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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-38

15-38. Divine Punishment (7), Hero Vs Demon Lord


※ This is not from Satou's viewpoint

"Here comes one, demon lord."

Hero Meiko looks over below.

『kiLL degozaru』

A fox demon lord with swords as its arms makes an imposing pose while spreading its sickle-like arms.
<TLN: Typo'd as weasel in the previous chapter. Fox is the correct one.>


With the demon lord's roar, its chest split apart and a bright red ball of light is shot toward Hero Meiko.

"Shoot out 100 times that if you want to hit me!"

Hero Meiko easily evaded it but the light ball suddenly turned around and pursued her sky orbit.
The fallen light ball hit the ground and created a white crater with a huge sound.

"Fuhn, that's some power. But--"

The hero's sword cuts the demon lord's sword arm.

"There's no point if it doesn't hit."

Hero Meiko smirks, it seems she's satisfied to be able to say a line from a famous anime.


Hero Meiko wounds the rampaging demon lord one sidedly.

"Your demon lordness is just all show isn't it. You're totally weak."


The demon lord's body is wrapped in purple light.

"Unique Skill now of all time? You should've used it from the start, this isn't a game you know."

The demon lord attacked without reacting to the hero.
While leaving game-like blur effect--afterimage body doubles.

"Geh, gross."

Hero Meiko, with her limited vocabulary, backed away, and then she held her holy sword upward to counter it.

It's as if she's saying that this is the way to hold Holy Sword Excalibur.
The purple haired little girl house-sitting in the solitary island palace would have agreed with her if she were here.

--Dazzling holy light surrounds the hero once again.

Far stronger light than when she used her Unique Skill up until now.
There's a jewel like blue crest of light on the surface of her skin if you look closely.

"It'll be the same no matter how many times you try!"

Just like before, she randomly evades the attack and counters by swinging her holy sword down.



Hero Meiko rolled on the ground while screaming unbecoming of a girl.

"Ouch, what're you doing to a girl."

Blood is dripping from the huge wound on the back of Hero Meiko who's standing up unsteadily.

"This time, it's my--"

She's cut on the back once again, Hero Meiko fell on the ground while raising smoke of white salt.
Hero Meiko was literally applying salt on her wound in agony.

The holy light that envelopes her is flickering like a broken electric spark.


Sword arm demon lord laughed loudly, saying 'it seems you can't evade attacks outside of cognizance'.

"You spoiled it! I won't fall for the same trap."

Hero Meiko stood up while taking an acceleration magic potion.

Hero Meiko suddenly got close to the demon lord with Flickering Movement and unleashed a slashing attack.
However, it seemed she assessed something, she pulled back her sword and rolled to the side.

『ForeSIGht DEgozarukA? ormaYYYYYYBe just good intuitionDEgozarukA』

It seems Hero Meiko had anticipated the reverberation of the space magic the sword arm demon lord was going to use.
It's the same technique the red-body demon skillfully used against Hero Nanashi once.

『evading WIthout AttacKINg YourE CORNERed DAAEgozaru』

The hero who evaded the demon lord's sword arm was kicked by a fox leg clad in purple light from her blind spot.
Hero Meiko spat out saliva mixed with salt, standing up unsteadily.

"I have to create some distance--If I can't defeat you at close distance, I'll do it from afar."

Hero Meiko retreated back using Flickering movement and took out countless magic cannons from her [Infinite Arsenal (Inexhaustible Swords)].
sure of her victory the hero grinned, then suddenly her view was blurred and the demon lord appeared right in front of her.


The demon lord speaks to Hero Meiko who couldn't react to the abrupt development.

『pULLed, DAAEgozaru.』
"Ahahaha, this, can't be real right?"

Her hand that was going to grasp the magic cannons grasps upon empty air.
No wonder, as the magic cannons that have been taken out are left behind far away.


Receiving an overhead blow from behind, Hero Meiko's upper body was buried in the white salt ground.
Her legs above ground aren't moving at all.

The holy light enveloping Hero Meiko finally loses its light and disappears.

『theEND, DAAAAZEgozaru』

The demon lord swings its sword arm.

"....■■■■■■ Explosion!"

Clear sounds resounded in the battlefield, an explosion wrapped up the demon lord.
It's a special spell of the previous hero's follower, Ringrande.

"Even like that, she's still a Saga Empire's hero. I can't let you easily kill her."

Her armor is broken, half of her beautiful silver hair is dirtied by red blood.
No one knows how she could escape the nuclear explosion, but she's by no mean only slightly wounded.


The sword arm demon lord clad in dark purple light showed up, cutting the explosion apart.

The sword demon lord has already lost its ability to speak recognizably.

