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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-39

15-39. Divine Punishment (8), Dog Hero Pochi


※This time it's not from Satou's perspective

"Choiyaa, nanodesu!"

Blue and purple sparks dyed the battlefield.
Breaking through the reverberation of the distorted space, numerous holy swords assail the demon lord's sword arms.

Golden Knight Yellow and her split bodies unleashed a single blow on the sword demon lord, landing behind it.


The sword demon lord sets up the reverberation traps using Space Magic that Pochi and her split bodies ignored like a trick in front of them once again.

Her split bodies might have decreased, but there's still 47 of them remaining.

"This much is nothing nanodesu!"

Pochi and her split bodies accurately see through the space traps and annihilate them with their holy swords.

"It's father bought the sacrifice of 72 pudding-sans nodesuyo."

Pochi probably mistook [Chichikawareta (father bought)] for [Tsuchikawareta (As a result of)].
If this were a web novel, there's no doubt that comments correcting the typo would pour in like rain.

The desperate struggle against the purple haired girl, Arisa and her [Game of Tag] flashed in Pochi's mind.
Every time she lost a fight, her snacks and puddings were mercilessly taken.

"direct match DWEEDgozaru."

The sword demon lord's arms increased to six, each arms held a different weapon.

"Yes, nanodesu."

Together with the 47 split bodies, she shifts to close combat against the sword demon lord.
It's a high speed battle that no ordinary human can see.

The split bodies disappear one after another, but each of them damaged the sword demon lord.

"Uwaa, I can't move well."

Hero Meiko also wanted to participate in the battle, but she couldn't get used to her tripled stats and fell to the ground many times.

"Ugege, watch out you."

Hero Meiko futilely shouted while evading the raining Magic Edge Cannons and the sword demon lord's flame bullets with her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility].

"Uwawa, nanodesu."
"emperor DWEEDgozaru."

The Great Demon Lord who had lost its lower body was blown to between the two who were fighting fiercely.

"The big meat-san came nodesu."

Pochi who had lost a lot of calorie from the high speed battle licked her lip under the helmet.

The blown salt disappeared, the intellectual eyes of the Great Weasel Demon Lord look at Pochi from below.

"Golden armor...."
"Meat-san talked nodesu!"

Pochi was surprised.

"Are you an attendant of Hero Nanashi?"
"Yes nanodesu! Pochi is Master's sword, Golden Knight Yellow nanodesu!"
"Is that right."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord partly closed his eyes after hearing Pochi's answer.


Hero Meiko wrapped in blue light is about to cut the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

A clear sound echoed in the battlefield, purple and blue light shined on the Great Demon Lord's body.
The sword demon lord intercepted her holy sword.

"Tsk, you glittering little thing over there! Hold back the sword demon lord properly!"
"Pochi is troubled if you tell her that nodesu. Please wait a bit nodesuyo."

The troubled Pochi's ears flopped down under the helmet at Hero Meiko's unreasonable demand.

"Mou, you're useless!"

Receiving fierce attacks from the sword demon lord, Hero Meiko separates away from Pochi.

"Is weasel-san a demon lord person nodesu?"
"Umu, I'm the Great Weasel Demon Lord."
"Are you a bad demon lord nanodesu? Master told Pochi not to fight good demon lords nodesu."
"Like I said! Bad demon lord's friends are all bad people!"

Hero Meiko who had come nearby interfered Pochi's question.

"It's as that girl has said, demon lords are evil from Gods and Heroes's perspective."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord addressed Pochi's question with a quiet voice.

"However, good and evil depend on your viewpoint. From the perspective of people who rebel against the Gods that restrain people's growth and happiness, we are the light of hope."
"Hahn! No matter how many sophism you spin, you're the bad one here for breaking the rule of this world!"

Hero Meiko shouted while fighting the sword demon lord.
It's as if this is an anime or manga, but her ears probably also got improved from the tripled stats.


The sword demon lord caught up with her, and they parted away from the two again.

"Pochi doesn't really understand if it's too difficult nodesu."
"I see--."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord closed his eyes while regenerating his lower body.

