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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 18

Chapter 18 End and Lapisia's Study


Royal capital at dusk. The townscape is dyed in red sunlight.
We're standing on the second floor of the Tower of Trial.

Spectators filling the public park-like square are raising their voices.
"Oy, look at that!"
"That guy's alive!"
"The old man too!"
"Awesome! I win big!"
They were very lively even though it was just us clearing the trial.

Celica smiles and whispers on my ears with her red lips.
"Now, Keika-sama. Please go to the top."
I climbed the stairs and went out to the tower's roof.

One inspector and seven hero candidates are standing there.
Gaff looks like he's just seen a ghost, his mouth is flapping and closing like a goldfish.
"A, y-you..."
I look at Gaff while walking toward the examiner.
"Yo. Your face looks stupid like always."
"Uu! ...keh! This great me'll crush you easy!"
"Looking forward to it."
Smirk, I made a ghastly smile.
Most of the hardships we went through in the Tower of Trial is because of this guy.
I have no intention of forgiving him.

The examiner says.
"Three minute remaining. Barely made it. We recognize that Hero Candidate Keika has successfully cleared the trial of 『Courage』."
For some reason we were congratulated with a grand shout of joy. But only from about half of the people.
"A sudden favorite card."
"That was interesting!"
"I win big!"
I could hear voices as such.

And then the sun sets in the western horizon.
The examiner speaks hazily.
"We will be announcing the result of the trial of 『Courage』! There are eight people who've passed. The tournament will commence in one week, the matches will be for number 1 and 8, number 2 and 7, number 3 and 6, number 4 and 5, the winner will advance to the next match. That is all, give a grand applause for the hero candidates!"

A thunderous applause and shouts of joy.
My first opponent is number 1.
Searching for it, it was Gaff.

Then we went down another stairway on the tower's outer wall.
I met an underling of Gaff when I was going to go back to where Celica and the others were.

The man with a bow mutters when he passes me.
"Thank you."
I turned around but he averted away.

I went down the tower with Celica and the others.
And then, Minya came pushing her way through the crowd and rushed here with her tail standing up.
She was running toward her father, but then she changed her course when she saw me and jumped.
"Oy oy, what's wrong. I'm fine y'see?"

And then a male spectator tells me.
"Your broadcast was gone halfway through."
"We thought you'd all died."
"I see, no wonder Minya was worried."
"Onii-chan.... Good."
While patting the head of Minya who's tightly hugging me with her slender body, I ask the man.
"By the way, since when was it gone?"
"Think it was around second floor? And then people began to bet whether you lived or died, it got so big."
I see. Thus since we made it just barely, the people who won the bet celebrated grandly.

The old man speaks.
"Look now, Minya. Keika is fine and all, but at this situation, your dad is--"
"Dad, safe."
The old man who was cut with two words was sunk.

Celica comes to my side. Joining hands with Lapisia who's completely covered in a robe.
"Now then, let's go and take some rest."
"Right. Celebration can wait for tomorrow. I'm tired after all. Let's eat somewhere and go back."
Minya's cat ears stand straight hearing that. She raises her face while still hugging me.
"I made.... meals."
"Oh thank you. Then, let's go back."
We went to the inn with Minya along.

The congratulations from the townspeople made me feel embarrassed.
"Yer' awesome!", "Keep it up!", "Get me win big too next time!"
I waved my hand at them while smiling wryly.

We had a modest dinner in the inn.
The soup and chicken skewers Minya made were a bit cold, but they were good.

Afterward I went back to the room.
Celica and Lapisia are inside. Lapisia's blue hair was long enough to touch the floor, but since she didn't want to cut it, it got styled into twintail with strings.
She's turning on the floor like she's dancing. It seems she finds moving the long twin tail around interesting.

