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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Tower of Trial  Tasteless Enigmatic Riddle (Third Floor Later Part)


The third floor of the tower of trial.
In a dark space that's as large as a concert hall, there's a narrow twisting road around 50 cm wide.
Gaping holes are on both sides of the road.
Sometimes wind blows from below and then sucks back in.
I carefully walk step by step.

"Old man, watch the surroundings and tell me if there's anything wrong with the bonfire."
"Leave it to me."
"Celica, you're carrying a lot so be careful of your steps."
"I understand."

When I look with <<Truth Sight>>, I see traps everywhere.
【Collapsing Floor】 Collapse when stepped on.
【Spring Floor】 Bounce when stepped on, ruining balance.

I stop on the narrow road.
"Stop for a bit--<<Blue Water Seal>>"
A line of magic is drawn on the 50cm wide road. Blue inks cover the traps. All visible traps are covered by the blue inks.

The old man who saw it from behind speaks.
"Is it traps?"
"Yeah, one will collapse the floor, the other will bounce off."
"Putting them on this narrow road, what bad taste."
"They must be trying to kill us no matter what--let's go."

We keep walking on the winding road.
There were around 10 traps carefully placed. We couldn't advance as smooth.
Moreover, since there's nothing to obstruct the view, the end door is always in our views.
Yet since we couldn't reach it, it had the effect of hurrying us.

After walking about half an hour.
The winding road got to the right side of the hall. And then it turns straight to the left end of the hall. Woosh woosh, wind blow from below my arms.

I stop and squint my eyes.
Traps are installed at every several steps.

"--The road becomes even narrower huh."
It's only around 30 centimeter wide now.
The old man speaks while frowning.
"Ain't there more traps too?"
"Yea, that's right."
Celica knits her shapely eyebrows and sighs.
"If it's like this, we have to walk while being careful of the floor."
"Right. --No, that's a good thinking Celica. Well done."
"Y-yes? Praising me that much for such...."
Celica tilts her head with a troubled expression.

I look up. At the ceiling.
Only a pitch black darkness.
However, of course I can see it. Rather, I can see its 【Status】.
Name: Darkness Spider
Element: 【Darkness】

Attack: 800
Defense: 100
Vitality: 1500
Willpower: 300

Spider's Silk: Attack by spewing silk. Decrease speed.
Spider's Net: Ensnare an enemy in a big net. Incapacitate.
Poisonous Fangs: Paralyze and Sleep effects.
Acid Liquid: Dissolve the opponent.
There's also 【Black Silk Nest】 displayed.

I grin and laugh.
"Hmph, attacking from above when we're being careful about the ground below. Only a tasteless designer would think of this."
"Eh, whaddya mean?"
"What's wrong Keika?"
I perk up my chin upward.
"There's a jet-black spider above us. A Darkness Spider."
"You kiddin' me!"
"What should we do Keika-sama?"

I chant a magic at once.
"Hold your footing everyone.... Breeze who abides by my name  become raging blades  Rage on--<<Storm Blade Slash>>"


A storm runs amok near the ceiling.
Blades of wind rise, dull sounds echo many times.

The spider's death screams echo in the vast darkness.
And then its body falls while gushing bodily fluid out.
It was as big as house.
--It would have been dangerous to fight it head on on this narrow footing.

The storm calms down.
"Old man, is the bonfire on my back alright?"
"Everything's fine. Flame's still green."
"Alright, let's go."
"Ou yo."
We continue to walk on the narrow path while being careful of traps.

One hour after we started walking on the narrow road.
We finally arrived at the opposite bank.
The floor is about as wide as a classroom.
There are a big door and five pedestals in front of us.
The door is gridded and I can see a stairway going down behind it.
【Floor Door】 Door leading to the next floor.
【Pedestals of Green Flame】 Obtain the key by offering five candles with green flame on them.

Looks like there's no trap.
I lower the bonfire on my back.
The ground shakes.

"Good grief. Celica, light the candles and put them on the pedestals."
Celica took the candles from her bag, lit and put them on the pedestals one by one.
When she was finished with all five, the candles' flames on the pedestals became bigger turning into a big lump of green light.

And then, two keys appeared from within the green light.
One is wrapped in blue light, another is in red light.
Some words appeared too.

Celica immediately reads the words with her beautiful voice.
"Um, it's written that, 『Take the blue key to let only men advance, take the red key to let only women advance.』."
The old man twists his thick neck.
"Oy oy. What happens if the party's of men and women?"

