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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 1

1 Prologue


"Truly I was at my wit's end there. Who could have thought that my partner schemed to betray me right from the beginning."

At a World Heritage-like temple, a human-shaped light sighed as it said that.

"You were late to notice that. But thanks to it, we can have a chat like this."

Another humanoid light replied.
Two lights possessing great powers are having a conversation here.

"I'm envious about your side. My side would slowly decrease overtime and then before I knew it, it was almost at the tipping point."

"Well my side is past the point of no return now that they've multiplied so much."

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The two laughed together when they realized this being applied to them.

"But I'm truly grateful that you would accept my proposal."

"Think nothing of it, they are of no use here either. Take as many as you need."

"Yes that's the surprising part to me. They would prosper so much even though they were not given anything. My side would either multiply or decrease too much despite all the trials and errors I've done, it's depressing."

One of the voices would get excited then immediately dejected.
The other voice would follow through.

"Nothing can be done about it since that was how your partner made it. Ours have faith system and all, yet they won't unite as one and would keep creating conflicts between one another."

"Then they would multiply beyond expectations when you look away for a moment, was it. I suppose we have our own problems cut out for us, do we."

The two laughed together at the odd common point before the atmosphere changed into a serious one.

"Well then, I shall send about 10,000 in three days for now. Please take care of the post-processing."

"Thank you. This may be a stopgap measure but it will at least afford my side some time. And when will the next delivery be?"

"How about 100 million in three years. I shall pick ones that suit your fancy."

"Would that be fine!? We would be imposing on you without giving back...."

The voice sounded surprised and sorry before the other voice responded kindly.

"It's only right to help each other in time of need. I may be on the one imposing side when the time comes."

"Much obliged. Well then, I would like to head back to start preparing to receive them. We are truly indebted for this favor."

Afterward, the light dispersed into particles.

"Now then, I should get to it myself."

The other light shined dazzlingly, illuminating the entire spot before disappearing as well.


"Wait! You're really gonna head straight home again today?"

I kept cleaning my table despite the protest from my colleague.

"I've done my quota this month, there is no issue."

"The heck, are you bragging? Considering your results, you gotta, y'know..."

"Yeah, my me time is more important than stuff like that."

To the annoying pestering of my colleague, I said.

"Hobby first, work only as needed!"




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