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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.5


The light sphere is barely transparent. Inside the bluish argent light sphere, only a colorless dim shadow of Shira's figure can be seen.

Skalabel is focusing on his magic while staring at that shadow.

Lecan experienced an indescribable feeling as he watched it unfolded.

Since we're talking about Shira here, she must have devised a way to defend against or some means to resist her weakness, <Purification>, she can't possibly be completely unprepared. She had more than 300 years to come up with one.

However, the <Purification> user this time around is Guide Skalabel, the best apothecary in this country.

He must be calmly analyzing how his magic is working right about now.

This elderly apothecary would know right away if his <Purification> got repelled or nullified.

No way would he overlook it if his <Purification> brought about even the slightest bit of destruction instead of healing either.

If that happens, he'd wonder just what in the world is Shira, a being that cannot take <Purification>.

What kind of being is Shira to have <Purification> damage her.

That'd be the beginning of the fall.

The bluish argent light sphere Skalabel created is slowly coming down Shira's body.

Skalabel's eyes are calm, filled with sagacity that definitely won't overlook the smallest thing.

His pupils are devotionally watching their master's craft as well. Their gazes stung Lecan. These pupils are also among the most dangerous individuals to Shira in this country.

In any case, Skalabel's <Purification> is tremendous.

The way its mana converges, and the density of its efficacy that could be felt from the light sphere is several levels above Eda.

If this is an advanced class <Purification> then Eda's would be beginner class.

He suddenly notices how Eda is intensely watching  Skalabel's magic. She must have found something that she could learn from it.

The light sphere eventually reached Shira's soles before quietly vanishing.

Skalabel put away his wand.

The sharpness in his eyes has disappeared, replaced with a slightly vacant look.

Just what is Skalabel thinking right now.

Did he notice something?

"That feels really nice. You have my thanks."

Skalabel bowed his head like he was startled.
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"Master. You are too kind."

"I'm really thankful that you went out of your way here to cast <Purification> on me."

"Your words are wasted on me."

"But Skalabel. There is no need for any more <Purification>. Understand?"

"Yes, Master. I understand."

Lecan had no clue what just occurred.

But Skalabel probably knows. And as a result Skalabel responded to Shira telling him to cast her no more <Purification> with 'I understand'.

(Just what's going on here?)

Skalabel closed his eyes, lost in thought for a while.

Lecan noticed just how white his skin is while watching that.

Unnaturally white. It is as if he's made of stalactite.

Skalabel moves very stiff as well. It might only be natural since he's more than a century old, it's as if his whole body has lost its softness. His expressions are stiff too.

Eventually Skalabel murmured.

"O Master. As of late, I have begun to harbor questions on many things. What is medicine. What is medical treatment. What is <Recovery>, <Purification>. O Master. How come grass can heal sickness and wounds people suffer."

"Right. The straight answer to your question would be because grass has the power to raise human body's natural healing factor. But that's the surface-level answer. You're probably seeking one closer to the root, aren't you."


"Skalabel, there's soil, grass and people. What do you think is closer to grass, is it soil. Or is it people."

"It is closer to soil in some regards, and to people in some other regards."

"Just what are those regards exactly."

"I cannot come up with an answer right away."

"Really now. Grass grow up and leave offspring behind, in that regard, they are closer to people. Grass don't move nor they cry or laugh, they're closer to soil in that regard."

"I see, I see."

"In short, grass. They are the same as people in the sense of being a living creature. And yet humans eat birds, beasts, fish, tree and grass to live. Then what does grass eat to live?"

"It will be water, soil and sunlight."

"Soil, you see, is composed of all kinds of stones, powder and so many other matters. And none of those is a living creature. Grass grow up by eating non-creatures, and people grow up by eating grass. Are we clear so far."

"It is very clear."

"Composition of human body is ultimately the same as the matters that make up soil."

"Eeeh. Are you telling the truth Master."

The two young apothecaries keep writing down the two's conversation.

Their questions and answers continued on for quite a while.

Before long it was dinner time.

During the nine day stay, they will hold dinners with all apothecaries present twice, but for today, only the members that are in this lounge will dine together.

Most people besides the bodyguards have gone to where they will be staying split among the four noble houses.

Like usual, Shira only had almost garnish-less soup and a very tiny crumb of bread. But she drinks a lot of wine cups.

"Master, you're the same as ever. I cannot help but wonder how that diet could sustain your body."

"Skalabel. Once you get to be like me. You can live like grass, see."

"Do grass drink wine I wonder."

"Oh I'm sure they do every so often."

Outwardly, Skalabel's attitude towards Shira remains unchanged.

As long as Skalabel doesn't suspect or condemn Shira, and treats her with respect instead, his pupils too should do the same.

However Skalabel tends to have a distant look on his eyes like he's lost in thought. Lecan has no idea whether that's his usual habit or not.

"Now then, today has been a bit tiring for me. I'm going to get some rest now. You must be tired from the long journey yourself. Go have your well earned rest."

"Please do rest well, Master. Thank you."

Shira left the room with Lecan leading the way. Followed by Eda and Norma.

Eda went with Shira to sleep at the guesthouse.

Norma will go back to the town lord's mansion detached building where she will sleep later.

The escort knights bowed and watched as Shira left.

"I'm heading back to the detached building."

"Okay, good work today."

Lecan left the guesthouse through the back door. The knight standing guard outside saluted him.

There's fewer guard at this time of the day. They will have rotating watchmen to stand on guard at night. They're keeping it as quiet as possible as to not disturb Skalabel and the rest.

Lecan's lodging, the detached building is right next to the guesthouse.

He drank some strong liquor before going to bed.




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