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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-40

15-40. Divine Punishment (9), Reinforcements


※The viewpoint will change to the later part of Weasel Empire on ◇, please take note.

Satou's here. I've always been scolded by my parents since I was small.
I got scolded for disobeying my parents, like playing at a dangerous river, going to a mountain and making a secret hideout, not tidying up my room, or not taking a bath quickly.

For me who have been scolded overwhelmingly more than I scold someone, whenever I recall those days, I ponder really hard why was I that unruly.
I might be oblivious of it, but the current me is probably thanks to my parents and teachers who patiently kept on scolding me of those days.

"--Geh, the country would be destroyed before the tsunami came."

I was shocked at the points shown on my radar when I teleported to the magic kingdom Raragi with Unit Arrangement.
On top of dozens of level 30-50 krakens, there's a peculiar super huge level 92 kraken called [Sea King] that covers half of the island.
Moreover, it seems this [Sea King] is a familiar of the [Dog-Head Demon Lord].

I have to exterminate them fast--huh?

For some reason, Pochi's marker is at the Weasel Empire.
I left her alone since there was no more considerable threats around Seryuu City, just how the heck did she end up getting to that place....

She probably fell into a trap of a third party, but more than that, I'm surprised that there's someone else that can move that far besides me and Arisa.

"For now, let's bring her back with Unit Arrangement."

I open the map and check Pochi's surroundings.
For some reason, Pochi and her white dragon Lyuryu are not the only ones there, Lady Ringrande, Sera's big sister and Hero Meiko, Saga Empire's hero are there too.
Furthermore, it seems a big airship that carries Princess Maryest has landed slightly away from them.

Since there are demon lords near them, Pochi was probably sent in to help Hero Meiko and Lady Ringrande.
Judging from the situation, God Parion is the most suspicious.

I was going to confirm the situation with space magic, but then the roof of Echigoya Firm got blown away.

"I've got to quickly clean up this side too."

Since my skill, [Threaded Think], only splits my thinking by multi-threading instead of like having several brains at once--in short, it's only at the level of an [expert of dividing works], it's not possible for me to do several things with a large burden like searching the map and using advanced magic at once.

『Master! It seems Pochi is outside Seryuu City!』

Arisa reached me with [World Phone].
She's like a windfall, I tell her the situation.

Meanwhile, I transform to Hero Nanashi figure and fly in the sky.
I lock on the krakens that come into my field of view with advanced force magic [<<Multiple Javelins>>], but the processing time is a bit slower than usual.

『Open a gate near Pochi, and bring Liza and Tama with you to retrieve Pochi and everyone around!!』
『Okay, I got it!』

Arisa willingly consented my instruction.
I recalled my worry hearing her somewhat high spirited voice, so I give her a warning.

『Arisa, I think you understand already--』
『Of course! It's fine, leave it to me.』

The Sea King's giant sea spear came flying during that time, so I smashed it with [Break Magic].

--Ge geh.

The [Giant Sea Spear] that got its structure destroyed changes into a mass of ocean water and pours down to the ground.
I frantically stretch [Magic Hand] and store the ocean water into my storage.

Arisa cut off the communication during that time.

I'm a bit worried if she's going to be okay, but let's trust Arisa here.

I release [<<Multiple Javelin>>] that have finished locking-on.
Now all the enemy besides the Seas King should have died off.

Since there's a tanned girl and a white skinned girl stuck on the Sea King's forehead, I can't eliminate it before rescuing them.

It seems a level 82 monster called [Flame King] has invaded the neighboring country while a Roc called [Sky King] is raiding the islands of sugar road.
These Flame King and Sky King seem to be familiars of [Dog-head Demon Lord] just like the Sea King below me.

Good grief, please don't leave these kinds of troublesome legacies behind.

While evading the train-sized arms of the Sea King, I go in to save the girls on its forehead.
The tanned girl is of an unusual race called [Half-Ghost], while the white skinned one seems to be a [Homonculus] like Nana.
I hurry on to save them while averting my eyes from the demonic breasts of the tanned girl that can even compare to Lady Karina's.

