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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-18

10-18. Temporary Residence (2)


Satou's here. A long time ago, my aunt couple moved into the detached building of my grandfather's house, so I had helped the clean-up. I did the rare experiences of exchanging tatamis, and replacing shoji papers.

Led by the three, I've come to behind the stable where five 10-13 years old children have sat down.

It's a bit late, but I check their details now. The map indicators default to only show races and levels. Even during extended search, it normally only shows Name, Race, Age, Gender, and Level. As for the people who are antagonistic, or have crime, they are classified in red color, while people who have unknown skills or level 50 and higher are in blue. I've adjusted like so since having too many indicators narrows the viewing field.

The ones over there are exactly according to the information, children. However, they seem to haven't eaten for a long time, they've been debilitated to dangerous degrees. Judging from the well earlier, they probably haven't drank enough water either. Their consciousness seem to be muddy, only one of them react to our presents. That child doesn't seem to be moving either.

I give the nutrient supplements that I've used at Puta town back then to these children. Moreover, I heal their wounds one by one with magic healing. Every one of the child have wounds that are bordering at turning into gangrene from bone fractures on their limbs, the lacerations are awful.
There was a child with some malformed bone from the bone fracture, but I was able to correct it by diligently applying magic healing.

"How is it?"
"Ah, their life are not in danger for the time being. I've healed them by forcing them to swallow the medicines, so they're sleeping from the tiredness. After some time, give them some water and the nutrient supplements again. They should be fine after we give them light rice porridge tomorrow morning."
"As expected of master. Unrestrained praises are overflowing!"
"I'm glad~" "Nodesu!"

I'll leave Nana to nurse these children.
I felt sorry if I left them sleep on the ground like that, so I spread out the felt that we usually used in camping grounds, put a soft sheet on top of it, and laid them down on it.

"It's sticky, nodesu."

Mia who's covered in spiderweb, and Pochi who's also in the same state with her ears flopping down are in tears.

That's why I said to let me go first.

The result of checking the inside of the mansion; besides one section of the floor that has rotted, everything else is only covered in spiderwebs, so we should be able to do something about it.

Since there were a lot of junks like broken chairs that are left behind, I put them into the storage in the trash folder. It was easy with the combination of [Magic Hand] techniques.

It's a two-story building which also has an attic and a basement. The area are around 60 tsubos excluding the attic and the basement, it's about twice as large as an average Japanese house. The basement was camouflaged as a wine cellar, but there was a cleverly hidden door, and behind the door was a room fully loaded with machines for a specific fetish, I wasn't sure how to handle it. Since it would be bad for the education of the youth troupe, I destroyed it like 'crack' and made it into a vacant room. Let's make a dummy laboratory here later.
<TLN: Tsubo= >

There are two separate buildings for visitors who are staying and for servants besides the main building on the plot. The visitor building is a two-story one like the main building, while the servants building is a bungalow. Each of them has around 45 tsubos floor space. There are only six rooms in the visitor building, but there are 10 spacious rooms and five narrow rooms in the servant building despite them having the same floor spaces.

Only the main building has a dining room. There isn't any bath, maybe because water is precious. Let's break one room in the first floor and turn it into a bathroom. Black splinters and ashes that look to be from coals are gathered in the stove in the kitchen.

"It's quite wide huh. How long will it take to make this habitable?"
"We should be able to make it in five days if it's just us maybe?"

Lulu tilts her head while replying to Arisa's fed up words.

"Lulu, as expected it's impossible for just us five to clean such a wide area like this. Master, how about letting the children that you've treated this morning help? If it's just miscellaneous works like weeding or wiping things with a cloth, they should be able to do it even without any skill."
"You're right, let's do that. Liza and Arisa, hire the children in front of the west guild, the rewards are one penny and a dinner. I guess 10 children should be enough? You can increase or decrease it as you want, I'll leave it to you two."

I accepted Liza's proposal, and asked them to hire more manpowers.

"What is it, Mia."

Mia pulls my sleeves from behind. She said that she wanted to go to the Mansion of Ivy, so we teleported to the carved seal board that had been put in the Ivy Mansion's hall for emergency. Since Pochi and Tama are still mowing the weed in the garden, Lulu stays behind in the mansion.

"Leriril, cleaning."
"Misanalia-sama, to this abandoned house?"

Mia's business was about taking this Leriril here. She certainly has the [Cleaning] skill. She's a house fairy (Brownie) after all.

"What is it?"
"Become beautiful."

I didn't understand what Mia wanted for an instant, but I immediately realized it. She probably wants me to release the spirit light that I usually suppress. I don't really understand, but she probably has something in mind. I release it just like she asks.

"Nn, beautiful."

Leriril looked surprised, but Mia urged her to use magic.

"■■■■■■ ■■ …… ■■■■■■ House Cleaning."

After the long chant is over, the indoor becomes sparkling clean. I lift my foot out of curiosity as to what kind of magic is it, but the place where my foot is has also become clean.

>[Spirit Magic: House Fairy Skill Acquired]

Spirit magic type huh. Even though Leriril doesn't seem like she can see spirits, she can use spirit magic it seems. From Lua-san's talk, it seems that you can use the magic once you have Spirit Seer (skill), I wonder if Leriril got it from her race trait, or gift?

"You're great."
"I am grateful for the praise... However, I feel that the magic is more effective than usual."

The effect has increased probably thanks to the spirits that I've gathered, but since Mia doesn't look like she wants to explain it, I keep silent. It'll be boorish of me to do that if she's going to tell it as a surprise later.

Lulu rushes here from the kitchen with pitter-patter.