Ringrande continously shot [Quick Burst] that could be chanted quickly at the attacking Sword Demon Lord, but none of it hit the demon lord.


She could barely protect Hero Meiko from one of its attack, let alone counterattacking.
She changed to space magic midway and rolled under the smoke from the explosion she created herself while carrying Hero Meiko toward the imperial capital.

"Aryarya? Where is this nanodesu?"

Suddenly appearing in the sky of the Weasel Empire's capital.
A master and her servant came from a gate that no one noticed.

Golden Knight Yellow and her Beast Steed, lesser dragon Lyuryu.

"Somehow, it doesn't seem like Seryuu City nanodesuyo?"

Golden Knight Yellow tilted her head in puzzlement.
She never thought that she would be led to a different place by the little girl.


"Somehow, there's a lot of enemies nodesu."

The white dragon inclined its wing toward the enemies.

"Lyuryu there's a big meat over there nodesu! So many wonderful sukiyaki and hamburg steak, Pochi doesn't know what to do nodesu."

Even when she saw the huge Great Weasel Demon Lord, the Golden Knight Yellow naught uttered fear nor awe, but appetite.
Is she a big-shot or is she just a glutton, no one can judge for sure.

『--Connection Lost. GPS Signal Lost.』
"Armor person is saying some difficult things nodesu."

The Raka Clone installed in the golden armor reported the lost of the connection to the Solitary Island Palace.

"Aryarya? It doesn't connect to Master nodesuyo?"

Since she didn't understand the situation, Golden Knight Yellow tried to contact her Master, but she was at a loss when it was impossible to make a call.
She hurriedly turned back, but the door she came out of had already disappeared.

"Pochi is in trouble nodesu. But Master or Tama should quickly notice and come here nanodesuyo."

Golden Knight Yellow muttered as if she was convincing herself.


The white dragon reported an explosion on the ground to its master.
There, Ringrande was protecting Hero Meiko behind her back with her broken sword pointed toward the demon lord.

"Some girls are being bullied by a purple monster nodesu!"


"Armor person! Please nanodesu!
『Yes My Girl. Dimension Catapult Activate.』

One flickering silver board appeared in front of each of them.



The moment both of them touched the board, they got accelerated to faster than speed of sound.
The two of them arrived before the sword arm demon lord and the girls, and scooped out Hero Meiko and Ringrande.

Normally it was a speed that should be unbearable for a normal man, but it was made possible due to her master's scheme and magic knowledge, and above all, the tempered steel body of Golden Knight Yellow who played around with a lesser dragon without any equipment.

"It's Ringraden person nanodesu."

Golden Knight Yellow called her name wrong, but Ringrande whose consciousness was hazy didn't notice it.

『puLL, DAAEgozaru.』

The Golden Knight Yellow who was flying in the sky above was teleported before the sword arm demon lord.

"That was surprising nanodesu."

Golden Knight Yellow blocked the swinging attack of the sword arm demon lord with her holy sword.
Blue and purple light crossed, the flash and the spark burn the surroundings.

Cliiiink, an ear-splitting sound reverberated, Golden Knight Yellow's ears under her helmet flopped down.

Another sword of the sword demon lord was coming behind her.

"Such attacks won't work on Pochi nodesu."

Golden Knight Yellow turned around and blocked the attack that was coming from her blind side with the second holy sword.

The sword she used to block it is Holy Sword Pochi--contrary to its very cute appearance with its paw-shaped guard, it's the latest original holy sword comparable to the [Divine Gift Holy Sword].

Looks like she's still hiding her strongest fang.


Sword arm demon lord was surprised to see Golden Knight Yellow blocking its attack when her attention was robbed by the first attack.

"It's the most basic of basic to fight against space magicians nanodesu."

Golden Knight Yellow is looking at the sword arm demon lord with a triumphant look under her helmet.
Of course, even a demon lord that could freely manipulate space magic was not almighty enough to see the face under the helmet.

Wary of the Golden Knight Yellow, the Sword Arm Demon Lord jumped back with a short-range warp, taking some distance away from her.

"If Pochi can't do that much, Arisa will take all her desert and puddings nodesu. In this world all Yakiniku meal set is delicious nodesu."

She said some nonsensical things midway, but Golden Knight Yellow said that quite seriously.


The white dragon looks anxiously at the two people it's carrying.

"Alright nodesu. Pochi wants Lyuryu to take the two to a safe place nodesu."
"W-wait. That's a demon lord. You absolutely can't win alone."

Hero Meiko interrupted as she was instructing the white dragon.

