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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.8


Most people have never seen <Purification>. But <Recovery> is a surprisingly common sight to many.

"What's <Recovery> magic like?"

The majority will answer that question like thus.

"A green ball comes out of wand's tip, then when that touches your wound, that wound gets healed."

Why is it sphere shaped, no one knows for sure. However, as the healing effect won't manifest unless it's of a certain density and amount, sphere is simply the most efficient shape for that.

Adept <Recovery> users can slightly contort the sphere to conform it to the patient's wound. Even then, the <Recovery> will have a sphere shape when it's initially cast.

Lecan also learned how to make green sphere-shaped <Recovery> when he was first learning. Hence his <Recovery> is shaped like a sphere when cast even now.

As <Purification> manifests on <Recovery> users, it naturally also assumes the shape of <Recovery>.

And yet, there is nothing spheroid at all with the <Purification> Eda is casting right now.

A blue waterfall flowed out of her palms, zaazaa like it was truly coming down a barrel.

The waterfall quickly drenched Skalabel from his head down, submerged his lower half and even dripped down the floor.

The surface of the floor is awash with <Purification> right away. The two standing young apothecaries could only look in amazement at the sea of <Purification> submerging their feet.

Even though <Recovery> and <Purification> should have no impact or weight, Skalabel's upper body sunk down into the sofa like it was pushed down by the force of the blue water.

Priestess Kotojia and priest Amamir hurriedly held Skalabel from both sides so he wouldn't slide down further. <Purification> sprung up on the parts they held him.

Instead of waning, the blue water is pouring down even stronger by the second.

The force directly hits Skalabel's head, making him as if he's getting suffocated.

As the spell doesn't actually possess any substance, he should be able to breathe even under the blue torrent. Or so it's supposed to be, but anyone would find themselves gasping for breath under a phantom torrent of water this overwhelming.

"Eda. Skalabel is in pain. Pour it from his neck down."

Following Lecan's word, Eda slightly shifted her <Purification>'s aim.

Skalabel looked relieved at once.

The water current doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon. Nor is it receding.

Even though Skalabel's head isn't getting hit directly, the water rebounding splash is enough to drench it.
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Skalabel's face is gradually easing up.

His severely strained face loosened up before eventually turning into an expression of bliss.

Even so, Eda's <Purification> won't stop.

"From barrel down like zaazaa. From barrel down like zaazaa."

She keeps muttering. Perhaps it's some kind of spell.

The floor has turned into a sea of blue.

Kotojia and Amamir who have been getting sprayed by the water next to Skalabel put on an enraptured expression on their faces as well. The same with Cawin who sits next to them.

The two young apothecaries standing in the corners of this room are getting dipped in the grace of <Purification> submerging their feet as well, their faces are full bliss and relief.

Afterward, <Purification> continued to flow down for a while.

The room fell silent when the seemingly endless blue light water stopped pouring.

No, in fact, it's always been silent.

The sounds of water splashing were all only in their minds. As if that <Purification> had the effect to cause hallucination.


Eda plopped down the sofa with a satisfied look.

Her mana should have been all used up, but thanks to the Mana Restorative she took earlier, her mana is getting gradually restored, so she's not experiencing Mana Starvation.

"Lecan. Looks like that necklace was redundant."

"Yea. That mana restorative was wasted too."

"Oh for sure. Anyway, Eda, good work. You did wonderful."


"That was impressive."


Skalabel has sunk deep in his sofa, quietly breathing in sleep. His two pupils next to him are watching their master sleeping peacefully while looking half-awake themselves.

Norma stood up, clad her wand with mana and examined Skalabel.

"How is it?"

She spoke to Kotojia and Amamir without replying to Shira.

"You two, please try touching Guide Skalabel's skin. How does it feel?"

Kotojia timidly held out her hand and touched Skalabel's cheek.

"It's... soft."

She turned around to look at Norma with tears in her eyes.

"His complexion. His pure white wax-like skin has got its complexion back. Ooh! It looks so fleshy."

Cawin went around to stand in front of Skalabel and touched his hands and feet.

"Guide-sama. Guide-sama."

His voice almost sounds like he's weeping.

Of course the pupils must have noticed there was something amiss with Skalabel. However, there was nothing they could do about it. They had given up, believing his long life was a miracle in itself, they could only watch as their master's skin and body slowly turning stiff. Never in their wildest dream would they think that stiffness was a side effect of <Purification>.

Eda looked at Lecan with a smile and laughed.

Lecan smiled back at Eda.



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