"Then let me say this. I bear no hostility towards Hero Nanashi. Although we cannot be called friends, we're like acquaintances."
"You know Master nodesu? Then Pochi won't fight nodesu."
"Is that right, that is most excellent--it's about time."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord turns his head.
His eyes were looking at the last demon lord that was blown away to the horizon as the yellow giant arrived at the center of the palace.

The yellow giant that arrived at the ruined palace repeatedly hit the ground with both its arms.

"It's like a child throwing a tantrum."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord that has finished regenerating his lower body stands up.

"What's the yellow person doing nodesu?"
"There is something that guy seeks below that place."
"A big meat nanodesu?"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord pleasantly laughed at Pochi's words full of her appetite.

"That guy wants only one thing. Depriving the 『Dragon's Vein Connection』 that Troll Demon Lord has."
"Dragon's Vein, nanodesu?"

Pochi tilts her head, she's heard the words somewhere before.

....Unfortunately, it seems she can't recall it.

"It's an authority that the Dragon God had only ever given to one god; the Demon God once."
"That's amazing nodesu."

The Great Demon Lord talked while putting up a mysterious air, but Pochi responded randomly with a low tension voice.

Getting whatever response after especially talking about the secret like that, the Great Demon Lord tasted the feeling of letdown.
If his subordinates were to saw his slightly pitiful face, they would likely think that it was rare.

A flash-like small light wraps the yellow giant.

"It's coming--if you have a way to defend yourself, use it. If you don't, hide behind my body."
"Why nanodesu?"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord moves to cover Pochi behind his back.
Apparently, he's taken a liking to the pure Pochi.

"Explosions that will shake the earth are coming."
"That's terrible nanodesu!"

It's as if Pochi's surprise was the switch as several flashes ran through center of the yellow giant--God Zaikuon, thunderous roars erased the surrounding sounds.
Most of the forces and the explosions were directed right above the yellow giant, but they were strong enough to blow away every salt buildings around.


White pebbles broke through the purple light defending the Great Weasel Demon Lord, Pochi who was being covered behind him jumped to his side.

"Weasel person is in danger nodesu! 『Phalanxusu~』」

Pochi climbed on the giant body of the Great Weasel Demon Lord, and then she stretched her short arms and spread open the disposable defensive shield, Phalanx.
Even only for a short time, this can actualize the same defensive power as the later model of Castle that Golden Knight White Nana has.

"Auch, nanodesu."

However, the white pebbles broke through that impregnable defense.
It's the same white splinters that pierced through the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

Pochi who slipped off the Great Weasel Demon Lord, flicked away a white splinter that pierced through the demon lord with holy sword Durandal.

"Awawa, the holy sword broke nodesu."
"Conceal yourself behind my body obediently, there's only a few of them but those are the splinters of Dragon Fangs--the ultimate weapon that pierces even God."

While saying that, the Great Weasel Demon Lord increased the thickness of his purple aura.

Intermittent sounds of explosions are still continuing even now, the white Imperial Capital seen from behind the Great Weasel Demon Lord is hidden by horrible salt and soil smoke.

"Alright then nanodesu!"

Pochi hit on a good idea hearing the Great Weasel Demon Lord, she dropped the holy sword and put her hand inside the Golden Armor's storing pocket.
A white splinter that pierced through the Great Weasel Demon Lord's body was flicked away by the white sword that Pochi took out.

"This time Pochi will protect you nodesu!"

The Phalanx that has lost its effect disappears in front of Pochi who goes around in front of the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

With a speed that can't be seen with naked eyes, Pochi intercepts the white buckshots that are coming flying faster than the speed of sound.

"Don't tell me that's a Dragon Fang Sword--"

The Great Weasel Demon Lord muttered.

It's as he's guessed, the sword Pochi uses, Dragon Fang Sword--is a sword made from a lesser dragon fang created by the Ancient Dragon using Primeval Magic.
It can be said to be the completed form of the swords used by the Empire's Temple Knights.

"Uoryaa, nanodesu."

With spirited yells, Pochi intercepted all the shots.

"It didn't die even after getting hit by that directly huh...."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord is looking at the yellow giant bending down on the ground of the imperial palace's remain.
Even though the yellow light has weakened like it's going to disappear, it continues to pulse as if asserting its life force.

