out, "T-this isn't what you think noja!" and separates away.
I've grown accustomed to Arisa's sexual harassment, so I tell her, "Please don't worry about it", and turn toward Ban.

"That's right, thank you for the Elixir earlier. I'm saved thanks to you."
"Do not mind it. I've said it earlier, that deadly poison is of no use for us vampires."

I guess it's like how healing magic damages undeads in games?

"Rather than that, about the silver skin you possesses.... By no means, have you fought the Great Monstrous Fish (Tovkezeera) dearuka?"
"Yeah, it was summoned by the yellow demon in the sky of Oyugock City, so I exterminated it."

Ban and Yuika stop moving after hearing my affirmation.

After a while, Yuika 3 opens her mouth, moving like a broken doll.

"E-exterminated that Great Monstrous Fish (Tovkezeera)? Did you seek help from the heavenly dragon and the Gods--no, it's possible with that level isn't it..."
"Yeah, with light magic--"
"Magic you say? A forbidden magic that could shoot down that aerial fortress, that means together with the city that it appeared in huh.... Satou, you've been through quite a gruesome battle...."

Yuika 3 whose expression turns to look like a loving mother's gently hugs my head on her chest.
Her gestures are like a mother, but the fluffiness is slightly lacking.

"By Oyugock City you mean the Duchy Capital right? There was no scar from any battle in the Duchy Capital dearu."
"What? Did you deceive me Satou?"

After hearing Ban's quizzical muttering, Yuika 3 pulls herself away from me.

"I'm not lying. I shot the magic toward the sky in order to prevent damage on the ground."

It was an intermediate light magic, not a forbidden spell though, but I keep that a secret.

"I see, I'm sorry for doubting you noja."
"Please don't mind it."

I accept Yuika 3's, who honestly apologize, apology.

"Since that's the situation, I have a lot of materials from the Great Monstrous Fish (Tovkezeera), so I can give them if you need anything."
"Then, I'd like a little of the silver skin, outer skin and subcutaneous fat dearu."

Ban jumped on my suggestion, so I ask him how much he needs.

"Alright, how many tons do you need?"
"I only need the silver skin as grindstones, so the piece earlier is enough. I'd like just enough outer skin for making protective gears for the vampire princesses. I'll be using the fat for the forge fuel, so if it's alright, I wish for around 500 kilograms dearu."

....What a modest guy.

They're huge 300 meter creatures, so even now I only have used around 1% of the materials from one of the seven, he really should've asked for more.
For this occasion, I also give him around 10 kilograms of the whale meat.

"They are too many considering the value of the Elixir dearuna.... Please take all the Elixirs from my Item Box dearu."
"No but, aren't they usable for Yuika and the others?"

Ban who looks overjoyed suggests me to take all the Elixirs.

"Right, can I have three of them? I'll be happy to have the oldest and the newest."
"That's easy. The oldest one was from 250 years ago dearuna. I have disposed the older ones, so there is nothing besides that remaining."

I've learned the Elixir's recipe from Yuika, but I want to confirm the performance of the ones from the labyrinth and my self-made one, so I decide to gratefully accept it.

"Is there anything Yuika wants too?"

If Yuika 3 didn't give the information, Shin boy might have died.

"Normal sushi roll--"
"I'm sorry, I've actually gotten my hands on the bottle gourds, but I don't know how to process them so I can't move forward."

I got the bottle gourds for the dried gourds when I went to Muno territory back then.
I had given some to Lulu and Nea-san, the cooking researcher of Boruenan Village, for them to research, but since Arisa's and my memories about it are vague, there's no favorable result at present.

In addition, Lulu has obtained the freeze-dried tofu-like ingredients and cucumbers in the marketplace of the Royal Capital.

"Unfortunately, I do not know the recipe either noja. If hero Watari who taught me the way to make pickles and Japanese cooking was still alive, he might be able to teach you the way to make dried gourds, but I do not think he, who was already an old man 120 years ago, would still be alive now."

--Hm? Watari?

The date is slightly off, but I wonder if he's Watari-shi, Lulu's grandfather?
Although, even if that's true, he didn't hand down the recipe to Lulu, so there's no meaning to it.

"If you have the rare 『Past Seer』 skill and 『Lost Knowledge』 skill, you could get lost techniques though...."

Yuika muttered so in grieve.

I'll search if there's anyone with those skills when I get back to the royal capital.
I'm in luck if there's a hit.

As an apology for not being able to prepare sushi roll, I decide to present pizzas and hamburgers I've made in advance from the storage.
It seems Ban has safely obtained tomatoes too, there are tomatoes used in the dishes taken out by the castle cook.

"Satou's pizzas are really the best after all nanoja."
"Umu, I cannot help but admit that it's slightly superior to our castle's cook."

I saw the onee-san cook gripping her hand in frustration in one corner of the room after Hearing Yuika and Ban.
I approach her using Ground Shrink and hand her the recipe.

"....N-no need for pity."
"This isn't a pity you see. This recipe is--a challenge I guess? I'm expecting pizzas more delicious than this recipe the next time I visit here."

There's a sense in hiding the recipe if this is a business, but as for me, I'll be happy if various variations get developed from the recipe I gave instead.
The onee-san cooks holds the recipe on her bountiful breasts, and promise, "I'll prepare a plate that will make Satou-sama groans without fail", I'm looking forward to the next visit from this time forward.

Incidentally, I also give her several bottle gourd fruits.
If she's of an inquiring mind, she might discover the dried gourd recipe that we couldn't find after all.

Now then, I'll be a bother if I stay too long, so I promise to have the shogi match with Ban later when I pick Shin boy up, and then teleport to the Royal Capital.

Everyone besides Hikaru is present in Pendragon Mansion.
Looks like Hikaru is still in the King's office in the royal castle.

For some reason, Arisa is lying in the bed.

"Huh? Have you caught a cold Arisa?"
"Uy, I've got a fever...."

Arisa's state is [Sick] so it's probably a symptom of cold.
Arisa who has an ice bag on her forehead looks painful, so I use water magic [Cure Disease] for her.

"Fui~, thankyou. Feel better. Gonna sleep for a bit."
"Yeah, good night. I'll make you some rice porridge when I get back."
"Rather than rice porridge, chilled syrup is better~"

That's a hard request.
I did make some when we opened a food stall in my university days though, it should be made from ginger, honey and starch syrup, I should be able to make it somehow.

"Okay. I'll make some delicious one."
"Un, I'll be waitin'"

Arisa falls asleep after muttering so.
She still looks a bit painful, so I only go to the royal castle in Nanashi clothes after making the chilled syrup in the mansion's kitchen and delivering them to Arisa's bedside.

At this time, I didn't know about Shin boy attacking the royal castle with Meteor and Arisa preventing that by excessively using her Unique Skills.
....I only knew that after I had finished my business in the royal castle.

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