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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.3


That day, Lecan didn't manage to cast <Barrier>. He couldn't grasp the trick at all.

When he got back home tired, Eda was already there.

Then a visitor dropped by.

"Ah, Aira-san. Good afternoon. Oh wait, is it evening already."

"Good evening, Eda-san. Lecan-san too."


"Let me get you tea."

"Ah, no you don't need to. I have to get back to the association soon."

"Eh. You still have work?"

"We're at an all time busiest period right now. Also why we'd like to get some help from Lecan-san."

"I don't plan on taking any quest from the association right now."

"Presently, this town is seeing a boom in foot traffic, all kind of people are coming and going."

"I know."

"There are also many people going out for the highway construction. The guard corps have mobilized their entire manpower yet they still come out short on staff, and have turned to Adventurer's Association for help."

"Seems so."

"You were aware of it? Their job is mainly preserving public order and guarding every district. But trouble just keeps increasing."

Craftsmen have strong ego. Made even worse since they get excited when they're working. Same with workers in charge of transporting load. Limited space plus a huge traffic of carriages and workers naturally means lots of quarrels. It even turns into a huge brawl sometimes.

Leaving those alone would harm the town's peace, and craftsmen and workers getting injured would delay the construction work.

And craftsmen love booze. Craftsmen who are above a certain standing get to have advance payment. Naturally at night they'd take their subordinates out for drink.

People with bad temperament drinking at night after a hard day of laborious work, of course there would be disputes. This also invites quarrels, broken things and injured people.

Vouka Town has three guard commanders, each has 20 soldiers under them.

Commander Tesla takes charge of protecting the town lord's house, Commander Litton takes charge of public order inside town, and Commander Gobaz is in charge of the western and eastern gates' defense. The north and south gates are usually only used by Pats Village and Rumoi Village farmers, so only weaponless gatekeepers are stationed there.

Of course, that amount of manpower isn't enough to deal with daily disputes even in ordinary times. Thus they've appointed some citizens in every district as officials with a degree of discretionary power to deal with trouble, only having the guard corps dispatched for something out of hand.

But most of disputes happening right now are perpetrated by outsiders, so these officials have no authority over them.

Moreover, there are times when craftsmen and workers have to camp outside depending on the progress of the construction. In which case, they have to be accompanied by guards.

Even Tesla Unit has to forgo their duty protecting the town lord to endeavor out of town.

Litton Unit, being severely understaffed, has been borrowing half of Gobaz Unit men, but even that wasn't enough in the least. Gobaz Unit filled in the missing personnel with youngsters who have no battle experience.

Due to this situation, Vouka Town's adventurers, even the retired ones, are being mobilized to help in every part of the town.

"Umm. Maybe I could help?"
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"We'd like to. We'd really like it if Eda-san helped. But."

In fact, Eda has helped them before.

But when she tried to mediate a brawl, both parties would see her as nothing more than a young woman and completely ignore her. Strength-wise, even those big burly men are no match to her, but it's not like she can beat them up every single time.

She's also a first rate bodyguard if you take her combat prowess into account, but she unfortunately doesn't look the part. Craftsmen flew into rage when she was introduced as their bodyguard.

The one they need right now are scary-faced adventurers.

"And therefore, Scary-faced Lecan-san. Lend us a hand please."

"Not sure how you come to that conclusion, but no."

Aira went back to the association while being half-seriously in tears.

"Lecan. Don't you feel sorry for her?"

"One or two additional power won't make any difference in this situation."

"But like, Lecan alone is like having dozens of people helping."

During dinner, a messenger from town lord came for Lecan.

The town lord asked him to visit his mansion tomorrow.

Lecan gave his affirmation.

Lecan is a bit hesitant to proactively come there due to the way they parted ways the last time. But he doesn't mind going if it's the town lord asking for his presence.

Still, wonder what business he's got with him.

If it were an emergency, he would have been told to come right away even during dinner.

If it weren't, it should have been awkward for the town lord to call Lecan after what happened.

Lecan thought about it, but he couldn't come up with anything.

Imagining what other people think is not Lecan's strong point.

That night, the murky feeling in his chest wouldn't go away even after Eda cast <Purification> on him. He drank some strong booze before going to bed.




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