◇Weasel Empire◇

"Ja-jaan! Arisa-chan arrives!"

The one who appeared from the crack in space is a little girl donning golden armor with a red mantle.
It seems she doesn't have any intention of using her temporary name, Golden Knight Red.

"Arisa! Nanodesu!"
"We've come to pick Pochi up!"

The shock absorber installed on Arisa's golden armor softly received the full body hug of Pochi.

"--Arara? The situation seems chaotic isn't it?"

Arisa who's hugging Pochi knitted her brow looking at the surroundings.

"Forgive me, Nanashi--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord who saw Arisa muttered in his mouth.

"Little girl, look at the eastern ground."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord pointed at the shining yellow giant.


When Arisa saw the shining yellow giant, fighting spirit boiled from within her.
Even though she's not using her Unique Skill, her golden armor is tinged with purple phosphoresce.


Hero Meiko is going to attack Arisa who's overflowing with purple aura.

"Nin nin~?"

Golden Knight Pink, Ninja Tama appeared from Arisa's shadow and evaded Hero Meiko's slashing attack with cast-off no jutsu.
No one in this place questioned the origin of the slashed large tree.

"It appears you are a hero, but if you're going to harm Golden Knight Red, we will keep you company."

Golden Knight Orange Liza who appeared after Ninja Tama said that while taking a stance with her white dragon spear.
It seems the girls who have teleported to the Weasel Empire are equipped with the highest level of equipment that they've been bestowed.

"Liza-san, please take care of that rampaging hero. I'll be that guy's opponent."
"That guy's an enemy! I absolutely must defeat it!!"

Arisa who was pointing at the yellow giant--God Zaikuon, raised her visor and shouted.

"However, master ordered us to go back once we retrieved Pochi--"

The two's conversation was cut off by the assaulting Hero Meiko.

"He might be wounded all over and dying, but that guy (God Zaikuon) is strong y'know? Even demon lords banding together weren't a match for him."
"How cowardly. Leave that guy to me."

Arisa grins and laughs.
A smile unsuited for the jovial Arisa.

"It's fine, it's fine. I also remember a promise I made when I was reincarnated."

It appears some kind of sealed memory resurfaced after she saw God Zaikuon.

"I'll show you the things made by our cheat Master when he goes all-out."

After saying that, Arisa flies in the sky with the support of her golden armor.

"Storage Dimension Release! Deploy Staff Warship!"
『Yes My Lady. Dimension Lock Release.』

The armor responded to Arisa and then the space behind her cracked.
From there, a golden staff in the shape of a spaceship appeared.

"Main Staff, boarding."
『Yes My Lady. Open Canopy.』

After Arisa said that while taking a strange pose, she disappeared before the Great Weasel Demon Lord and got on board the whole upper part of the Staff Warship that acts as a cockpit.

"Chanting support mode, set the power to the maximum."
『Aye Aye Ma'am. Transform Staff Ship.』

The bow separates, changing the ship's shape to look like a catamaran.
The 1024 Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces inside the ship go into full operation all at once, the warship's bow gets clad in blue light.

The yellow giant afar rises and looks at the airship, it seems that it has sensed the enormous magic power.

"You're far too late to notice now--『Over Boost』"

Arisa's body is wrapped in purple aura, that light also covers the whole Staff Warship.

"Because! My cheat isn't only the equipment! <<First Aria>>!"

Responding to Arisa's shout, one magic circle materializes on the warship's bow.
Apparently, she used an advanced space magic chantlessly.

Normally, [Over Boost] is a Unique Skill that makes the user put all their magic power into the next magic and make them helpless after the use, but with the Staff Warship taking over that burden, that risk has been canceled off.

The Sacred Tree Stone Furnaces that have used up its Sacred Tree Stones all at once are loaded up with the next rounds of Sacred Tree Stones.

Arisa uses [Over Boost] once again.

