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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.4


"Hey there, Lecan. Thanks for coming."


Surprisingly, Vouka town lord Crimus Ulban didn't show any sign of anger or contempt toward Lecan.

You could even say that he looks to be in a very good mood if you see past his originally stern face. Though even that good mood face couldn't hide his visible fatigue.

"I've thought long and hard about what you told me the other day. I've come to the conclusion that I have to talk to Shira-sama directly and beg her to live at the guest house during guide Skalabel's stay."


Lecan was surprised.

The way he said it implies the town lord himself plans to visit Shira's house. He must be awfully busy, and a town lord going out of his way to  visit a commoner's dilapidated house situated at a lower class district must require quite a courageous resolve.

"I will not be sure if she would agree to my plea until then, but we have to advance the preparations under the assumption of Shira-sama giving her approval regardless."

"No surprise there."

"That's where you come in."

"What about me."

"I'd like you to also stay at this mansion during Shira-sama's stay at the guest house and act as her bodyguard as well as chaperon."


"Ordinarily, we would like you to stay at the guest house as well, but even the first class priest coming from the royal capital won't be able to stay there."

Only Guide Skalabel, Shira and their personal attendants can stay at the small hastily made guest house. It also partly serves as safety measures.

"Is there a need for me to stay here?

"Shira-sama might need someone to do something for her at midnight or early in the morning. On daytime too naturally. Maybe she would want to fetch something from this mansion, or maybe she would need an assistant during a talk between apothecaries, we have to take such possibilities into account. The only persons who could act as both Shira-sama's helper and bodyguard are Nike and you."

"Sounds about right."

As Shira won't be working as an apothecary, she won't be needing a helper this time around.

And that fearsome granny needs not guards. In fact, the bodyguard could be the one in danger instead if they stick some random oddball to her. But Lecan can't exactly tell that to the town lord.

"But I have no clue where Nike is."

"Well, yes that's understandable."

Lecan actually knows, but since it's impossible for Shira and Nike to be present at the same time in the same spot, Nike can't be her chaperon.

"That is why we need you to. Will you accept it?"
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"I got it."

"Oohh. That's a great help."

To be honest, it's a bother to Lecan.

Staying at the townlord's mansion means having to deal with the bothersome guide Skalabel, as well as a tiresome group of people from the royal capital.

That said, he planned to visit Shira once a day anyway, so this only made it into a stay instead.

Above all, he said some terrible things to Crimus. And yet, Crimus acted like he had accepted the fault lay on his side. Frankly, Lecan felt like it was his loss here.

It's not like it's an impossible request anyway. No choice but to accept it, thought Lecan. But it's a bit embarrassing to just give the OK so readily, thus he opted to say something slightly boneheaded.

"You're not gonna tell me I can't drink booze at night, are you?"

The town lord grinned.

"Ooh. We'll have the best liquor available. Drink as much as you want so long as it doesn't hinder your duty. I shall leave that to your own discretion. We will have snacks prepared as well."

Lecan involuntarily grinned as well.

Crimus laughed at that.

This is completely Crimus's triumph.

Lecan lost, but it didn't feel bad.

His murky feelings have been blown away.

If this is the so-called town lord's magnanimosity, then Crimus is quite a capable town lord indeed.

"To tell you the truth, guide Skalabel will be coming with more people than initially planned. Quite a pickle."

"Hou. How many more are there now?"

"The number of attendants accompanying the guide haven't increased, but in exchange, a priestess, the vice temple head of Ceres All Temple will come with him now. "

"Hou. A high-ranking priestess huh. Sounds troublesome."

"It is troublesome. And for the priests, what was originally 20 people is now 24. This is still within our calculations however."


"The problem is the escorts. Including the planned group of royal knights, the vice commander-dono will accompany them as well now."

"What's the issue with one additional guy."

"Listen here now, Lecan. Vice commander of the Royal Knights are traditionally handpicked from a member of Viscount Houses. Even the vice commander-dono who came here the last time was a member of Kacchini house."

"Kacchini House?"

"Zaifad Kacchini-sama!"

"Ah, that was the name yeah."

"The vice commander coming this time is called Neisan Aspell. He's a young man of Viscount Aspell House, he will be staying here during the visit. We have to prepare a room befitting of his stature. In addition to that, a vice commander of the Royal Mage will be coming as well. Also hailing from a high-ranking noble house."

Crimus sighed.

"Now then, let's have a look at the room we have prepared for you. Tell me anything you find lacking. We'll do our best to accommodate."

Crimus stood up and walked out of the room thus Lecan had no choice but to follow him.

He was led quite deep inside.

(Isn't this an area reserved for the town lord's family?)

Just when he thought he would be led to the second floor, Crimus turned and brought him to a single-story building facing the garden outside.

The roof and the ridge is connected to the mansion the town lord's family lives at, it's an old but well built building.

Most importantly, as it's positioned right behind the guest house, he can quickly run there if anything happens. Entrusting this place to Lecan despite the fact that the knights and temple knights from the capital are coming is Crimus's sign of trust to Lecan.

Lecan isn't a man ignorant of such gesture.

(Return trust with trust.)

(Though it's a pain in the rear.)

(I'll be sure to fulfill my duty as guard.)

What he thought was a mopey wolf turned out to be an excellent town lord in Crimus.

"I'm sorry but this building has no keys."

"No worries."

They entered a spacious living room.

With a luxurious sofa. There's a writing desk and even shelves with expensive looking liquor lined up.

Tens of books have been arranged on the bookshelves. There's also a map-looking object.

The walls are plastered with weapons such as spears, and war axes, but there's also an open space to put swords on.

Checking with <3D Perceptions>, the next room is a bedroom that also serves as a changing room. The closet has several changes of clothings inside. The bed is really big.

In the back was a bathroom.

Though there's no kitchen for cooking meals, there is a cookhouse to prepare and wash tea set.

Next to it is a small living room and a huge bedroom, with yet another big bed and a cosmetic table. It's also got a bathroom.

And then there's a small room that's obviously for employees adjacent to it.

"Fumu. It's a nice room."

"I'm glad you like it. Ah, you can enter now."

A young lady came in pushing a tea wagon accompanied by a maid.

This young lady's hair shines a brilliant pink color.




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