I speak to Celica who's sitting on the bed beside me.
"First, Celica, teach Lapisia about manners of speaking."
"Yes, I understand."
However, Lapisia swings her fists.
"lapisia dont wanna study!"
"I've been asked by your mother to take care of you for once, so I can't exactly let you skip studying. A God being foolish is out of question after all."
"I see. Then you can stop."
Lapisia looks puzzled blankly.
"i can?"
"Yes of course. But when your mom woke up, she might turn into a vengeful spirit again because of disappointment."
"NOOOO!! lapisia'll study!"
Her wide-open golden eyes are moist with tears, she's begun to shiver.
--I did something a bit bad. Looks like it's quite a trauma for her.

And then Celica extends her hand and pats Lapisia's trembling head.
"Lapisia-chan, you won't like it if you think of it as studying."
"Learn how to behave, how to conduct yourself, and acquire knowledge in order to become a wonderful lady. Then everyone will praise you. Your mother will be very happy when you meet her. Don't you want to be praised by your mother?"
"i wanna.... keika loves a wonderful lady?"
"Yea, of course I do. That's why I love Celica."
Celica's face redden as if it catches fire.
"Th-then, I'll be a wonderful lady."
"lapisia will! surpass celica!"
"Do your best."
The two began to study about language at the desk.

Good grief.
After all is said and done, Celica is a former princess. She's probably the perfect being for a wonderful lady.
In fact, there are times when I'm admiring her carriage and speech.
I truly think leaving it to her will be fine.

"Then I'll go see the old man for a bit."
"Yes, see you."
"seeya, nano."
I left the room and went to the first floor.

Today is temporarily closed.
The old man is sitting on the counter, drinking some liquor.
"Wanna drink?"
"I'll leave it for later. I still have some business."
"S'that so. Then, your business with me?"
"I want to consult about Lapisia. People will find it suspicious if there's suddenly a child with us. I'd like for her to be set as an old man's relative I've taken charge of."
"No sweat. Everything's ok for Keika."
"Sorry bout that. I'm grateful."
"Ou, leave it to me."
"Then I'll be going to take care of one more business."
"Dunno what it is, but careful there."
I left the counter and went out.

Late at night.
A townscape where lights on the houses have gone out. There is not even a shadow on the stone pavement.
The streetlights are turning on one by one.

I turn at the darkness and declares.
"Come out. You've been there since a while ago right."
"So you noticed.... As expected."
The one who appeared from the darkness is a young male bandit. One of Gaff's underlings. He has a bow and arrows in his hands.

I speak with my hand on the Tachi on my waist.
"Since you had no chance of winning in the tournament, are you thinking of doing a surprise attack from darkness?"
"Nope. I've come of my own will. I wanted to talk with you."
"I have nothing to talk with you."
"First, I'd like to offer my gratitude. Thank you for saving my little sister."
"Little sister?"

The man shook when I asked that. Fwoosh, transparent wings appeared on his back.
"You must be familiar with these."
"....That fairy huh."
"I knew that she was locked up in the Tower of Trial so I was looking for her. But, I was never able to meet her."
"I see. That's why you challenged it for many times."

He shuts his wings.
"How was my little sister?"
"Ah, she wished for the world's peace until the end. Then she got reincarnated."
"I see... thank you."
The man bows.

"Is that the only reason you wanted to meet me?"
"Nope. Call my name if you have anything to do related with fairies. I will cooperate with you even if I need to exchange my life. My name is Majiria. If you have the Fairy's Blessing, then call my name through the skill."
"I got it. Anything else?"
"....Gaff will use an underhanded tactic. He's probably going to take a hostage."
"I see. Seems to match with what he'll think."
"You'd better shelter women and children in a safe place."

I speak while stroking my chin.
"No.... Rather, induce them to take Celica hostage on the audience seat."
"....Isn't she with you?"
"Exactly because of that."
It'll be troublesome if I miss this opportunity.
Once I've become a hero, I'll be allowed to execute on my discretion, but that's not the case for now.
That's why I'll be arranging a situation where it's a legit self-defense.

