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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.2


Someone knocked on the door.

"Shira-sama has made her arrival."

Cawin opened the door, Shira and Eda entered the room.

Lecan and Skalabel greeted Shira, Skalabel asked Cawin to let everyone else in. Besides the two record keepers and two maids, first class priest Amamir, priestess Kotojia and Norma also got in.

"O Master. How would you like your breakfast?"

"Right, well. Think I'll have a half-full garnish-less soup. And a cup of white wine."

Skalabel signaled the maid who then prepared Shira's order.

"Slept well last night?"

"I did, O Master. It has been so very long since I had such a good sleep."

"Glad to hear."

"Eda-dono. I must offer you my gratitude once again. You as well, Norma-dono."

"Eh. Oh, please don't mention it, I'm just."

"I'm sure my father would be delighted to hear his research could be of use to Guide Skalabel."

"Your father has my deepest gratitude. And I hold his research in reverence. The research your father did has granted me a new life."

"It's an honor. Guide Skalabel."

"You had some fascinating talk with Amamir. Something about allowing transcribers to transcribe books if he directs one to you, I believe?"

"Yes. They're very welcome to."

"This old bone would like to add another proposition, would you be willing to hear?"

"With pleasures."

"I would like for Norma-dono to put forth preface and commentary chapters in your father's books that Norma-dono has agreed to publish. 『Research on Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Herb Study』 books will be the first two books for this project."


"Those books, including the preface and commentary, will be transcribed into one volume each. Several transcribers will have to stay in this town for a few years to complete tens of those books."

"Several transcribers?"

"Those transcribers shall be in charge of making 100 copies of each books which will then be delivered to the capital under Amamir's supervision. Under the name <Sasfrey Norma Library>."

"100 copies!"

"What a huge undertaking."
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"My, that's quite grand."

"And we will distribute those books to apothecaries who can truly make good use of them for free."

"That, that's."

"And of course, this old bone shall take care of the required capital."


Amamir sounded surprised.

"Amamir. There is too much restriction in using Elex Temple's monetary offerings. I shall sponsor it myself. You take charge of arranging the transcribers. This is precisely the project the fortune bestowed upon me by his majesty should be put into use."


Norma replied back after thinking it over a bit.


"Yes, what will it be."

"A preface is indeed necessary. Properly illustrating what a particular book is covering is a good idea. And as those books weren't originally intended to be widely published, we should also rearrange the table contents. However, commentary is impossible."

"Is that correct. Then how about postponing writing commentaries on books you believe need them, and write what you can as you go on."

"Right, well. I suppose there are some research subjects that will be better with commentaries."

"What this old bone proposed is nothing more than an outline for his wish. In practice, the transcribing process won't be without a hitch. It might be a good idea to send one transcriber first to have a grasp on the undertaking before sending more. It might be better to combine several short theses into one volume as well."

"Yes, right. But could you wait distributing them until after we have a finished book. I'd like to have an overview on the complete set with a set order, volume numbers and also with indexes."

"Hahaha. I see your mind is on it already. Very well, very well. However, the transcribing process will press on. The bookbinding and cover making processes can be done later. By doing so, you can insert the prefaces as well as fill in volume numbers at a later date."

"And would be it all right to call it <Sasfrey's Medical Herb Study Set>."

"Ooh wonderful! However, your name appears to be absent."

"The author of those books is ultimately my father. Those added by me will be written in the preface. And I will also put my sign on the prefaces I make. I don't want people to confuse them with my father-made prefaces after all."

"I see, I see. Sounds good indeed."

"Hee. You're up to something wonderful there."

"O Master. These talents you have brought with you are truly outstanding individuals."

"Hohoho. Truly so. Lecan-dono is a master of medicine making essence. Eda-dono possesses such a rare talent, and Norma-dono has taken up her father's mantle in the field of medical study. I do not believe there is any other town with an assortment of such talents anywhere else."

"It's so true. Fufu. I can't wait to turn the table on those people accompanying us."

"Hou? Did something happen?"

"My. What are you the perpetrator saying now, Lecan-dono. Everyone of them was completely taken aback when they witnessed your medicine making craft and examined the finished product yesterday. Their impression on Lecan-dono has taken a complete u-turn afterward."

"Does that mean they had a really low valuation on Lecan before?"

"Yes. That was only inevitable. All of those who come along with us in this occasion are prideful of their crafts. At the same time, they are also those who understand how Lecan-dono's craft is something that surpasses any known medicine making arts just by seeing it once."

"Hohoho. Not to forget, Norma-dono."

"Yes. This happened just this morning, they all had congregated at the town lord's mansion from their noble mansions' lodging awfully early today. They couldn't contain their curiosity on the matter talked about yesterday. Even the initially indifferent priests dispatched by each temples were brimming with curiosity this morning."

"Hohoho. They really do."

"That was when priest Amamir told them how Norma-dono is a daughter of Safrey-dono, and how she is in the possession of a mountain of Sasfrey-dono's posthumous works and has even made improvements on them."

"Eh? How are those people aware of my father's books?"

"I had two extra copies of 『Research on  Entrails Functions』 and 『Introductory to Herb Study』 transcribed each when I had mine done before returning them to Ceres Temple. Guide Skalabel's pupils took turn reading those copies. More and more people got to talk about those books, read them, and soon enough every temple had copies of those books. I believe every main temples at the capital has copies of those books by now. Those in the entourage should be people who have read those books from start to finish."

"I see. So my father's books are in every main temples."

"And Eda-dono as well, although we didn't go into detail, I and priest Amamir have been praising your wonderful power, so everyone is quite curious about you too."

"Uwaa. Lecan! They're putting some heavy expectations on me."

"Bear it."




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