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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.9


A quarrel started a while earlier and is still on going even now in front of the door outside the room.

The three members of the Royal Mages came by and insisted they should go in to check since there was something amiss inside the room, while the Royal Knights' Vice Commander and two Temple Knights denied them entry, so the two sides clashed.

Apparently the Royal Knights Vice Commander, Neisan Aspell holds the highest standing among them. After him is Royal Mages Vice Commander, Roland Batt, then Temple Knight Derston Barmoa, and then Temple Knight Zahad Echika, Royal Knight Fourth Division Captain, Vice Captain and lastly the two members of the Royal Mages.

It was only natural for capable mages to be stupefied by a magic that consumed so much mana, after which they quickly rushed to the building.

However the knights protecting the door has been mandated an order directly from the Prime Minister himself to never allow anyone besides those who have the permission go in the lounge. It was something drawn up by the request of Skalabel who didn't want anyone to get in the way of his talks with Shira.

As such, they were steadfast in denying the mages' entry.

However, the mages are once again clamoring to let them in now that the magic has stopped.

Lecan asks Amamir who's still overcome with emotion.

"Sorry, but someone's making a racket outside. Could you tell them that there's nothing wrong inside and go back to their post."

"It shall be done, Lecan-dono."

Amamir walked up to the door and called out to the people outside.

"We've been hearing noise outside, what's going on there."

"First Class Priest, Amamir-dono. Please excuse us. The Royal Mages wish to confirm if you are experiencing any trouble inside."

"Hohhohhohhoho. I don't blame mages for reacting to that magic just now. But this is not a matter you guard can tread into. You're bothering Guide Skalabel. Keep it down will ya."


Now that they got confirmation that there was nothing wrong inside and no more magic being exercised. The Royal Mages members left the front door.

Lecan sighed in relief since those mages are still clueless about Eda's <Purification>.

The Royal Knights' Vice Commander unexpectedly joining the entourage may have stumped the town lord, but that ended up being useful here. Had Roland Batt been the one with the highest standing, he might have tried to force his way in.

"Skalabel. Wakey wakey now."

Shira coated her voice with mana. Must be the so-called <Magic Word>.

Skalabel opened his eyes and moved his body.

"Ooh. Master. This is unbelievable. My body feels much better. This creaking body of mine. Ooh! My skin, it's soft. My rock-like skin. And my condition. I have never felt this good in the last 20 years. Ah, master."

"I'm glad for you. So, Norma."


"Is he cured now?"

"He might have, but if possible, it's better if the guide could have <Purification> cast on him during the entire duration of his stay."

"Well, heard that. You guys."

Shira meant Skalabel's pupils there.

"Skalabel will get <Purification> Eda cast every evening till your last day here. But I want you to keep the fact that Eda is a <Purification> user a secret until right before you're leaving."

"Master. Would it be all right to let it be known to public once we are on our way back?"

"It's not something that can be kept hidden anyway. Besides, Vouka town lord, and Goncourt House are aware that Eda is a <Purification> user. What I'm worried about is your guard and companions."

"What is your order."

"Specifically, those three Royal Mages members, and those priests from each temples."

"I see."

Amamir agreed with Shira.

"Those people could indeed get into frenzy if they found out about a new <Purification> user."

"Isn't that right. Well, feel free to make it public once you're leaving. Oh and, it'd be nice if you could also praise Eda, and tell people anyone who messes with Eda shall face Skalabel's wrath and the likes while you're at it."

"Master. Understood. Eda-dono. You have my gratitudes. I never thought my condition could be restored this wonderfully. This will surely afford me a few years, nay, a few dozens years to help more people out there."

"O-oh no. I'm just-"

Skalabel gently smiled at Eda.

"Eda-dono. Your <Purification> must be at Beginner level, is it not. But it was truly one warm <Purification>. And that extraordinary amount of mana. It was as if I was swimming in the sea of <Purification>. I feel like I have finally understood the depths of emotions people experience when they receive <Purification>."

Skalabel told his pupils.

"Listen well. You must not speak a word of Eda-dono's ability until I have departed this town. My improved physical conditions will be known shortly. Tell anyone who asks how that Guide Skalabel had unwrapped a new possibility during his talk with his master. Understand?"

The three people sitting on sofa stood up and bowed deeply to give their consent.

The two young apothecaries standing behind them also bowed deeply.



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