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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.11


"Fumu. Making Eda and Norma as Shira-sama's caretakers, you say? However, we have already prepared people to serve that role on our side."

"Those people must be good at reacting to her needs anytime anywhere, preparing her bath and sorting out garbage."

"Of course."

"Will those people brew tea for Shira."

"Naturally, we will dispatch someone who can brew the finest tea."

"Shira does not drink tea others brewed. She brews one herself."


"And besides, Shira dislikes having strangers around her. Especially when she's asleep."

"Caretakers are no strangers."

"That's your preconception."

"That's, you may be right."

Lecan noticed something while he was having a talk with Crimus.

And he was angry at himself for not realizing it until now.

Shira may look like an elderly lady outwardly, but her real body is that of a 18 year old woman.

She's made herself looks like a granny by sight.

But what if someone touched her.

They might find out that she has a youthful body.

"And also. Shira loathes to have another touches her."


"If anyone attempted to forcefully touch her, she'd storm off in anger, likely never coming back."

"My goodness. I had no idea she was that eccentric."

"She's not your ordinary person which afforded her to act extraordinarily."

"That does sound plausible. I suppose that's how it is."

"Hence, no one besides Eda or Norma can take care of her in person."

"It cannot be helped. Well, Eda is undoubtedly the best <Recovery> user in this town, and I'm also aware how excellent a medical practitioner Norma is. I had no idea that she was an acquaintance of Shira-sama however."

"The one who picked Norma as the one for me and Eda to learn the usage of <Recovery> under was none other than Shira. That's how much she trusts and respects Norma."

"Ah, so that's how it went. Then that resulted in Eda giving treatment at Norma's place. I see now."
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Crimus sighed out.

"I take it Sushana was not to your liking then."

"I'm grateful of you holding me in such high esteem."


"However, us adventurers live in a different world. I hate being bound above everything else. Forgive me if you find that offensive."

"Hahaha. It was worth it just to hear that from you. But well. Sushana will definitely cry."


"The one who proposed this idea was Sushana herself."

"What did you say."

"You were the heaven-sent <knight riding on a winged horse> who saved her from her sufferings. She had been yearning for you ever since."

"I don't get it."

"It's a maiden's dream."

"My face and figure should look scary to little girls."

"They're scary to adult men too."

"Am I supposed to laugh here?"

"You're even scarier laughing though."

"But does that mean Sushana knew about me quite early on?"

"I could not possibly not talk about the matter with Chaney once that girl was lifted off her curse. Not even the biggest merchants at the Capital can just casually obtain a <God Cure> whenever they need one. So Sushana wanted to thank Chaney herself."

"I see."

"And Chaney narrated a story straight out of a fairytale about an adventurer that made it sound like he was a knight sent by heavens to help god guide him."

"I got it."

"That adventurer easily cut down a hundred magic beasts, inferred four assassins carrying peculiar weapons and defeated them all by himself, and in the end, he got up through sheer avenging spirit alone even after he got betrayed by an ally and knocked that traitor down, bringing victory."

"Hou. Pretty amazing that guy."

"Sushana was convinced that you were a hero of unparalleled caliber. In reality, you are indeed amazing. It took me quite some time before I recognized that. In a way, Sushana has got her conviction right."


"However, I personally was amazed more by Chaney. His fortune of getting his hand on a <God Cure> and even drew the winning lottery in you. That was the resolve I needed to remove Zack from this town."

"At that time, Zack was one of the leading purveyor of this town lord's family huh."

"Before we knew it, merchants under Zack's control had slipped in and spread their influence far and wide. I had no way to prevent Zaikaz Company from taking root here. To be frank with you, I had steeled myself to surrender this town to Kogurus when Zack himself came by this town. I was worried about Chaney's safety as well. I had no choice but to name his successor as the leading purveyor in order to protect him."

"But you bet on Chaney."

"That I did. Moreover, considering Zack's age."


"Trying to snatch goods away by sending assassins and traitors, then another attempt to rob dungeon items by employing three powerful adventurers, it's all too candid. And they failed anyway in the end, exposing his scheme, resulting in him and his stores getting expunged from this town. I believe that was a sign of him losing his composure due to advanced age."

"I see."

"The man is not long for this world. That's when the real battle begins."


"I went to see Shira-sama yesterday."


Which means, he did so after Lecan went home.

"I bowed my head, pleading her to please stay in the guest house during guide Skalabel's visit."

"What did she tell you."

"She agreed to it."


"'I owe this town a lot, I don't mind helping you save face, but only this once'. She told me."

(I knew it, Shira, she's.)

(Planning to vanish from this town once this is all over.)

"Going there myself must be what did the trick."

"Must be."

"And now my biggest worry is no more."

"Is that why you're looking well today."

"That may be it."



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