The man sighs while shaking his head.
"I don't know what you're thinking, but I'll cooperate--then I'll be going."
"Ah, one more thing. Why did you become a bandit?"
"This bow originally belongs to fairies. I couldn't get it back alone, so I joined a group and waited for my chance. That's all. I'd like to tell you one thing, I've never killed anyone ever since I became a bandit."
"Is that right. I don't care either way. --See ya."
"Aa, see you again. Do your best."
I parted ways with Majiria and went back to the inn.

When I enter the room, Lapisia is already sleeping in the big bed. She's sprawling with her slender limbs spread out. Sleeping peacefully.
I stare Celica with a blaming look.
"How about the studying?"
"I-It's not what you think, we're done with today's share."
"Lapisia-chan is very smart, she's quickly learned them you see."
No matter how you look at it, there's no way she's that smart.... I turn at Lapisia while thinking that.
Come to think of it I haven't seen her with <<Truth Sight>> yet.
Lapisia's status appears.
Name: Lapisia
Gender: Female
Age: 257
Race: Half-God
Job: Mother Earth God Lv 1
Class: Healer  God Art User
Element: 【Good Harvest】【Radiant Soil】【Sacred Ground】

Strength: 30,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Agility: 20,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Magic: 100,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Wisdom: 40,000 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Luck: 999 (+0) Growth Limit ∞
Believer: 0

Vitality: 250,000
Willpower: 70,000

Attack: 30,000
Defense: 30,000
Magic Attack: 100,000
Magic Defense: 40,000

Weapon: None
Armor: 【Silver Dress】 A dress filled with motherly love Defense X 1.5 【Nullify All Abnormal States】 【Recovery with Elapsed Time】
Accesory: Ring of the Earth
What is this!
She's weaker than me but.... Why does a God have level!
You mean this is a combination of the basic attribute values of a God and human's level up.

She quickly finished her study because her wisdom is 40,000.
If this keeps, she's going to be stronger than me.... tohoho.

I was about to drop my shoulders but then it hit me.
....Hm? But since she's half-human, could it be....!?

I look at my own hand.
Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Race: Myriad Gods
Job: God
Class: Master Swordsman  God Monk
Element: 【Noble Wind】 【Clear Stream】 【Faint Gleam】

Strength: 81,210 (+31,210)
Agility: 91,910 (+21,910)
Magic Attack: 192,110 (+102,110)
Wisdom: 61,410 (+41,410)
Believer: 5

Woo!! Lapisia's attribute values are added rawly on mine!!
Well, normally Gods don't believe on other Gods even if they're together.

In other words, if Lapisia grows, I will also get stronger.
Her attributes look like it'll increase by 10,000-20,000 at each level up.
....But this is the first time I've seen Lv on Job instead of Class, I wonder how is the growth rate.
Well, let's go at it steadily.

Celica anxiously calls me who's smirking while looking at my own hand.
"Umm, Keika-sama...? Do you mind if we rest now?"
"Right, wait, the bed's been taken. Should we sleep in another room?"
"Hyaa.... But I'm sure nothing will happen. I don't mind where we sleep."
"Is that so. Then let's stay in this room."
I get close to the bed and put the sprawling sleeping Lapisia to the side.
And then I make space for two people.
I lie in the middle.

"Let's sleep."
"Uu.... It's closer than usual."
"There's no helping it. Lapisia is sleeping and all."
Celica was fidgeting, but then she went to my side after taking her armor and tunic off.
Rather, it's really close.
When our faces meet, our breathes intersect. Looking at her blue eyes this close, her eyelashes are really long.

"Then, good night."
"Good night, Keika-sama."
After saying that, Celica presses her face on my body. I could smell flower-like fragrance from her blond hair.
"Don't say that out loud."
"Fuhn, zzzz."
An angry and spoiled voice. Since it was somehow cute, I hugged her body tightly. Sensation of soft breasts pressing.
And then, Celica's body bounds in surprise.
Right after she shouted, her body went listless.
I don't really understand, but it seem she's sleeping.
Since I've also piled up fatigue today, I sleep in this state.

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