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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.3


Lecan sighed in relief once they got in the guesthouse's longue and closed the door.

The three mages aren't in the room.

One is standing by near the guesthouse's front door, the other two are outside.

What Lecan fears most is Shira's disguise getting seen through.

Her elderly lady form is likely a product of <Illusion> magic. Even if that's not the case, that form must be done through some sort of magic. Since Lecan's <3D Perceptions> clearly shows her youthful body.

Her disguising her real form itself is not that big an issue. Any great sage would do so if they wished to avoid attracting attentions.

The issue is that her physical age is that of a 18 year old woman. That's probably improbable even for Longlifers, which may lead to them finding out that Shira isn't human. That's, bad.

Shira herself is acting like usual, so all is probably under control, but Lecan could not help but worry about the glances those three mages were sending Shira.

The knights swiftly positioned themselves as well. As they knew about the guesthouse's layout and environs beforehand, they must have planned it.

One outside the lounge Lecan's group at, one in a waiting room next to the lounge, one at the front and back door of the guesthouse each, and then two in the vicinity.

As for the temple knights, one is outside the lounge, another is at the guesthouse's front door.

The three mages have begun circling the guesthouse in a group for some reason. Along with two other people with relatively weak mana. Must be their attendants.

The group sat on the sofa once they got in the lounge.

Shira is sitting in the center of the main seat, Lecan is next to her on the door side, while Eda and Norma on the other side.

At the center of the lower seat is Skalabel, next to him on the door side is Elex Temple priestess Kotojia, with priest Amamir and apothecary Cawin on the other side.

Both Skalabel's and Shira's companions introduced themselves once again. Amamir and Kotojia are among the most senior pupils of Skalabel, while Cawin is a promising youth in charge of taking care of Skalabel.

They were surprised when Shira introduced Lecan as her pupil in both magic and medicine making, and that he managed to master and finish both courses.

"I managed to finish my study somehow, but Winegem and Rokisimam never got theirs. Lecan-dono must be among Master's best pupils."

"You'd be my senior then. Glad I could meet you."
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"Hahaha. The same applies to me. It is truly a delight to see an able apothecary growing up under Master."

A maid went in the room pushing a cart. With tea brewing tools on it.

Shira left her seat and began brewing tea.

Amamir, Kotojia and Cawin looked perplexed, but Skalabel just watched over Shira brewing tea with a smile on his face.

Amamir talked to Norma.

"Pardon me, you are called Norma-dono, are you not."


"Do forgive me if I get it wrong, but do you happen to know anything about Sasfrey Wazrof-dono?"

"Sasfrey is my father. However, my father was not permitted to call himself a member of Wazrof House."

"What. He was your father? I see. So that's how it is."

"Is there something the matter with my father?"

"Are you familiar with the books, 『Research on Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Medical Herb Study』?"

"Ah. Those are books my father wrote. How did you know about that?"

"Are you aware that transcripts of both books were donated to the Main Ceres Temple in the capital?"

"No. This is the first I heard that. That means, it must be the books left at Mashajain."

"Those books were transcribed by a transcriber affiliated with Wazrof House, under order of Marquis Godfrey Wazrof."

"Eh. By that person?"

"It's such a wonderful research. I had my own copy transcribed after getting permission from Ceres Temple. Many times have I read them, and eventually I couldn't curb my curiosity any longer and went to visit Mashajain looking for other books by this researcher."

"Is that right."

"The previous head, Marquis Godfrey firmly told me that those books were written by his little brother, Sasfrey. However, Sasfrey has passed away. Mashajain house has no knowledge about his other research. 'You will likely find more by seeking medic Norma at Vouka town'. So they told me."

"Little brother. So the previous marquis called father his little brother, did he. Is that right."

"Here, have some tea to go with your conversation."

"T-thank you."

"Well well. Shira-sama. You're too kind."

"So Norma's father's books wound up at Ceres Temple, did they."

"That is indeed the case, Shira-sama. Ceres Main Temple bears the highest authority in regards to herbal and medicinal research in the capital. But as the content of these two books are several cuts above the rest, they have been concealed to all but very few individuals."

One question popped up in Lecan's head as he listened to the conversation between Amamir and Norma.

Why didn't Amamir say anything about Norma during his last visit.

Marquis Mashajain had told Amamir to go look for medic Norma at Vouka Town if he wanted to know more. Him coming to this town for a business must have been a once in a lifetime chance. He could have found out about Norma had he asked Lecan then.

And even though they had no time nor the mood to chat around merrily back then, he could have ordered someone in the entourage or even asked the town lord. Yet, he never mentioned anything about it to Crimus.

After thinking that far, Lecan realized something.

Amamir had a better method at his disposal. Ceres Temple. Amamir is a first class priest of capital Elex Temple, he also holds a high position in herbal and medicinal department. He must be quite influential and well connected with Ceres Temple. Naturally, Amamir must have asked Vouka's Ceres Temple to investigate a medic by the name Norma there.

Ceres Temple reported him about Norma. However, he had no idea that Norma was related to the House of Marquis Mashajain. Or perhaps the person who gave the reports purposely cut that information out. Thus why Amamir had no idea about Norma's family tie.

Getting in touch with Norma was probably one of Amamir's goals during this visit. And to his surprise, she showed up as one of Shira's companions.

Lecan's guess was mostly correct except for a few tidbits. Priest Amamir is an extremely busy individual, and even though investigating Sasfrey Wazrof's research was a big deal to him personally, its severity was not high enough. And Amamir wasn't originally going to accompany this entourage. Amamir was at a planning stage to ask Vouka Town's Ceres Temple to investigate Norma.




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