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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 3

3 "Me" and 'Me'


I recalled who I am.
Not quite typical. That was the general impression I have on myself.
Just as I got a bit disappointed on myself, I was hit with a sense of drowsiness.

(Bedtime right after a full stomach huh... You really can't fight against baby's needs, can you.)

My consciousness is forcing me to sleep despite the lack of freedom to move my own limbs.

(This may be how it be for now, wonder if it'll ever change in the future...?)

I still can't open my eyes even now, my vision has a black veil over it as I fall asleep.

I woke up from a baby's crying voice once again.
Looks like I'm crying from the discomfort of excrement and hunger.

Wait, what did I...? Discomfort? How did I feel that?

Looks like my senses are getting linked little by little.
That's a load off my shoulder. That means I won't exist only as a consciousness at least.

I got cleaned up with the still foreign voice in the background.
After which it was breastfeed time. I focused on recollection meanwhile.

This time I gotta recall what got me into this situation.
A haggard voice of a man could be heard right next me.
They seem to be having a conversation, but I can't grasp the content.

These two must be a married couple and me their child.
I don't believe in reincarnation and such, but I've got no choice to now.

I started my recollection as I focused into my hazy memory.

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Morning of that day, I was feeling awfully refreshed as I got up.

(Alright! Today's the release day of that character!)

I got really into fighting games during this point. Of course I was still keeping up with daily workout and form practice without missing a day.
In order to secure those times, I would only work as needed, do no overtime and achieve my quota in the beginning of the month.

A daily life of needlessly being good at my job for the sake of my hobby.
Affording me time from morning to night indulging in them during holidays.

My boss warned me but my retort shut him down.

"I'm doing this job for my hobby."

He probably found me eccentric. But that's better in itself, no more pestering.

Yet my colleagues and seniors would often complain to me.
Do it, keep your colleagues company, do it, aim higher, what are you doing? And such.

I disregarded all of them, brushing it off lightly. No point in even paying heed.

(Their word rang hollow, y'know? Anyone would put themselves over other, right?)

As I tried to get off my bed with those thoughts occupying my mind, huh? The scenery looked super weird.

This "Me" is overlooking 'Me'.

That 'Me' is still sleeping in my bed.
Yet this "Me" is overlooking that.

Astral projection? Or a dream?

I don't have the capacity to immediately accept this situation.
At this time, I was panicking while simultaneously taking it easy.

(It's probably a dream anyway. Might as well enjoy it.)

But what occurred the next instance blew that optimism away.

"Alright! Today's the release day of that character!"

The 'Me' who got up and stretched said the same thing the "Me" thought up when I woke up earlier.

It was something akin to instinct.

This can't go on!

The 'Me' went on with the usual routine for holidays.
Toilet break, teeth brushing, preparing breakfast. Beacon egg toast.

(Oy! What the heck's going on?! I-I can't go back to my body!)

As I fell into panic, the "Me" slowly but surely floated up.

The me doing the usual routine.
The other me gradually floating up.

Nothing changed no matter how much I shouted or yelled. There was truly nothing I could do.

I started sinking into the ceiling in my confusion.

(What have I been dragged into...)

My thought was filled with despair and resignation, then a huge question along with uneasiness.

(What's happening to me... What's going to happen to me...)

The last word that fell on my ear in this world was.

"Hell yeah, I'm gonna get the combo down for the new character by the end of the day!"




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