"Master, the floor suddenly sparkles! Ara? Lirerel-chan, welcome."
"Hey little girl! I've already said that I'm Leriril!"
"Ara, I've said that I'm Lulu, not little girl right. Have you already forgotten?"

These two don't get along well somehow. Leriril is like this with anyone but Mia, but it's rare for the gentle Lulu to talk in belligerent manner. According to Arisa, the reason was because of Leriril's impolite remarks to me, she said, "They'll probably get along well before long" optimistically.

"P, please wait Misanalia-sama. Unlike elves-sama, our magic power are not much. Most of it has been used up for the magic earlier, so I cannot use big magic for a while."
"Nn, Satou."

After seeing Leriril who appeals with troubled face, Mia calls me. She probably wants me to use [Magic Power Transfer] to restore Leriril's MP. I restore her magic power as requested. Her magic power is certainly little compared to her level. It's even less than Lulu's when she's at the same level as her. I can't compare it unconditionally though since Arisa has twice the magic power of Lulu at the same level.

"Eh? Just now what? Did you do something? br-... Satou, sama."
"Mia requested it. I transfered my magic power to you."

Leriril murmured "Transfered magic power?" while looking perplexed, but, urged by Mia, she used various magic like [<<Clean-up House>>] and [Heal House], which made me want to quip, and made the house looks brand-new.

It's quite great.
However, I feel like I can't understand the fact that the floor that should have been rotted, and the wall that should have holes have been fixed--although it's not like I don't understand if I think of it as healing magic, house version.

I stopped Leriril who was going to clean the outside of the house, and left the outside dirty as it was.

"The roof leaks are troubling, but please leave the dirt intact. Since they don't seem to be common magics, it would make the neighboring people surprised."
"I can't comprehend what the human said. Even Misanalia-sama will certainly have a hard time."

Leaving aside Leriril's rude remark, shouldn't you deny it and ask her to keep the dirt instead of agreeing with her?
Nevertheless, Leriril completely cleaned and repaired every buildings according to my request.

I prepared a simple bedding in the first floor of the main building, and moved the debilitated children there. The skin of the children looked slightly reddish, so I cleaned them with [Soft Wash] and [Dry], and then let them sleep on the bed. I give Nana change of clothes for these children and ask her to change their clothes.

"Alright, we'ree heree."

Liza who's riding the horse, and Arisa who's sitting behind her have come back while leading around 20 children. Half of them are humans, while the rest are beastkins like ratkins, and rabbitkins.

"Welcome back, you're faster than I thought."
"Well yeah, still, aren't Pochi and Tama too diligent. There isn't any place where the children need to mow is it?"

I understand Arisa who's looking tired. The two have already mowed 80% of the weed on this wide plot.

"The small children are to wear gloves and baskets, and then gather the mowed weed into the basket! The big children are to wear gloves and grass sickles, and then cut the weed around the mansion! If you can finish it by the evening, Chevalier-sama will treat you to a delicious dinner!"

The children cheered in joy toward Arisa who cited the reward to keep their motivations up, and began to work.

"Ara? Isn't it Leriril. Since this child is here, that means the inside of the houses have been cleaned?"
"Arisa-dono, 'please stop calling me 'this child'', I've already said that much right!"
"Ah, sorry sorry."

While dodging Leriril's protest, Arisa opens the door to the mansion.

"Leriril good job! As expected of house fairy (brownie)! I'm astonished."

Arisa looks back with a gesture and heartily praises Leriril. Leriril seems to have a personality that's easy to get taken by the flow, she pridefully pushes her flat chest from the praise.

I send Leriril back with teleport magic since she can't be away from the Mansion of Ivy for long. We can just call her back for dinner.

The mowing is safely finished by the evening, and I give one penny for each children and treat them to a dinner as promised. I've decided to serve the meal in emergency-like lunch plates since there are no tables or chairs. Inside the lunch plate, I've put Gnocchi plastered with salty-sweet sauce and lightly boiled vegetables, salted potatoes, sweetened carrots, and the main menu is the diced wolf meat steak. I've made beans cuisine as Mia's main menu. Mia is still weak against [The Meat Dish] even now.

"Smell nice~"
"Un, I wonder what's that red thing? It smells sweet."
"That is meat. A lot of it."
"I wonder if we we will get it?"
"I'm hungry."

Since the children were only surrounding from a distance without taking the lunch plates, Arisa ordered them to line up. Since I've put priority into making the easy-to-make dishes, it shouldn't be that luxurious.

The children who have received the lunch plate begin to eat it in a rush. There are children who jam the food until they can't put it into their mouth anymore, there are also children who eat bite by bite to savor the taste. Strangely, there isn't anyone who say their impression about the taste. Everyone is too desperately eating it, they don't seem to have any room left to talk. However, I wonder if it's the default to have some children who eat while crying? Please eat it normally.

"Lulu has really improved her skill~"
"It's mortifying to say this, but this is delicious. To be inferior at cooking than humans, this is a matter of my dignity as a house fairy. The cooking skill of Arisa-dono's big sister is strange."
"Ara, Leriril. Our master is even better you know?"
"That br-, Satou-dono?"
"The castella from yesterday was made by master after all~"

Leriril whom we have called for dinner is eating beside Arisa. These two strangely get along well. I'd like her to get along with Lulu like that too.

The little children are licking their plates like they don't want to part with it after they've finished eating, so I slightly divide the meatful stir-fried vegetables I've made for the beastkin girls and give it to them. Every child looks like they'll eat anything presented to them, I stop them before they get stomach aches. Since Pochi and Tama look like they haven't had enough, I'll make them some late-night snack later.

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