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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-38

13-38. Inaguration (3)


Satou's here. Having [Great Surprise] situation when I was working was an everday occurrence. Even so, I don't think that's an excuse to abandon the endeavor to improve the present situation. Mainly for myself.

At the same time the king announced about the attendant, one of the chamberlain signaled to the entrance of the audience hall.
The one who appeared from that entrance was a woman in dress--.

The nobles in the audience hall rustled when they saw the girl.

"I believe you are in good term with Sir Pendragon."
"Yes, we are familiar with each other."

The girl answered the king while smiling.

"I appoint Sera Oyugock to be Vice Minister Pendragon's attendant."
"I respectfully accept."


As I was surprised, I checked, Sera's name had a family name on it.
Apparently, she was secularized this morning.

While kneeling, Sera-san glanced at me and showed a playful smile. It's a rare expression for the serious Sera-san.

"If there is someone that can receive the 『Oracle』, you will be able to quickly sense it when the kingdom is in danger. If it's come to that, abandon everything and rush here."

I see, certainly they've been saved many times by Sera-san's [Oracle], so making her into a staff member is surely a good choice.
At the very least, it's better than having miko Auna-san, the daughter of Earl Seryuu, as the attendant.

I've confided her my secret just yesterday anyway, so there's no problem in having her in our journey together.

"And, we will announce the second attendant."

--Eh? It's not just Sera-san?

I turned my head toward the entrance where Sera-san appeared earlier following the prime minister's words, but there's no one appearing.
Yet, the nobles around me have all been looking ahead since awhile ago.

When I timidly looked to the front, Princess Shistina had walked ahead of the royal family's line up.

--That can't be.

That wish of mine is unfulfilled, and the king says some heartless words.

"And, my daughter Shistina will accompany Sir Pendragon as a special envoy of the tour."

You serious?

Apparently the other nobles thought the same too, the place got filled with objection that bordered on being disrespectful from the nobles of pedigree centered around the young ones.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any notice of them, so I can't remember the details.
I only remember Princess Shistina sending ice cold glances toward the nobles.

"Be quiet! ■"

The king's words were tremendous, the nobles shut their mouth like their hearts had been gripped.

Oops, [『The King's Roar』 resisted] came out on the log.
Judging from the fact that I didn't get the skill, it was probably a magic originated from the City Core or an effect of a magic tool.

"I had intended for Shistina to just be an attendant in the journey, but I changed my mind after looking at your attitude. I will make Shistina be Sir Pendragon's fiancee."

Oy oy, how about my consent?
Please stop making a hasty decision like a young man who has no resistance against agitation.

Still, making a hasty decision is rare for the king--it can't be, but was it an act?

Perhaps by doing this rather than announcing her to be my fiancee from the get go, there would be fewer people complaining?
Either way, it's won me the animosity....

The silver lining is the fact that it's only an engagement, I'll reject it through Nanashi later.
Yup, that's good.

That's why Princess Shistina. Please don't show such a happy look on your face.
And also, Sera-san. Please don't look at me with those eyes. I only knew about it just now.

"--Sir Pendragon. I entrust Shistina to you, but the formal marriage will be in one year during the new year gathering. Until that, I ask you to act like a gentleman with moderation."
"At your will."

After a long winded talk typical of a parent with a daughter of marriageable age, I replied back with a short consent.

I was caught in a barrage of questions from acquaintance nobles and my companions after the audience.
I only got released after the date had changed.

"Gueeeez, master (masfer) is too soft."
"That's right! I think not allowing me to take a bath together after I became of age is cruel! I also want the opportunity to appreciate Master's collarbone!"

Putting aside Arisa, Lulu who's also drunk grumbled some incoherent things.
I can see how they are sisters when they're like this.

"Master! It is possible for humans to mate with homonculus so I inform, inform, inform...."

Nana repeated words like a broken record toward Liza.
Looks like Mia was fast falling asleep.

"Pochi wants to be a bride too nodesu."

I pat Pochi and Tama's heads who were sleep-talking.

"Arara, everyone is asleep?"
"Isn't it because you let the children drink the sake?"

As a punishment, I made Hikaru to do the clean-up.

"It's fine. If you don't let them moderately loose for such a dissatisfaction, they'll fall out of the cogs of human relationship."

Oh, Hikaru is an adult.

"Fufuhn, are you surprised? After all, how many years do you think I was a hero?"

'It's okay to fall for me', she boasted, I lightly hit Hikaru's crown of head with a chop, and then went to sleep for the day.
Good grief, it's like there are two Arisa now.

Afterwards, I spent busy days for half a month.

"Can I leave it to you?"
"Ou! I take pride in tempering spoiled children like him. Moreover, Semeri is having fun too."

Two days after I was inaugurated as the vice minister, I went to Armor's place in the lower layer of the labyrinth.
Shin boy who's just recovered is running in the site for military drill in the area that Armor rules.

"Damn it, why do I, have to do this!"
"Oh, you're still energetic huh. Tsuntsun-maru, ya can raise the speed a bit more."

The vampire princess who's in her rebellions phase, Semeri, is chasing Shin boy while riding on a multi-legged sea anemone.
Looks like she has a sadistic tendency, she's training Shin boy while looking truly happy.

