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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-32

13-32. Demon Lord Shin (2)


Satou's here. There are various upstarts in stories, but in case of evil characters betraying their friends, I feel that there are many cases where miserable fate wait for them after their rise in power.

Now then, how do I take off the Demon Lord Orb's influence from Shin boy?
While I'm thinking that in my mind, a fool comes intruding in.

"Your highness, I've come to save you with my followers zamasu!"

Smashing through the sub-space's wall, the green demon in green dragon form and mid and lower demons in various forms surge forward.
Looking at the mid demon with drill arms, that one probably has the ability to break through barrier.

"G-good work--"

Shin boy was going to say something, but that voice was erased by the thunderous roar of my advanced magic [Photon Laser] purging the demons.

As expected of an advanced magic.
The demons pleasantly pop off.
It's a bit too noisy, and the surrounding temperature increases greatly, but I guess it can't be helped with this firepower.

Only one mid demon that has Light Resistance skill remains, but I quickly exterminate it with a single magic-power-overloaded Holy Bolt.


I thought that the excessive one-sided battle had a bad influence on Shin boy's mental, so I turn toward him in a hurry--

"Usurpation zamasu. With the power to rule over magic, me can be a demon lord too zamasu!"
<TLN: That 'me' is in the raw.>

I saw the green demon possessing Shin boy just for an instant.
Shin boy's state becomes [Posessed]. He was easily posessed even though he's a demon lord, I wonder if it's because of the difference in levels?

Still, a falling out between friends huh.... In a sense, it's very like demons.

Oops, it'll be too late if I'm too carefree.
I have to do something.

It'll be simple if I use the forbidden spell of light magic [Divine Exorcism], but I haven't registered that in the Magic Column.

--This is bad.

Shin boy would fuse with the green demon if I chant too long.

--It was in a POP-ed treasure chest.

Suddenly, Arisa's voice floated in my mind.

"That's right! I have that."

While unintentionally talking to myself, I take out the [Magic Sealing Bell] from the Storage and ring it.
Ding, the calm sound of the bell spreads in the air like a ripple.


While letting out a loud scream, the green demon who had merged with Shin boy comes off him.
I get close to it with Ground Shrink, catch the semi-transparent ethereal body of the green demon, and tear it off Shin boy completely.

I cut the demon into pieces with a holy sword while it's still in the air.
Just before the green demon disappears, I track the magic essence line that connects the green demon's avatar to its main body.
Judging from its behavior, the green demon's avatar should not be a stand-alone but a remote-controlled one.

Feeling like trying to find a sinking fishing line in a vast ocean, I extend the magic essence detection.

--Found it!

The next moment, I spring out in the base of the green demon beyond.
I don't know myself how I moved here.

Is it magic or skill--I'll think about it later.

I stitch the main body of the green demon who's zamasuzamasu-ing with the space magic [<<Dimension Pile>>] so that it can't escape, and finish it off with a holy sword.

Oops, I can't let my guard down here.
This kind of guy won't be completely annihilated with just this much.

I use [All Map Exploration] magic after a long while and investigate this area thoroughly.

I thought it'd be an area without map, but it turned out to be [Rotted Abyss Labyrinth: Remains].
Apparently, this is one of the withered labyrinths.

I found a red dot in the area.
It seems to be a split body of the green demon that has possessed a rat.

Good grief, just how hard to die are these demon guys.

Since there won't be any victim in a withered labyrinth anyway, I use the [Photon Laser] from earlier once again, completely annihilating the last fragment of the green demon through the labyrinth wall.
With this, I don't have to worry about the zamasu zamasu and the green demon again.

Auto Loot of the booty begins, my Log is flowing at great speed.
Sorting the room that's full of junks, there are only several green colored globes that remain in the corner of the room.

--What's that?

I go closer to them and the AR reading tells me what they are.

Apparently, they're specimens the green demon had used to make its mock bodies (avatars).
The green globe breaks when I touch it with my hand, and the creature inside shows itself.


The green infant dragon tilts its head.
Unlike the green demon's mock body, it's really adorable.

While feeding the truck-sized infant dragon with some whale meat, I open a space magic's [Gate] and let it out of here.
After the infant dragon, I also help the other mythical beasts and animals from the globes and let them out of here.
Sorry for the discrimination, but I exterminate the ones that are monsters like wyverns quickly.

The problem is the humans.

