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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-38

10-38. The Man in Black Clothes (3)


Satou's here. Fake name has the impression of something that phantom thieves or swindlers, those kind of criminals, have. It might be because there won't be any opportunity to use a false name if you live honestly. Even though Pen-name and Handle-name are kinds of false name too, the impression you get from them is greatly different isn't it.

"Kuro-sama, we have taken all 262 lost thieves to the explorer guild. The guildmaster is calling for you."
"Is that so, I'll go immediately."

While nodding to commander-san's report, I advance through the passageway of death toward the labyrinth city. Commander-san is a 27 years old woman called Sumina. She's an intense carnivore woman with red lion hair, thick eyebrows, and thick lips. I can't call her beautiful, but she's someone with a mysterious charm.

Together with her, I go to the guildmaster room in the west guild. The guildmaster instructed commander-san to get out of the room as soon as she saw my face.

"As I thought, it's you huh."
"Fuhn, to think that the pyromaniac old woman is the guildmaster. Think more carefully about the place when you use magic."
"Mind your own business."

I talk to the guildmaster as Kuro with haughty attitude.

"You broke that Sokel guy out of prison didn't you. I think I should arrest you here and now as a guildmaster myself, how about it?"
"Enough with the pointless mind game. I'm protecting that guy in a safe place. I want to interrogate him, but I'd deliver him in person if you can provide a safe place that can prevent him from killers or poisoning by his relatives."

The guildmaster is threatening my undaunted and proud attitude. Frankly speaking, the only reason why I'm sheltering Sir Sokel is because I don't want an acquaintance to die needlessly. I'll gladly let the guildmaster takes him if she wants to bear the responsibility.

"Who's behind you?"
"My master is the sword of heaven."
"Hou, didn't think you would answer. To think that the royal family is behind you."

No, I wanted to say that I was Nanashi's subordinate, but it seemed she misunderstood.

"So, have you suppressed all the fiend drug cultivation fields?"
"Yeah, I didn't burn them since I'd like to lure those guys out, but I had released all the people who worked there."
"You really are the person who saved all those people huh. Doesn't seem like there's anyone with Alchemy or Compounding skill though?"
"There is no one with Alchemy skill. I've put the people with Compounding skill in a proper place."

The guildmaster looks satisfied with my answer. I can imagine that she's misunderstanding it, but I don't intend to correct it.

"And, are you going to stay in the labyrinth city for a while?"
"No I originally came here by the request of an acquaintance to take care of someone from his clan who had become a lost thief. I'm going to be in the royal capital for the time being, although I intend to come here again in near future."
"That so. I'd like to give you a medal in my capacity as the labyrinth resource minister."

I tell so, and get out of the guildmaster's room. I tell the commander-san who looks worried outside that it's fine, and head to the guild treasury to receive the prize money. It's nearly 400 gold coins. It's about as much as two Rudaman's worth.

I give commander-san and the other explorers one gold coin each. Then I handed over the rest to Porina whom I had tasked to buy the vacant site and asked her to pay the settlement.

"Tifaliza, add me new names."
"Yes, what kind of name would you like to have?"

I ask the girl with the unreadable tranquil gaze to add some famous names from the earth onto me.

"Master, even if I add you several names, all of them besides the last one are going to be useless, is it fine with you?"
"Ah, I don't mind."

I nod, and then she chants the naming spell in calm quite voice.

"■■ Name Order. 『Trismegistus』."

I've forgotten about the details, but Trismegistus should be the name of a famous alchemist.
Tifaliza who has finished the naming tilts her head while looking puzzled.

"Master, I'm sorry. The naming just now might have failed."

She tells it without looking troubled, to check her words, I open the menu. The Companion column stays at Kuro name indeed. To make sure, I select the name on Companion and Status columns to check, and the [Trismegistus] name has been properly added.

"It is the case that a name that has been given by someone powerful cannot be overwritten."

Although Tifaliza doesn't know about it, she explains the condition that makes naming fails. The name Kuro is given by the Black Dragon Heiron, so it can't be helped.

"I don't mind even if it's fail, add me another name."
"Yes, if that is what master says..."

Her word stinks a little like she's somewhat dissatisfied, but she immediately fixes her manner and mechanically continues the naming. While supplying her with [Magic Power Transfer] along the way, about 10 names had been added to me.

Now then, as for Tifaliza's and Nell's future--

"You two, do you have anything you want to do?"
"If it's allowed, I wish to know the well-beings of my parents in my hometown."

Come to think of it, their hometown was destroyed by the demon wasn't it.

"Very well, I cannot teleport to Lesseu Earldom, but I will check it."

I listen to Tifaliza's parents' names, levels and features. Looks like her parents have been turned into slaves together with her. As for Nell, she doesn't seem to have any attachment to her hometown since her relatives have been bereaved.