When I was thinking of punishing Shin boy who almost did a genocide in the royal capital as a demon lord, Armor who came visiting Ban's castle took up the job to reeducate him.

"This was my specialty in the former world."

Accepting Armor's suggestion, I decided to entrust Shin boy to him.
I gave materials and food together with a refrigerator magic tool needed for the reeducation from the storage to Armor.

In addition, as a thanks to Armor whose figure is that of a full-body Orichalcum armor, I plan to present him with a full-size replica of the mecha ridden by the protagonist of an anime that he liked in his former world.

Furthermore, I was able to make sushi roll with dried gourd for Yuika after getting the recipe through [Lost Knowledge].

And, the majority of the members of the carefree occult group [Wind of Liberty] that assisted the disturbance in the royal capital ended up in the prison.
Through the inquisitor, the ones who were found guilty were executed for the crime of treason, ones who weren't were charged with harsh punishment like stripping of peerage or assets confiscation.

Of course, the house of Souya boy who sheltered the person who was the epicenter of the red rope monsters in a detached building was to be disposed of.

As Nanashi I was able to somehow save their life besides the head of the house, though I couldn't say that it was because he's my acquaintance.

It doesn't end up in their acquittal though--.

"Kuro-sama, my name is Yui Akasaki. Please take care of me and my husband, Souya."

Souya boy who has been deprived of his recognition as an illegitimate child of the late king has become like a cripple.
As long as an existence like Yui is beside him when he's at the rock bottom like this, he's probably going to move forward before long.
Their positions are that of crime slaves, but they're going to get an amnesty from the king in a few years, at that time I plan to release them from slavery.

It's a bit hard, but I've employed a lot of people with similar situation as them, so they should be able to get accustomed with it before long.

"Are you firing me ssuka?"

That reluctant words hit me when I called Nell, the life magician of Echigoya workshop, and told her, "I'll release you from slavery."

I deny it as Kuro.

"Don't be foolish. I've heard from the workshop manager Porina that you're working well, so it's a reward. Work as the section manager of the life magicians from now on."

Porina has gathered around 20 life magicians, so she's going to work them.

"I'll work as hard as the legendary 『Corporate Slaves』 ssu."

After tearing off Nell who clung to me during the confusion with hardships, I told her, "I'm counting on you", and then left the workshop.
I wonder if that 'corporate slave' thing are words left behind by some past hero or reincarnated person?
I'd have liked if they didn't brought the term from hard life.

As for the workshop, they're currently increasing production line for the instant food suggested by Aoi boy.
Copy products of the kickboard will appear in the market sooner or later, so I'm thinking of making the instant food as our top product.
The powder soup is especially popular among peddlers, I plan to sell them in the branches office in Shiga Kingdom next time.
The woman underwear suggested by Arisa is also doing well.
Right now, stockings can only be made in the workshop of the Ivy Mansion or with my magic, so it's going to be awhile before we can commercialize it.

In addition, knowledgeable slaves of Echigoya Firm increased explosively in the Royal Capital, so the lack of personnel in the branch offices and the workshop is getting better.
The manager told me that we have bought the ruined workshop in the downtown and are currently enlarging the venture and building Royal Capital's orphanage at the same time.
I'd like them to work hard but not to the degree of overworking.

"Viscount-sama, this is the site of the House of Earl Muno."
"It's quite wide."

Lady Karina and I have come to the site of the House of Earl Muno where the mansion is going to be built.
Today, we're planning to create the mansion's wall with a famous construction magician.

"Then allow me to begin. ■■■■...."

I memorize his spell with ear copy.
It's quite long. Remembering it is going to be difficult.

"....■■■■ Create Fort Wall"

The construction magician swings his wand, and then a wall is appearing from every direction of the site with great speed.
Advanced magic is quite amazing. The construction magician has used up all of his MP with that one.

"Fuuh, next is the decoration, but since my magic power has ran out, it is for later--"
"Here you go if you would. It's a magic power recovery potion from Echigoya Firm."

I, who couldn't wait until later, took out a magic potion from my bag and presented it to him.
The magician hesitated, but when I was going to put the potion into my chest while muttering, "It's a intermediate level magic potion of Trismegistus....", he agreed to continue even while his face was looking truly complicated.
The race called magician can't hold back their curiosity after all.

That day, I got all kinds of magic; wall creation, ornament creation and a small detached building creation that's for the manager, so I was quite pleased.
These magic are fruits of individual research, so I put a note reminding me not to teach it to others. Copyright is important.

As a thanks, I gave him a lot of magic potions to the magician.

Even ignoring Hisui who raided during the mealtime, I didn't expect the truck-sized infant dragon would come visit the royal capital too.
I'm glad that it was when I was doing some work in Echigoya Firm.

The black dragon Heiron would eventually come to visit here, so it might be a good idea to create a secret base somewhere.
Let's postpone the construction of the aerial city.

I suspense my thought, and return my attention to Arisa and Mia who are running from beyond the hill of the Royal Capital's outskirt.

"Master! Athena had came to call us."
"Nn, Synchronous Magic."

Following Arisa and Mia, we're going to visit the royal court magician--Shiga 33 Wands during the magic practice.

Shiga Kingdom has been really peaceful for the past half month.
The Royal Capital reconstruction has also been completed thanks to Echigoya Firm bringing a large amount of material.

It'll be nice if the peace continues on like this--.

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