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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 8

8 Days


"Now that you have turned six, I will have you help with my work."

I never got out of my house up until this point. No, to be more precise I was never allowed to go out.
I'd get scolded if I tried to help or leave the house. It was like a house arrest in a way.
I have the mindset of 'Those who don't work, don't get to eat.' But even though it's painful, I have no choice but to comply.
Because I know that there's some sort of excruciating reason for it, apparent on my parents' faces when I asked them 'Why?'

And so why now then?
I kept that doubt to myself for this chance to get outside world information. It should be clear later.

"Un! I, do my best! I can finally repay father and mother."

"You're exaggerating. All right then, bring that tool with you."

My father left the door shouldering farming tool.
I took my own tool and followed after him.

But after about 3 meter, father turned around and looked at me.
With a sad and anxious look.

"Live strong."

He said only that before walking off again.

First, weeding the field.
It's small yet big enough to feed us. Apparently it's our home field.

While father is busy plowing the field, I do the things I'm tasked and taught with with undivided attention.

Up until now, I had nothing to do inside the house, they never gave me any chore.
Thus I utilized that time to work out. Secretly behind my parents' back.

(I mean that's always been my daily routine in past life. Every single day without missing once, skipping it gets me in a bad mood.)

I would also do daily form training in place of radio calisthenics. I've got nothing else to do.
But now I've been given job on top of that. I no longer spend the days only on the receiving end.

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Looking back at our life thus far, naturally [That] does not exist in this world, I'm guessing.

Getting up before sunrise, and going to bed the instance it's dark out.
No electricity, gas or water service. Stove and water jugs. Using firewood for fuel.
Shabby simple native clothes. Bowls made of wood.

This is another world to begin with.

A completely rural countryside slow life.
Of course there's no TV nor radio. Neither is internet.
No cars, convenience stores, game centers.

And so I'm constantly reminded of 'That' nowadays.

(Ah, I wanna play fighting games.)

I was really into a newly released fighting game before getting reincarnated in this world.
It persisted in my head, refusing to go away.
Every time I recalled it, it would start a chain reaction of recollection about older titles I played as well.

Virtual, Iron Fist, Samurai, Hungry Wolf, Guilty, Soul Blade, Dragon Tiger, VS series, Strike 2, and all other.
Those fun irreplaceable days.
Before I realized, matches unfolded inside my head as I mowed the weed.

Along with some inconsequential stuff.

(Idiots don't get cured in death? No wait, I didn't die to begin with. I got forced to reincarnate.)

After weeding, it's harvest time.
Pulling root crops out of ground, brushing dirt of them a bit and then putting them in the basket.

As I'm doing that, two young men who seem to be heading toward another field for work are passing by while whispering to each other.

"Oy, ain't that Blessless."

"You idiot, keep yer voice down. Stay away from there..."

I could only tilt my head in confusion at the word I overheard.

What's a Blessless?

But that question got quickly driven into the corner of my mind.
I've just started working. Gotta finish my task before noon.
Having never done farm work before, I had a hard time carrying out my task.




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