I squint my eyes at the keys in silent.
【Dummy Men Key】 Poisonous gas will come out if used on the floor door. All party members will die agonizing death. Magic, medicine, invalid.

"Traps even here!"
"What is it Keika?"
"It seems like poisonous gas will come out killing everyone if we use the blue key for men."
"The heck. Then the red key for women is the correct one eh."

I look at the red key.
【Dummy Women Key】 Tentacle slimes will fall down, melting only the clothes and armor, the tentacles will coil on limbs and open them wide, thoroughly playing with you. Give you pleasures until you die.

I reflexively look at Celica.
Celica was taken aback and then she covered her big breasts with her slender arms. With disheveled blond hair, she's glaring.
"J-just now, you thought of something terribly indecent, didn't you Keika-sama!"
"H-how did you know!"
"So you really did! I can at least understand what someone I like.... is thinking."
Suddenly Celica looks down with red face.
The old man poorly whistles while grinning.
"Hyu hyu, look at ya goin'."
"Y-you're mistaken, it's because I like hero-sama.... uu."
She couldn't continue her words. Her face became even redder.

I forcefully change the topic while scratching my head.
"If you use the red key, it seems tentacle slimes will fall down and they'll do many things on you till you die. Either of them is a trap."
"Hou. Both are traps huh. I checked the door just now, it's using a magic key y'know."
"Did we overlook something?"
I look at the door, the pedestals and the narrow road back.
However, nothing happened.

Celica speaks anxiously.
"What should we do....? We have done as instructed."
"Don't tell me this can't be cleared."
The old man spoke with folded arms.

I'm thinking while stroking my chin.
"There should be no problem. Although the dungeon is fully equipped to kill us, but I can assert that this wasn't made to be impossible to clear."
"Why is that Keika-sama?"
"Cause it's more fun that way. If it can't be cleared, the only fun they get is waiting for our demise. However, when the players die in confusion even though it can be cleared, the people who know the correct answer will laugh at their mistakes, multiplying the fun."
Celica creases her forehead in disgust.
"...Is there someone who would be happy with such a disgusting thing..."
"There is. This dungeon was designed by that disgusting guy. That's why there is a way to clear it."
--I won't say that it's the demon king. Since these two might shirk back.

The old man speaks with a grim face.
"But y'know, we did as we were told rite'? Light the candles and carry them to open the door or something."
"That's true.... How was it exactly written again?"
When I asked that, Celica speaks while closing her eyes with long eyelashes.
"I remember--it was written that 『Light the candles from the flame on the bonfire and continue onward. Otherwise, the green door will not open.』."
"Green door.... I see. That's why it's not the red or blue light--wait?"

I get close to the bonfire on the floor.
The green flame is relentlessly burning.
When I look closer, I can see a lump of green light.
【Floor Key】 Key to open door to the next floor.

While laughing in astonishment, I roll my sleeve and thrust my hand into the bonfire!
Celica screamed, hii.
I pull my hand and show the thing in it to the two.
"This is it."
A green key shined.
The old man screams in shock.
"It was put in that! We'd have to come and go five times if the bonfire wasn't here!"
If we did this normally, we'd have lost magic power and time, truly a repulsive dungeon.

Celica rushes in and touches my arm with her smooth hands.
"Keika-sama, how is your injury?"
"Nah, it's fine. This is nothing--<<Complete Recovery>>."
The burn cured in an instant.
Celica's blue eyes are filled with anxious light as she looks up at me.
"It might be too late now, but please don't be too rash okay. I'll be your hands and feet."
"Fool. What'd we do if scars remain on that beautiful skin. I'm doing it."
"Uu... Keika-sama."
Not sure if Celica is happy or mortified. She's glaring while biting her red lips.

I pick up my bag and head to the door with the key.
The door made a sound when I pushed and turned the key.
I say while pushing the door.
"The biggest hints were the 『Green Door』 and what the old man said, 『What happens if the party's of men and women』."
"Failure means instant death, it ain't a joke."

There are stairs going down inside.
When I peek down, it's dim with little light.
The air is strangely damp, drop of waters are running on the stone walls.

"...How long have we been inside?"
"A little over 6 hours, I'd say."
"Four more hours huh... Let's do our best on the remaining two floors."
"Yes, Keika-sama."
I went down the stairs while being encouraged by voices full of respect and trust.

<TLN: Two more chapters until the trial's end, gonna try to finish this within two days.>

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