"We'd probably win if we had several more shots of that, but I cannot ask for too much."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord stands up while bleeding out.

"You shouldn't move nanodesu! You're hurt all over nodesuyo!"

Seeing the gushing blood, Pochi rummages through the Golden Armor's pocket in panic.
She finally found the health recovery magic potion and generously use it on the Great Weasel Demon Lord's wounds.

The magic potion showed its effect before long, the bleeding stopped.

"Thank you. Little hero."
"Yes nanodesu. But, Pochi is not a hero, she's Golden Knight Yellow nodesuyo?"
"Is that so, pure one. I will carve that name on my soul, Golden Knight Yellow, Pochi."

Pochi panicked when she heard that.

"Pochi's name is a secret nanodesu! Being known is bad nanodesuyo."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord laughs happily.

"Then I will keep that name a secret. I vow to never speak of it to anyone."
"Thank you nanodesu."


The sword demon lord who's bleeding all over landed beside the Great Weasel Demon Lord.
Only one of its six arms remains.

"There's blood all over nanodesu.... But, there's no more magic potion nodesu."

Pochi shoved her hand in the Golden Armor Pocket and got flustered.
Her figure looks like a certain panic-prone cat robot.

"Don't worry, the bleeding has already stopped."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord puts his giant paw on top of Pochi who's on the verge of tears.

"Besides, I only need to give the decisive blow on that guy next."

The gentle eyes of the Great Weasel Demon Lord sharply changed the moment they turned at the yellow giant, like he was a different person.

"Wa it! De mon, lord...."

Pushing through the salt ground, Hero Meiko who looked like a ghost stood up.
Apparently, she also survived the attack earlier by continuously using her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility].

However, that required a great compensation--.

"The hero girl is in tatter nanodesu!"

--Blue lines emerge on Hero Meiko's body, blue lights are leaking from her mouth and eyes, just like how she was before drinking Pochi's potion.

"de, mon lord..... DEMONLOOOOOOOOORD"

Hero Meiko screamed and then blue light are emitting furiously from the lines and holes on her body.

"Fallen hero huh--how pitiful."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord quietly muttered.

"Awawa, something's bad with hero girl nanodesu."

Pochi doesn't know what to do, and the fact that she can't ask help from her master Satou and her comrades makes her restless.
Even though she knows how to fight, she's still a little child who lacks experience, so it's understandable.

"Parion's heroes won't become demon lords even if their Soul Vessel is broken."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord gave a signal to the sword demon lord to lead Hero Meiko to the other side of the battlefield.

"The vessel of a fallen hero is completely broken, they change into a hunting machine that will continue to hunt demon lords until they breathe their last. Any kind of healing magic no longer works on them."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord is looking at Hero Meiko who's destroying the sword demon lord without being afraid of getting injured.
Pochi looks at the rampaging Hero Meiko while crying and shouting.

"Pochi, Pochi couldn't do anything at all nodesu."

She's exhausted all her medicines, and she can't communicate with her master and comrades.
Pochi was at a loss.

That cannot be helped.
In a world where it's common to lose your life to the unreasonable violences, her master prioritized to make her learn the way to survive.

Even though that sacrificed everything else, the fact that she's able to survive in a battlefield where demon lords and God are rampaging in just less than two years is a proof of the success of that objective.

If we're talking game-like, I guess it's the result of putting all growth points toward combat-oriented abilities?

"If you can't do anything, then do not ever forget that chagrin."

The Great Weasel Demon Lord who's overlooking Pochi gives an advice.

"And learn."

With tears in the corners of her eyes, Pochi looks up at the Great Weasel Demon Lord.

"In order to catch up with your ideal self someday...."
"Yes nanodesu."

One feeling buds inside Pochi who's clenching her fists.
Whether that withers or grows into a great tree depends on her own will and supports from her surroundings.

Pochi is looking up at the Great Weasel Demon Lord with eyes full of determination.

And then--.

As if waiting for that, the space beside Pochi broke like it was made of glass.

And the one who emerged from there was--.

※ Next update is planned for 1/15.

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