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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.4


"I too learned great many things from those books as well. I see. So those research were done by your father."

"Having Guide Skalabel said that about his research would surely bring delight to my father in the afterlife."

"So, Norma-dono. Is there any other research left behind by your father?"

"There is a mountain heap of them, Amamir-sama."


"He has written addendum to each 『Research on Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Medical Herb Study』. In addition, we have books that delves deeper in the subject of Medical Herb Study, 『Main Discourse to Medical Herb Study』. My father only got to write until the fifth volume in his lifetime, but I have managed to somehow completed them by looking at the memo he left behind."


"In addition to that, there is about ten research theses, and around a hundred short articles and research notes."

"My, my goodness. Could you, would you let me take a look at them."

"Of course, please feel free to. I unfortunately cannot lend them out, but I would be happy to let a transcriber copy them for you."

"Oh yes, please I'd love to. Ah, to think I get to read Sasfrey-dono's research. This Vouka town must have been blessed by God of Medicine."

Once the tea time was over, Skalabel ordered his pupil

"Now then, Amamir. Could you take that out."

"Yes. Right away."

Priest Amamir signaled to a young apothecary standing behind, prompting that apothecary to hand over a fine leather-covered file. Amamir took that and submitted it before Shira.

"Master. Please accept that list of names. Written in there is my pupils and the pupils of my pupils, as well as their whereabouts and activities. It's a register of your grand pupils and great grand pupils."

It's like a proof of Shira's knowledge and skill having been spread all over the country, helping people's lives. Shira flipped over the file before handing it to Lecan. Lecan put away that register in <Storage>.

"I see quite a lot of apothecaries there. You must have worked really hard, didn't you."

"Master. It is all the fruit of your labor. Could you also take a look at this."

Skalabel took a small folded cloth from his pocket before unfolding it.

There's a pill on it.
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(That's a Stamina Restorative.)

Shira took it, brought it closer to eye level and closely inspected it.

Lecan may have the skill to make highly effective medicine, but he has no way of knowing the composition, production method and efficacy of a medicine just by looking at it. Hence he has no idea how good a medicine is just by looking. And yet, he could still tell that the pill was no ordinary medicine.

"Hmmm. Splendid. This should hold its efficacy for four to five months. And it's nice how the efficacy isn't overdone. Those of old ages with little stamina can take this pill without experiencing side effects. Skalabel. You've really studied well, haven't you."

"Yes master."

"And I really like how it's made up of easily obtainable herbs. The production process doesn't demand much precision either. It's a medicine anyone can make if they just learn to. I see. So this is the path lil'boy has taken."

"Aah. Hearing those words from you master makes all the sufferings this Skalabel has gone through very much worth it."

"Quit it with that exaggerated speak. And besides. Apothecaries'd better not say how much they suffer or go through hardship out loud. All the things you've painstakingly built up would fly off your mouth if you do, see."

"Yes master. I beg your forgiveness."

"I'm telling you to quit with that speech."

Two young apothecaries standing behind move their pens busily. They're writing down everything on the paper on their hand while standing. Apparently they intend to record all conversations that transpire in this room. They're using the same curious ink-less pens Heles used.

"Well then Master, would you be willing to receive the gift I am presenting you?"

"Ah, <Purification> is it? Well, since you've come all the way here, I suppose I'd take it."

Lecan was taken aback.

Shira intends to take on <Purification> head-on.

She's gonna get erased if she takes it. After all Shira is an undead. An existence that violates this world's providence.

Shira supposedly has no other weaknesses besides <Purification>.

Despite Lecan's worries, Skalabel stood up and took his wand.

Shira is sitting calmly on her sofa.

Skalabel readied his wand.


Lecan thought of putting up a <Barrier> for a moment there.

However, the <Purification> had been cast by that point.

There was no preliminary casting. <Recovery> and <Purification> are magic that oftentimes get cast spontaneously by chance in the first place, and Skalabel is Shira's pupil, so it's actually only natural that he doesn't need preliminary casting.

Skalabel's <Purification> was of a bluish argent color than blue.

A brilliant sphere floating up ahead of his wand instantly swelled up to around half of Lecan's volume before covering the upper half of Shira's body.



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