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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.16


Herb Saint Entourage is a group formed in a bid to visit Guide Skalabel's Master, Apothecary Shira, it's comprised of Guide Skalabel, his followers, bodyguard, officials and odd-job men.

The one charged to form them, Amamir Tarance, has been studying under Skalabel in medicine making and medical treatment since his childhood. He's a user of <Recovery> magic as well as all kinds of magic, the leading pupil of Skalabel.

Amamir came to Vouka himself for the preliminary arrangement, but he originally planned to let another first class priest go with the entourage. But since the Vice Head of Ceres Main Temple, Marlia Fotos forced her way into the entourage, the plan was changed to include himself.

Marlia is not one of Skalabel's pupils. However, she truly holds Skalabel in high esteem from heart.

Born into the house of the Marquis of Smark, Marlia manifested <Recovery> as a child, and chose to enter the Main Ceres Temple at the capital. She's known Skalabel for a long time, but she was never admitted as his pupil.

Ceres Temple has posed itself as the headquarters of Medical Practitioners. It also boasts itself as being better at medicine making than Raikos Temple which worships the Medical God Raikos. Priests affiliated to Ceres Main Temple are not permitted to study under street apothecaries. Hence, among the nine great temple, Ceres Temple was the very last one that accepted the teachings of Skalabel.

Marlia would keep saying that is not right. He's a great man who has invented wonderful methods of medicine making, accomplished splendid apothecary and medical work, and also a user of <Purification> who has earned the trust of three generations of kings. He is exactly the person Ceres Temple should learn from. Thus Marlia plead.

After piling up achievements and gaining higher standing in the temple, Marlia managed to garner many sympathizers for her plea.

And then eventually, Ceres Main Temple as well as affiliated priests relented to opening up to the teachings of Skalabel.

Her delight was short-lived however, as Marlia's superior passed away and Marlia herself got appointed as the Vice Head Temple.
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"The Vice Head of Ceres Main Temple can't possibly study under an apothecary who doesn't belong to the temple, no, that would be too much."

Unable to go against those voices, Marlia tearfully abandoned the idea of ever becoming Skalabel's pupil.

Priest Amamir has known Marlia for a long time. Since Marlia would often visit him. It was mostly her complaining. Whenever she heard how Guide Skalabel fell ill, she would ask how he was doing, how he was being treated. 'Aren't you not working hard enough to spread Skalabel's contributions'. 'Do Skalabel's pupils even really understand his teachings'. Along with all kinds of complaints, she would borrow notes about Skalabel's teachings written by Amamir and zealously read them.

As the Head of Ceres Main Temple holds the same position as third class priests of Elex Temple, the third class priestess of Elex Temple Kotojia actually sits higher than Marlia in the hierarchy. The first class priest who was originally supposed to be coming here had an even higher standing.

However, Marlia is a member of a marquis family. She might be the youngest fourth daughter of the previous marquis, but her relationship with her family runs deep, even the current head of the marquis can't go against Marlia.

Marlia cannot be contained by anyone but Amamir. Skalabel would be at his wit's end if she kept coiling around him, which she would. As such Amamir ended up joining the entourage.

Amamir is the leading pupil of Skalabel, with scientific attainments as well as track records to match as well as holding a high position in the temple, however, the fact that he's the eldest son of the Count of Tarance plays the biggest role. Had he not turned over his right of succession to his little brother and walked the path of priesthood, he would have been the present head of Count of Tarance today. At first he was planning to give his seat in the entourage to his successor, but that plan had to be abandoned.

The nine priests dispatched by every temple are either apothecaries or mages, but not all of them are Skalabel's pupils. These priests were dispatched by the temples with the objective of having their representatives present during this event of <Herb Saint> Skalabel visiting his master, people with politically charged motives.

As for the Royal Knights in the entourage, they are someone hand picked by the Knight Commander ordained by the prime minister, those who will give their everything to accomplish the king's decree protecting Guide Skalabel in this journey.

However, the Vice Commander Neisan Aspell being here was due to him hearing how his peer in position and swordsmanship, Zaifad Kacchini, utterly lost to an adventurer in a match, he wanted to see a guy who could do that.

The Royal Mages were also supposed to be people who follow the King's decree, but maybe not since their leader this time is Roland Batt. On top of desperation to snatch glory for Royal Mages, he's blessed with talent in magic, so the guy has a habit of looking down on others. But lots of stuff like such were overlooked so they could depart. They did think he would probably make some mess this time around too, and sure enough he did.

Thus Lecan learned many things in his chat with Vice Commander Neisan they had every night.

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