For now, after helping them out of the globes, I make them sleep with water magic's [Anesthetic Sleep], and then send them to Echigoya Firm with Unit Arrangement.
I've ordered one of the executive girls to take care of them, so leaving them should be fine.

Of course I send people who have felony on their Reward and Punishments to the Royal Capital's prison with Unit Arrangement.
This isn't the first time I sent people there forcibly, and the wardens there are flexible, so there's no doubt that they'll be taken care of properly.

I come back to the sub-space where I left Shin boy behind.

Even though he's in critical condition, the demon lord's life force ties him to the living.
I thought he'd fine since he's a demon lord, but it seems my estimation is a bit off.

Shin boy would have died if I were to liken him with Wild Boar King and Dog-head.

I stop Shin boy's bleeding with intermediate healing magic.
It'll be troubling if I completely heal him, I'm thinking of releasing Shin boy's demon lord-fication now.

Perhaps the green demon's fusion earlier affects him adversely, violet colored aura begins to ooze out of Shin boy's body.
I try to extend my hand once again, but my hand really does pass through the violet aura.

I take out the Divine Sword from the Storage, and touch it on the violet aura.
The aura is sucked at the point where the Divine Sword touches it, while the surrounding aura is scattered like oil spilled on water.

It doesn't seem good, so I quickly put the Divine Sword back into the Storage.

Now then, what should I do....

I can't be too leisurely at this.
That said, besides the Divine Sword, there's probably nothing that can meddle with the [God's Fragment]--, there's one.

I choose that among the list of item in the Storage.
I don't like showing my failure, but I can't say that either.

I push out the jet black lump toward the violet aura, it feels like touching a thin vinyil membrane.

--I can do it.

Moving like I'm making a cotton candy, I twine the violet aura using the jet black lump--my black arm that I had to cut after being taken by divinity.

As expected of Easy Mode.
Even though I did it myself, I didn't think it'd really work.

Before long, some heavy response came.

While being careful not to sever the thread created by the violet aura, I pull the thread out like I'm fishing, and then a violet light jumps out of Shin boy's chest.

『S-stop with the violence』

The dark violet light grumbles while flickering.

『Geez, just when I was taken out, I got put into some imatture child.』

While swinging left and right, the light grumbles continously.

『Gotta complain to God when I go back』

I don't intend to let it go, so I take out and immediately draw the Divine Sword from the Storage, cutting the [God's Fragment].

Like before, the dark violet light is sucked to the Divine Sword.
Now then, the fragment's disposal is over with this.

I put the Divine Sword back into the storage, and then heal Shin boy who's bloodied all over because the dark violet light jumped out.
His two-meter big figure of man gradually shrinks, returning to his original frail looking boy.

The horn has fallen out and his hair and body color have also returned, but it seems he doesn't completely turn back into his original figure.
His forelock and sideburns are still in violet color among his white hair, his right hand remains in claw shape.

His race has become [Human(Fiend)], and his state is [Miasma Poisoning].
I feel that his race would become Fiend if I left him alone.

His title has also changed to [Fallen Hero], and hidden titles [Former Demon Lord], and [Half Demon] have appeared.
His Unique Skill is gone, and his level falls to 20 from 50, but it's still higher than his original level.
[Composite Magic], [Magic Knowledge], [Magic Resistance: Composite] have also appeared on his skill column. They're some quite enviable skills.
The last one in particular, I want our girls to have it.

Shin boy groans painfully.
His eyes opened for an instant, one of it was red, the other was violet.
It's probablyl an influence from [Miasma Poisoning].

I have to do something fast....

I have a hunch that the [Miasma Poisoning] can be healed if I make him drink the Nectar, but I'm afraid that he'll turn into some godlike High Human being.

While thinking like that, the [Miasma Poisoning] is cured when I use the earth-elemental abnormal status recovery magic.

"Easier to do something than worrying about it huh--hm?"

Shin boy's state jumps into my view who feels anticlimatic.
The [Miasma Poisoning] that should have been cured reappears.

While feeling puzzled, I tried using abnormal status recovery magic from water, light, and other elements, but the result was the same.
Once it's been cured, it reapppears again if I wait for a bit.
Moreover, everytime I cure him, Shin boy's condition becomes worse, a condition called [Weakening] is even added to his state now.

Perhaps he can't be cured unless it's temple type recovery magic.
Although, if I bring Shin boy in his state right now there, they'll likely eliminate him without question.

Hikaru uses force magic, so she should be not that different from me, as for other people....
After thinking that far, I remember a person of exceptional talent.

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