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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 6

6 Regret and General Knowledge


The endless clouds above turned into a night sky full of stars a moment later.

"We shall begin now."

With that beautiful voice, hundreds of lights shot out toward that starry sky at once.
This continued on without stopping.

I quickly realized what those are and what has started.

(The people they gathered here are getting reincarnated huh...)

The starry sky before me turned into a lush verdant big forest.

Then a town with a castle fashioned after European middle ages'.

Then atop of a solemn mountain.

The scenery changed dazzlingly one after another.

The light shower continued on meanwhile.

"This is quite a spectacular sight."

It's the voice bearing powerful force.

I got irritated hearing that. But there's nothing I can do.

Wonder how long has passed. It feels simultaneously long and short.
My turn will come eventually, for sure.

I kept on pondering all the while.

About reincarnation, what comes after, what has passed, and the me that remains in this world. Etc...

(Ah... I wanted to play around with the newly released character too...)

Just as that regret surfaced in my mind, my consciousness got cut off.

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(And here I am huh...)

It took me a week to recall everything thus far.

Breastfeeding and sleeping, the sole two activities repeated.
There were also some things I could hardly recall, they took quite a bit of time until they became vivid.

(Now then... The 'me' remembered this stuff...)

The initial issue of grasping on a self-foothold has been cleared, but I've still got a mountain of issues left.

(It's still hard to take in the fact that I'm a baby now and this place isn't earth, but I've got no choice but to take it.)

I'm going to grow up from here on. To live in this world. What do I need for that?

(That will be...)

General knowledge.

General knowledge of what to and not do in this world. When in Rome, do as Romans do or something.

The first step would be language.
There is no next step unless I secured a way to communicate.
This is an absolute necessity.
With that decided, I focus everything into listening.

I practically have a CD teaching material 'You can listen without concentrating!'
So long as I purposely listen to them, I'm sure to master the language in no time!

...There was a time I was that optimistic...

I'm not sure if I could catch a word right even now.

It's been 3 months since then.

I could open my eyes and checked my surroundings.

A loghouse like dwelling, my parents' faces.
The old woman who helped with the childbirth would occasionally paid a visit to look at me too.
A seemingly quiet farm village with sounds of people working and livestock's cries.

I still can't look outside so I'm still missing a lot of information.

Now's not the time to focus on sight though, not when I'm having this much trouble with listening.

...Oh? Isn't trying to learn a language ultra hard when you don't even understand the grammar, syntax or even a word...?

(And I overlooked something so simple...)

I couldn't afford to do anything else that day due to the huge shock.

I went to bed praying everything would be solved with time.




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