"Demon lord nanodesu? That's bad nodesu. Pochi thought that was a monster nodesuyo."
"I'm amazed that you survived. I guess I should say as expected of a Dragon Knight?"

Golden Knight Yellow didn't listen to Hero Meiko.

"Is demon lord-san a bad demon lord nanodesu? Pochi was told not to fight the good demon lord nodesu."
"A-are you stupid? Of course all demon lords are bad you know?"
"The one who says stupid is the real stupid one nodesuyo?"

Sword Arm Demon Lord is staring at their carefree dialogue curiously.

It seems there is no one here who is aware about the violation of a mutual non-interference verbal contract between the Weasel Emperor and the Golden Knight Yellow's master.

After all, Golden Knight Yellow was sleeping when that was talked about, and her master didn't tell her about it after she woke up.
However, a God not her master is couldn't possibly guess that she, who doesn't have the mean to teleport, would be moved to the weasel empire on a far away side of the continent when he wasn't looking.

In reality though, the weasel emperor had already broken the contract when he asked her master to help his citizens.

"Didn't it attack just now! Only a bad demon lord comes attacking!"
"Is that true nanodesu?"

Golden Knight Yellow nods at the sword demon lord.

"Can't be helped nodesu. The way of sword is smeared with blood nodesu."

Golden Knight Yellow muttered seriously while looking at the glittering gauntlet of her golden armor.

"I'm going to help. I'm still a hero of Saga Empire. I won't fall behind a native hero who hasn't been given God's Authority."
"Then here's a healing magic potion for you nodesu."

Hero Meiko drank the the magic potion she got from Golden Knight Yellow without any question.
She's a typical careless modern Japanese person who hasn't gotten accustomed to another world.

"W-what's this?"

Glitter effects wrap Hero Meiko, all of her wounds are healed.
Forget about that, even her broken articulation was restored.

"Blood Elixir Rev. nanodesu. Any wound will be healed as long as you haven't died nodesuyo."
"What's with that doubtful-sounding name."
"Don't mind, we're in a battle nanodesu."

Hearing Golden Knight Yellow said that, suddenly realizing it Hero Meiko turned around.
The sword arm demon lord is still waiting.


Apparently, the sword arm demo lord is preoccupied with the white dragon.

"Lyuryu, take Ringraden person to a safe place nodesu."


The white dragon soars away with Ringrande in its hand.
The sword demon lord who likes dragons doesn't seem like it's going to obstruct the white dragon's flight.

"Then, let's go nodesuyo."
『coming DWEEDgozaru』

Blue light envelops the whole body of Golden Knight Yellow.

"Eh? A Native Hero's Unique Skill?"

Hero Meiko seems to be misunderstanding it, but the light just now is not from the usage of Unique Skill.

"Armor person, please nanodesu."
『Yes My Girl. Dimension Catapult Activate.』

A flickering silver board appeared in front of Golden Knight Yellow.
The same acceleration board like earlier.

"Body double technique nanodesu!"
『Physical Mirror Image.』

Golden Knight Yellow split into 64 bodies at three axis.
Frighteningly enough, the majority of them have mass and magic power.

The sword demon lord who's also a space magician lies in wait for Golden Knight Yellow's attack with traps in ambush.

"Today's sure fire technique Magic Edge Spiral Strike (Vorpal Strike) Exerion, stand by nanodesu!"
『Yes My Girl. Extra Mode Activate.』

Various reinforcement magic envelop Golden Knight Yellow.

The original name was [Extra Mode] but Golden Knight Yellow is convinced that it's [Exerion] due to a purple haired little girl's scheme.
The Raka Clone installed in the Golden Armor interpreted that the request was for [Extra Mode] with its fuzzy function.

"W-what's with this reinforcement magic? Unbelievable.... How did my status became three times as high? T-this is like raising your level for several times."

It appears Raka Clone had judged her as a comrade, Hero Meiko also got the effect of Extra Mode.

At the surprised Hero Meiko, Golden Knight Yellow only tilted her head and that was it.
She probably doesn't really understand what she is surprised about.

"Let's go nodesuyo!"

The 64 Golden Knight Yellow who jumped to the silver board with Flickering Movement appeared before the sword demon lord in an instant.

"Ah, stupid!"

Golden Knight Yellow jumped into the distorted space trap that Hero Meiko evaded in the nick of time earlier.
The figure of Golden Knight Yellow getting stabbed by her own holy swords flashed in Hero Meiko's mind.

The dark purple light released by the demon lord and the blue light released by Golden Knight Yellow dye the battlefield blindingly.

※ Next, [15-39. Divine Punishment (8), Dog Hero Pochi] is planned for 1/8.

※ I'd like to have Satou's turn soon.

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