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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.2


Skalabel continued his sobbing as if that noise never even entered his ears.

Shira too kept gently patting Skalabel without stopping.


Another priest standing next to the middle-aged priestess tried to calm her down. It's first class priest Amamir. The man who proclaimed himself as Skalabel's best pupil.

"H-how could! How could you, a pupil of the guide forgive such a sacrilegious act!"

Lecan glanced at the priestess before immediately turning away.

This time Lecan has resolved to only watch over things no matter what Skalabel's entourage say or do as long as it doesn't directly harm Shira and Lecan's group.

There's no need for him to butt in now that Shira herself has acknowledged Skalabel's visit. Shira has given up trying to lead a quiet peaceful life. Meaning there's no need to fuss over what these people say or do.

The only thing Lecan can do now is to not get in the way of Skalabel and Shira's conversation or let anyone do.

The priestess's words may have put a damper on this moving scene, but Lecan butting in here would only cause an even bigger uproar. Hence he's keeping to himself for now.

Priest Amamir remonstrated the priestess using gestures.

There's something else that bothers Lecan more than the priestess.

The knights, temple knights and mages.

He figured the escorts would be of a high level considering how important Skalabel is, but he never thought it would quite go this far.

All these knights are warriors of the highest caliber.

He likely won't lose in a one-on-one fight, but there's no telling what the outcome will be if he's up against two. Against three, Lecan probably has no chance.

The two temple knights wearing armor seem proficient with their swords, but their mana is quite something as well. In other word, they're magic swordsmen like Lecan.

The three mages' mana is astounding. In terms of mana pool, Lecan may surpass them a bit, but the honed mana cladding their body is nothing to scoff at.

The capital must be quite a force to be reckoned with if it's got these monsters prowling around.
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Skalabel eventually got up.

"O master. Allow me to introduce these people behind me. Besides the escort and priests dispatched by temples, all of them are my pupils. They are those who will carry on your will."

The town lord's butler bowed and introduced the visitors by names.

"Elex Temple's first class priest, Amamir Tarance-dono. "

"Elex Temple's third class priest, Kotojia-dono."

"Ceres Temple's All Vice Temple Marlia Fotos-dono."

The butler proceeded to refer other priests from each temples by name, followed by the names of 12 pupils of Skalabel. There are also nine priest apprentices accompanying them but they're not in this room right now.

Afterward, the escort group got introduced.

"Royal Knights Vice Commander Neisan Aspel."

"Royal Knights Fourth Division Captain Cazul Boruentin."

"Royal Knights Fourth Division Vice Captain Kera Nimus."

Along with them are also eight members of the Fourth Division, and 11 subordinate knights, but they aren't in this room.

"Royal Mages Vice Commander Roland Batt-dono."

"Royal Mages Member Hezmodemos-dono."

"Royal Mages Member Mankara-dono."

As they have no family names, they must be commoners. Lecan has no idea what kind of organization is Royal Mages, but these two must be those who climbed up this far through their ability. They have two other attendants outside.

"Temple knight Derston Barmoa-dono."

"Temple knight Zahad Etchika."

These two also have two attendants with them.

The butler bowed after naming the visiting entourage and introduced Shira's helpers next.

"Apothecary Lecan-dono."

"Medic Norma-dono."

"Medic Eda-dono."

Lecan didn't overlook priest Amamir putting on a shocked look on his face for a moment when Norma's name got called.

"And that concludes introductions of Skalabel-sama's companions and Shira-sama's helpers."

The butler nonchalantly continues on.

"Skalabel-sama, and Shira-sama, if you two would please transfer over to the guest house. Each side may have three helpers accompanying them as well as two record keepers. None of the guard is to be present there. We have prepared tea for good sirs and madams to enjoy in a separate room."

The butler bowed deeply and opened the door wide. Another shriek resounded just as Skalabel and Shira were about to move.

"Hold it right there! A historical talk between guide Skalabel and his master is going to take place! I and apothecaries from every temple have the obligation to oversee that. I demand a bigger assembly hall instead of a guest house to hold the conference at!"

This demand was directed toward Vouka's town lord Crimus Ulban who had been waiting outside the door to lead Skalabel and Shira to the guesthouse.

He looks resolute today as if his haggard state yesterday was but a dream.

Crimus gracefully bowed and spoke with his head still hanging down.

"Marlia Fotos-sama. Your demand has been heard. However, both the plan for guesthouse and numbers of attendants have been set upon by orders of His Excellency Prime Minister. It is done in consideration of Guide-sama's request as well as his condition. As for how Guide-sama chooses his attendants, that is outside of my power."

"That plan was formulated during the time we weren't sure if Guide's master was truly here! Thus I demand you, the one supervising the site to make an amend!"

Crimus remained silent while still bowing.



"Recall the words I spoke when you asked me to join this entourage. Do not in any way, shape, or form attempt to hinder my talk with Shira-sama."

"I swear I won't let anyone get in the way! So please let me be there too! It's my life's wish!"

"Will you not quietly watch over the last bit of happiness for this old body of mine."

"But! But!"

Another priestess wearing the same outfit soothed Marlia who started crying while shaking her head.

Skalabel urged Shira to leave the reception room, Lecan followed after them.




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