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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.13


On the fifth day of the talk, they discussed about poison.

According to Shira, poison and medicine are two sides of the same coin, dissecting them into three categories, pure poison, dangerous poison that can be used as strong medicine, and poison that should be recognized as medicine instead, she'd then spell out which poisons were those exactly and their rules of use.

"Unlike medicine, it's difficult to do a trial on poison, see. So I'm not going to prattle on theoretical stuff and the likes, instead I'll give you concrete examples, which poison at what dosage for what symptoms that satisfy certain conditions, and what to expect from it. Listen well now, make sure you do not mix up the names and the dosage."

That day, Amamir learned many ways to use all kinds of poisons he initially found unthinkable. The revelation overturned all common sense to him. Shira even mentioned poison that could ease your pain in exchange for your life expectancy, which was a knowledge that could result in a huge chaos.

The topic on the sixth day was a comparison on the ways natural healing, medicine, <Recovery> and Red Potions work, as well as the mechanisms of disease and wound healing.

On the seventh day, they discussed about the changes in human body functions as it grows older. When they first heard about how mother's milk is produced and its virtues, Amamir and Kotojia gestured the holy mark to offer their gratitudes to gods. Other apothecaries were on the verge of tears as well. This particular talk had quite an impact to them.

On the eighth day, they discussed about general outlooks on the strength to live and let live. No one else besides Shira and Skalabel could get in the discussion. Amamir frantically tried to etch the exchange he himself couldn't quite grasp into his mind.

Enumerating all the topics so far, the first day was about life, the second day was about the relation between organic and inorganic life, the third day was about eating, diseases and mechanisms of the body, the fourth day was about medicinal plants, the fifth day was about poison in medicine, the sixth day was about healing, the seventh day was about growth and old age, the eighth day was about general outlooks on the secrets of medicine, as well as multi-layered knowledge on everything related to life and medicne.

Every single one of those is a topic Amamir is deeply entrenched in, yet he found himself utterly overwhelmed by the unforeseen ways and directions those medicine, poison and food he was familiar with could be utilized, put together in a deep and vast systematic compendium.  At the same time, Amamir was convinced that this talk between Skalabel and Shira would mark the beginning of a new era for apothecaries and medical practitioners.

On the ninth day, Shira would answer any questions anyone asked her.

Skalabel turned over this chance to the younger generation, relegating himself to listening to them piece by piece.

The one with the most questions thrown that day was the young apothecary, Cawin.

The runner-up was Norma.

The third one was Kotojia with Amamir on the fourth.

Lecan and Eda didn't have any question.

On the fourth and ninth day, everyone was supposed to have dinner together at the town lord's mansion dining hall. However, Shira and Eda were absent, and the priests and the apothecaries were relatively quiet, seemingly not wanting to tire out Skalabel.

Skalabel had Eda cast <Purification> on him every night.

Every morning, Norma would examine Skalabel, confirming his progress.

And thus the nine day stay came to an end, on the 17th of month 9, the Herb Saint Entourage would depart for the capital.

Records from this talk, centered around Shira and Skalabel's words, would be compiled by Amamir, under supervision of Skalabel himself, which he then submitted to the king under the name [Medical God Dialogue] three years later. Respecting Skalabel's wish, the king commissioned a huge amount of copies of the transcript which then got spread to every temples and territories. Then people started to transcribe the book themselves before it spread out into many countries like a wildfire. Eventually it was recognized as a sacred book to all apothecaries, medical practitioners and researchers of human life, and the name of its compiler, priest Amamir Tarance, was immortalized for eternity.

Here's what written in the preface by Amamir.

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Sometimes, I wonder if that was all naught a dream even to this day.

That blissful, insightful fleeting moments of learning would visit me in my dreams at times. Upon waking up, my mind would tell me that cannot have been of this world. That's how much abundantly fun, and mystically shocking those nine days were.

Guide Skalabel has forbidden us to leave the name of that luminary for posterity's sake. I have finally understood his sentiment now.

That luminary is an existence that could not be expressed by mere names. There is no name that could befit that luminary. Thus I shall henceforth refer to them as <Medical God> in this book.

Whether that is appropriate or not is up for a debate between Elex temple, Ceres Temple, Raikos Temple, and the rest of the temples, but allow me to indulge myself just this once, in spite of arguments against.

However, this nomination is by no means meant to put a living being on a pedestal as god, nor is it meant to desecrate the sacredness of gods unto this mortal realm.

That is because that luminary has disappeared forever from this world, vanishing without a trace once they were done with their work in this transient world after we informed them of our return to the capital. The Great Gods had sent that luminary to show us apothecaries dreams spanning over a few days in order to save those suffering from diseases and injuries. As such, I would like you to understand that this <Medical God> title refers not to that luminary in flesh themselves, but to the compassion and wisdom the Great Gods showed us through that luminary.

This book is a record of discussions between Guide Skalabel and his teacher done at the guest house of Vouka town lord's mansion from the 8th to the 16th Month 9 of Zaka Kingdom Year 116. All remarks not spoken by either of those two will not have the speaker's names marked. This book has been compiled by me, Amamir with apothecary Shizam and apothecary Mashram's cooperation, under supervision of Guide Skalabel.

The names of those present during this talk and those who accompanied the entourage are credited at the end of this book. They shall be living witnesses for the reality of this mystical talk taking place.

But whether this talk was but a dream nor a reality affects not this book's worth in the slightest. Likening this book to that of a well of deep knowledge shall be made obvious the more it is read.

I hold no doubt that this unending source of overflowing water shall enrich and save all the people in this world.

I pray these bejeweled words in this book remain undistorted, unsoiled, uncorrupted. I pray for people of this world to enduringly tackle on the secrets written in this book, to shed light on all the graces hidden and bring them unto this world, to save all the people in this world leaving nary any behind, for lights of gods to fill this world.

O future apothecaries, medical practitioners and researchers of life, rejoice.

In the name of great god Elex. Yale.

Month 9 of Zaka Kingdom Year 119 - First Class Priest of Elex Temple Amamir Tarance.



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