"<<Second Aria>>!"

The second magic circle materializes, the blue magic circle turns into purple.

"I've still got more, <<Third Aria>>! <<Fourth Aria>>!"

She chants advanced space magic one after another while overlapping them with her Unique Skill.
The Staff Warship is wrapped in purple aura.


Due to the excessive overuse of many [Over Boost], an unusual phenomenon happened to Arisa's body under her armor.
Arisa's double teeth grow a little, purple gem-shaped lines begin to surface on her body.
Raka Clone that detected the state of emergency is trying to send an emergency call, but that fails to transpire in this space where communication is obstructed.

The yellow giant who sensed the danger stepped forward staggeringly.

"N-not yet! Arisa-chan won't lose to this little pain! <<Fifth Aria>>, <<Sixth Aria>>--"

The beastkin girls who are fighting the rampaging Hero Meiko look up at the Staff Warship Arisa is riding worryingly.
The three beastkin girls are clearly stronger than Hero Meiko, but honoring their master's non-killing policy, they're unable to settle the match.

"--<<Seventh Aria>>, Merge Magic"

Arisa uttered that while having a dark laugh, and then the seven magic circles merge into one.
It appears she made chantlessly casting forbidden spell that should have been impossible to become a reality by chantlessly casting seven parts of advanced space magic spells.

"Now, die once again--"

The yellow giant creates multi layers of light shields in front of it.
Shields that it didn't use in its fight against the demon lord.

It shows how dangerous Arisa's attack is.

And then, the third purple light flows.

--Never Give Up.

A Unique Skill for the sake of defeating a superior enemy.

"Forbidden spell of space magic--『Mythology Down』"

A torrent of purple golden light are shot from the Staff Warship's bow.


Arisa fires the magic while enduring the enormous magic power flowing in her body.

The distorted purple golden light reaches God Zaikuon while erasing everything in its path.
The yellow and purple golden lights clashed for an instant before the shields of yellow light were broken.

The light not only overruns the Material Plane but also the surrounding Ethereal Plane, and finally arrives at the sub-space where the God's substance rests.


The God's scream echoes in the whitened earth.

The God's arms break, its legs are blown off and fall to the ground.

"A-a lone human winning against God!!!"

Seeing that scene, the Great Weasel Demon Lord shouted in surprise.


Liza was looking at the Staff Warship whose first half has melted and ceased functioning.
Still, thanks to the overprotective design of the girls' master, the cockpit where Arisa resides is completely flawless.

Arisa who's safe inside the cockpit stares up at the sky while leaning her body on the cockpit's seat without confirming the result of her attack.

"The sky is--"

The scene of clouds getting parted and a ring of light appearing from there are reflected on Arisa's eyes.

"--I'd only take wanko soba for the second helping please."

Arisa's hidden muttering reached no one's ear.

Even after receiving the barrage of dragon's fangs land mine and the anti-god magic, [Mythology Down] that Arisa used, the yellow giant, God Zaikuon still survives.

The yellow giant wrapped in light is flickering like it's at the end of its life.
Were it received several more attacks of the same scale, even a God would probably perish.

But the ring of light that broke through the cloudy sky overturned that.

Six multi-colored orbs of light are floating on the ring of light, a belt of light that materializes from that ring pulls the body of God Zaikuon to itself like the tractor beam from science fiction.

Several of the surviving demon lords tried to attack God Zaikuon with long-ranged attacks, but the cocoon-like light covering God Zaikuon thwarted them all.

God Zaikuon that arrived at the ring turned into an orb of light.

The seven orbs of light slowly begin to rotate on the ring, and then, the surrounding clouds are dyed with richly colored lights.

"As I thought, those light orbs are Gods--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord couldn't finish his muttering.

A pillar of light released by the whirlpool of light turns the Weasel Empire into a deep deep crater, that forces spreads  unstoppably to the whole of Weasel Empire, changing everything into a wasteland.

That day, the weasel empire was erased from the continent.

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