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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 5

 5 Power Under Duress and Rejection


"May you be blessed with fortune along with the erasure of your previous self's memory."

The moment these words were uttered, my whole life flashed before me even before I could digest them.

All the happy memories.
The painful yet fulfilling life of learning martial arts.
The passions I had on fighting games, and watching martial art exhibitions.


In that moment, I let out the biggest burst of energy I ever had in my life.

This is probably the so-called power under duress, an adrenaline rush.

My brain racked itself processing at high speed trying to find a way to get out of this.
At the same time, my will soak into my entire being to get it to move away.

(Oh yeah, fighting game bosses...)

Something that's completely unrelated to this situation crossed my mind out of the blue.
But then it kept chaining relentlessly in my head.

(Tend to have stuff like...)
(An attack covering the entire screen...)
(Or being unblockable...)
(The windup is super slow to compensate though...)
(Or having specific ways to dodge them...)
(The actual damage coming out later? sooner?...)

I didn't notice during my confusion at first, but looking sideaway revealed a pillar right next to me.
Thick enough to hide myself.

"Grace and blessing be unto you."

I jumped behind the pillar before those words were finished spoken.
As if my immobile state before was but a lie.

It shined. For about 2 seconds. The light didn't hit me. I made it.

Silence wrapped the space. I mean, there was no other sound even when I got brought here.
A chill ran down me. That light shone on every spheres here with me being the sole exception...

I tried to piece together all the information thus far.

(Getting brought here without consent while still alive. Getting sent to another world to be reincarnated. Beyond comprehension of human... That's...)

"And with this the preparation is complete. Thank you ever so much."
The kind voice spoke words of gratitude for some reason.

"Do you mind if I watch the proceeding now?"
A powerful voice replied.

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(Two beings beyond human comprehension in this place!!?)

The sense of impending crisis rang even harder.
I tried to get away but I couldn't get this sphere body to move yet again.
But it seems they don't notice me behind this pillar.
But there's no way they won't find out if this keeps up.

It's only a matter of time. Yet there's really nothing I could do.

I deny the thought of losing everything in my head, no completely reject the notion, but there's no point if my body won't move.

It's a deadlock.

(Guess there's no way to go back... After all, the power that puts me here is...)


Intervention. And there's even two of them.
Something [Came up] within me.

Something trivial yet monstrous.

No matter if this something can never come true.

A voice resounded as if intercepting that emotion.

"Yes, over here if you'd please. From here you can get the best view."

That line and the spectacle unfolding afterward turned the emotion that came into being in my mind into an unshakable conviction.




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