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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 4

4 Absurdity Always Comes Unannounced 


Apparently I didn't die, but the shock was still unfathomable to my mind.
The me on that side must still be living the way I've always been even now.

So how did this baby me find myself in this situation?

There are still things I need to recall. By the end of this recollection, the cause should be clear.
It might help form a plan from here on too.

I'm lucky to have my memory vividly intact at least.

(I think therefore I am. Or something like that.)

The situation would have been worse if I didn't have my memory. I don't even want to imagine being utterly lost without knowing anything.

(Might as well get reborn as a wholly brand new man...)

A baby with no memory or ego from past me.

The answer to which one is right lies within what I'm trying to dig from memory.
Though I've got a feeling which somehow.

(Now then... Gotta steel myself...)

I focused within me once again.
To ascertain just what absurdity has befallen me.

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I passed through the ceiling toward outside world.
My floating speed kept gradually increasing as I hit they sky.

My mind chose escapism at this point.

(Dream... Yeah this is a dream... haha! Blue sky, white clouds. What a fine weather we have today!)

My tears would probably come out nonstop if only I had a body.
But by this point, I realized that I had been turned into a white shining light sphere.
No way to shed tears even if I wanted to. Besides in my mind that is.
No idea what emotion it's from though.

And just as the view below covered the entirety of the town I lived at, that happened.

(What the heck is that! Dammit!)

A white boundary formed in the empty blue sky.
I got sucked into that with no way to resist.
Like a white ball slowly sinking into water.

(Okay, nothing makes sense. I'm tired...)

Before I knew it I was at a Parthenon-like temple.
My eyes opened wide.
Not due to the divine atmosphere here, but the view before me.

(They're just like me... And they fill this entire space.)

This place is completely filled with white spheres.
No wait, what about this temple enormous enough to hold us all.
No wait, where is this anyway? Peeking outside, I saw a carpet of clouds.

The density of information unfolding before me short circuited my brain.
Unanswerable questions that kept popping up in my head kept getting blown beyond the horizon one after another.

Commencing another escape from reality.

(Is this how it feels to have a panic attack... I wanna get outta here asap... Leaving everything behind... Forgetting everything.)

I gave up to despair.
The bottom seems unending. Far and away so.

"You all shall now undergo the Rite of Purification and be reborn anew as denizens of a new world."

All of a sudden, a white shining human-shaped light spoke.
A beautiful exceedingly kind-sounding voice.





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