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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.5


That young lady gripped the hem of her skirt with her right hand and twisted it to the left, turned her left hand to her back, and made a ladylike bow bending her waist down.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am the eldest daughter of Vouka Town Lord Crimus Ulban, my name is Sushana Ulban."

In Lecan's mind, the way this beautiful young lady made a graceful bow took him back to his first encounter with Lady Rubianafale.

Reflexively, he stood up next to the table, put his right hand on his left chest, his left hand on where his sword would be, took a half step with his left foot and bowed while slightly bending his waist.

"My name's Lecan. An adventurer."

The big rough-looking Lecan making a graceful bow had this mythical splendor to it.

Sushana blushed and looked downcast for a while.

Lecan overlapped Rubianafale on Sushana.

(Wonder if she's leading a happy life with her spouse right now.)

In reality, thanks to the red jewel Rubianafale received from Lecan, she had been experiencing a completely different treatment than she originally would have been at Marquis Shadrest House. The improbable effects the red jewel possesses that no grace items or medicines could have in this world had made a dramatic impact on Rubianafale.

"Now that's a surprise. I had no idea you knew how to do formality, Lecan."

"I'm just returning respect with respect."

It means Crimus who has no idea about Lecan's bow has never treated Lecan with respect.

"You got me there."

Crimus laughed. Sushana also giggled.

Once Lecan took his seat back on the sofa, Crimus asked.

"But that was the first time I've seen such a salutation. Where is that from?"

"It's from a far faraway country. Don't think you'd even know the name."

"But I might in fact know. Please do tell."

"A country by name Narum."

Crimus pondered. Perhaps he's searching his memory, he got lost in thought.

Sushana poured tea in her own cup as well as Lecan's and the town lord's. And then she sat next to Crimus.

Just as Lecan brought his cup near his mouth, Crimus murmured.

"So you're a <Descender>."
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Lecan breathed in the hot tea's fragrance before taking a sip.

"I am."

He has no idea how the town lord found out he was a <Descender> from hearing the country name Narum. However, he's come to a point where he doesn't need to keep it a strict secret at all cost. Of course, it's also partly because he trusts Crimus.

"Were you a noble at that Narum Country?"

Lecan wondered how he could know that far, but etiquettes aren't something you can learn just by watching a bit. In fact, it also took Lecan two months to learn his.

"Fumu. Well, I got adopted by the king in order to clear a mission."



"T-then, you're a member of a royal family?"

"Not exactly. It was merely required of me to guard the king in someplace only a member of the king's family can be at. Getting adopted was simply the quickest way to reach that objective."

"Adopting you as his son because he needed protection is downright illogical. That king must have taken quite a liking on you."

"Yeah he did. By the way, never seen someone with a pink hair before. Both in my former world and in this world. Isn't that rare?"

Lady Sushana put her handkerchief over her mouth as she looked downcast.

Her maid was desperately trying to hold back laughter.

"It's hair powder, hair powder. You use it to color your hair, see."

"Ah, I see."

"Have you not debuted in the high society? Young ladies there have every kind of color on their hair as fashion."

"High society? Yeah never fought a battle there yet."

"You're joking, right?"


Lady Sushana has her hair fashioned up. Meaning she's come of age, more than 14 year old.

Lady Sushana stood up and bowed at Lecan.

"Lecan-sama. My life has been saved thanks to Lecan-sama's actions. And today, I am finally able to repay your kindness. I pray for blessings from all nine great gods unto you."

"Saved your life? I don't recall doing that though."

"Lecan. Chaney managed to deliver <God Cure> thanks to you escorting him. I still haven't given you reward for it."

"Ah, that huh. Like I told you before, I merely did the job Chaney gave me, got the rewards already. You guys owe me nothing."

"We realized that it was a curse a bit too late. If only we knew sooner, we could have ordered an anti-curse grace items from Ninae. But thanks to Shira-sama informing us that it was a curse, Chaney made it in time to get a <God Cure>."

"Anti-curse grace items?"

"Ah, no. Not grace items, I mean catalysts. Shira-sama knew the catalysts needed to undo the curse, but there was no guarantee you can get hold on one even at Ninae, and we wouldn't make it in time with ordering."

That means Shira also knows Enchantments that makes use of catalysts.

Enchantments make use of both mana and spells as well as catalysts, but it's got a different system and methods than general magic.

Lecan has a bit of interest in it, but trying to learn it would be tough and he felt like Shira would refuse teaching him it.

Come to think of it, in the end Shira never taught him magic that use magic circles either.

They're apparently called Ritual Magic, but she's not teaching him that.

Shira must think that he shouldn't be led astray by this stuff in his quest toward strength, and polish up on the magic he's learned so far instead.

That was when someone called out from outside the room.

"Crimus-sama, are you in there?"

"I am in. Is there a problem?"

"The masons and carpenters are currently having a stand off, workers under them both are on the verge of an all out brawl, the situation is critical sir. We need to dispatch soldiers at once."




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