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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 9

9 Communication


I've only learned a few things in the three days I worked at the home field.
That the village I was born at is a comparatively large one.
It's neither poor nor rich. Nothing is too much or too little, a lush verdant village.

There's a forest next to the village where you can hunt bountiful harvest. I'm still not allowed to go in there though.
The village has three wells as its water sources, quite something. But I've been warned not to get close to those wells.

I found out the reason about a week later.
It happened when I was doing a fieldwork like usual while father was away to fetch some tool he forgot.

"Ya~y, you Blessless scamp~"
"You Manaless shoulda just stay in yer house~"

Four children around my age showed up.
They're saying something about me, but I've no clue what they're going on about.
I can't decide what to even retort. This is my first conversation with anyone other than my parents.

"Is it true this guy couldn't talk til recently?"
(Yup, it's true.)

I replied in my mind.

"Ain't nothing like us, already spoke super well by 3 year old."
(Eh? Isn't that way too early?)

"Yey, you loser, you're disgusting."
(Hm? Are these guys picking on me?)

"Get lost already you pest."
(Yep it sure seems like they are.)

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I got curious on some words they spoke.

(I was referred as Blessless back at the first day. And now a new one, 'Manaless'?)

As that's clearly not my name, I'm wondering what those words refer to...

"Get back at us if you dare!"
(Nah, I don't even plan to.)

Since I'm a grown up man on the inside, children's cheap provocation does nothing to me.
I mean, are those words they flung at me even have anything to do with me? I still lack a lot of knowledge about this world, I'm not even sure what to get back. In fact, please tell me what they mean.

Just when my thought started wandering a bit, a stone rolled down near my feet.
Then more and more stones thrown with improving accuracy aimed at me.

Four children threw stones together all at once straight at me.
A shower of stones hit me...

Pashi!  Pashipashipashi!  Pashipashi!

Losing their momentum, the stones fell down near me.

(The basic of defense is to cover all gaps, yup I did it.)

I foresaw stones that would hit me and did a quick catch and release.
I was surprised and admired at myself for accomplishing that without difficulty.
I had practiced the feat in my past life, so having it actually done here is delightful.

"That's dangerous guys, stop that."

"W-what did this guy just do!? Why'd not even one stone hit!?"

They seemed to have cold feet when they saw me staying still, but then.

"You lot! What are you playing at!?"

It's a panicked voice of my father. The children jolted before they all ran away at once.

"W-We'll get you next time~~~"

While leaving some underling-sounding line behind.
(That was the first I saw someone said it in real life...)
I was a bit moved and amused by it inwardly.

Father came apologizing to me with a sad look. Even though he did nothing wrong.

"Forgive your father, I made you go through unpleasant things while I was away."

"But I don't really mind? Rather, what was that all about even?"

Now he showed me a bitter expression.
That just adds more questions to the pile.

Don't put that face on please, that's a huge issue on its own.
Looks like it's something to do with me.

It's clear with how my father is acting.

"Father, tell me. What is a Blessless? What's... a Manaless?"

It's time to know the me of this [World] after the past me.




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