"You don't have anything you want to do Nell?"
"Right ssu. Please stop with the half-killing and quickly hold me ssu."
<TLN: She speaks like that. Try listening to Disgaea's Prinnies in the original language if you want to hear how it sounds.>

She's a carnivorous woman like Arisa huh.

"What, are you frustrated?"
"I, it's not like that ssuyo? I'm a genuine maiden ssu."
"I'll free you in two, three years, so take care of it until then."

Looks like she was anxious since she didn't know when her master would want her body.
I won't be forceful anyway. I'd just go to the brothel if I want to hold a woman, although I won't expressively say it.

"Are you going to free us? If I'm not mistaken, the two of us should worth around 30 gold coins. I have never heard anyone who releases slaves worth that much."
"I've heard story about someone releasing slaves that's over 50, 60 years old though ssu. But if I have to say, that's more like throwing them away ssu."

Is it that unusual? I think I've heard the slave trader man in Seryuu city saying the same thing.
Nell and Tifaliza don't seem like they have something particular they want to do. They said that they wanted works if they had to.

"Well, when you've found something you want to do, just say it. Until then, study magic from this book. Tifaliza, if you don't know anything, ask Nell to teach you."
"Yes, master."
"Understood ssu. Tifa-san, I'll make you to become a full-fledged spell-user ssuyo!"

Umu, good answer.

I give Nell elementary books of nature magic, water magic, earth magic, and Tifaliza an elementary book of life magic. It'd be most satisfactory if Tifaliza can learn the magic, but it's not like I'm expecting too much. Sooner or later, I'm going to take the two for power-leveling, so this is a preparation.

Now then, I leave Nell who has began her lecture at once, and teleport to the outskirt of Furusau town.

From there, I fly with Flash Drive toward Lesseu Earldom.

I caught a sight of the kingdom army being kicked around by a monster that looked like a dragon.

It's a huge monster called Gaudy Mole. It has dragon-like wings, a split tail, and it wears a richly colored collar roll on its head. Since its level is 47, it seems to be quite formidable.

Is that the dragon that's blocking the highway?

I'm sorry for snatching their job, but I change into Nanashi-style with violet hair and eliminate it with Claiomh Solais from the sky. The highway blockade should be opened now.

I install several carved seal boards for teleporting along the way. I've also installed a carved seal board on the outskirt of the town in Zettsu Earldom that neighbors Lesseu Earldom. I saw an unexpected person in the town of Zettsu Earldom, but since I couldn't meet the person as Satou, I'll be waiting for the next chance. We will probably meet in the labyrinth city or the royal capital.

I arrived at Lesseu Earldom that day, but unfortunately, there weren't anyone who seemed to be Tifaliza's parents. There was no mistake about it since I had searched on the map. I also searched on the three adjacent earldoms and the two neighboring kingdoms, but the people in questions didn't exist there.

I felt slightly depressed, but since the search was over, I teleported to the labyrinth city.
I told the truth to Tifaliza, and then she went to her room after muttering "Thank you very much." I'll let her cry as much as she wants today.

I leave it to Nell to cheer Tifaliza up and went back to the mansion.


Tama finds and meets me who comes out of the basement door. Pochi also rushed here slightly later.

"Today is the festival of Lasagna and Cheese Gratin nanodesu!"

Hou, that sounds nice.
I let Pochi to dangle on my arm while supporting Tama who's climbing my body with my hand.

"Welcome back."
"Ara, welcome back. I saw it~ Master did flashy things that weren't like usual master."
"I'm back. No one will associate it with me if I do something that flashy right?"

I sit down beside Mia and Arisa who are relaxing in the living room. Before Mia could dive on to my lap, Tama quickly climbed down my neck from where she was on my shoulder, and landed on my lap. Pochi changes place with Tama, she's climbed on to my shoulder.


I've never accepted to that reservation though.

"So almost everything has been settled today?"
"Mostly yeah. I guess it's just eliminating the mastermind behind Sir Sokel and securing the way to make the slaves who've remained in the mansion of ivy to sustain themselves left?"

I wish the kingdom would do something about the former, but if they can't settle it before the Kingdom Conference, I'll intervene without reserve.

I listen to Liza's report about the children's training observation while eating the piping hot Lasagna Lulu's made in the dining room.

"Since there were many rash children, Iruna and Jenna had a hard time. They're going to live in the tent of training ground with the children from today on."
"I see, I should bring them some Brownie Wine for evening-drink."

Looks like the apprentice maids in the mansion are also being strictly trained by Ms. Miteruna. They reported happily about how they were taught letters with the learning card and magic control with magic powered spinning top by Lulu and the others during the break.

Now then, it's been awhile, let's go to the labyrinth with everyone to level up from tomorrow on.

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