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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.3


"O Master, Master. Yesterday you bestowed me knowledge on how soil, grass and people are one and the same in what they are made of, yet at the same time human body is also composed of simple substances when observed in detail, illustrating how complex a human body is. However, O master. This ignorant me cannot comprehend what makes man a man, and what makes life a life."

"That question doesn't sound academical. Nor is it analytical. Besides, I'm sure I taught you how life can assume small and simple forms as well as big and complex forms."

"Indeed you did Master. Then where should my journey for knowledge start from?"

"Right. Let's limit to bodily functions and the effects of external objects on it today."

"External objects, what would that be?"

"Anything from water, food, spoiled food, seeds of diseases sent by God of Pestilence. But let's not talk about medicine and poison today. By doing so, you should have a better outlook of what medicine in reverse."

The record keepers frantically tried to keep up their writing.

The conversation was mostly acted out by Shira and Skalabel, but Norma would sometimes threw hers after getting permission, so did Amamir and Kotojia with brief questions.

Lecan, and Cawin were completely silent. To be honest, Lecan doesn't even get a tenth of what they're talking about. Cawin was listening intently to it with eyes gleaming with sagacity.

Funnily enough, the questions Eda occasional came up and threw in ended up giving some good stimulations in the Q&A.

From Lecan's point of view, it's like a beginner wedging herself in a fight between masters of their crafts, but that dauntlessness of hers could be said to be her virtue in a way.

At lunchtime they moved to the dining hall.

During the idle chatter there, Norma talked about Lecan's techniques. Stuff like how he used <Move> to accurately tamper the insides of patient's body, cutting things off without even touching, wounding or giving burdens to the body.

Kotojia pressed on Lecan, asking to explain what kind of technique is that. Shira explained that Lecan knows to cast an awfully precise detection magic which affords his <Move> the precision of <Operation>. Kotojia kept incessantly asked for more. As an apothecary and a medical practitioner, Amamir also listened carefully without missing a word.

Lecan unusually opened his mouth and told them that it was Norma who taught him how to examine the insides of a body by cladding it with mana, narrating just how marvelous Norma's examination ability is.

The apothecaries plead Norma to show them her techniques. Norma took her wand, examined Marlia's body and pointed out what parts of her body had issues.

Norma's mana control and its extraordinary precision was made clear to the people present there, those with outstanding mana control, which is to say all the priests there and some of the apothecaries. One after another, those priests began inviting Norma to enroll into their temples.

While she appreciated their offers, Norma declined them all saying that she's in charge of a huge project currently.

After lunch, they left the apothecaries and priests and went back to the lounge to continue their conversation.
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"Ooh Master. The difference between food and medicine is truly ambiguous, is it not?"

"More like, personally I believe food is one form of medicine."

"Hoo! It is not the other way around then."

"There's medicine that just can't be classified as food, yet there's no food that bears no relation to the well being of your body. If there is one, that can't be said to be food."

"I see, I see. That does indeed the case."

Skalabel was in a very good condition today, the talk turned heated, as they missed the dinner time.

"Think that's about it for today."

"Just a bit more. Please grant this ignorant me more revelations."

"What'd you learn from our talk today. People are made of their food. Those who don't eat are those who aren't of the living. The secret to healing lies there too. Eat. And rest well today. Eda."


"Take Skalabel to bed once he's done with his meals. Then cast <Purification> once he's in the bed."

"Un! I gotcha."

"Got it, Amamir?"

"It shall be done. Hear that, Cawin."


"Eda. Here's a Mana Restorative. Take it before casting <Purification>."

"Un. And the necklace?"

"You don't need that. Just do it."


Everyone ended up having meals together since Skalabel said he couldn't possibly eat by himself.

Amamir instructed the maids to prepare meals for the two record keepers as well.

The record keepers took turn eating while looking grateful. They had quite the appetite. Even then, one of them won't let go of their pen. They plan to record every single word Skalabel and Shira have got without missing a beat.

"Actually this morning, I, these two record keepers and Kotojia were caught by priestess Marlia, other priests and apothecaries. They were quite desperate for answers. What happened yesterday. What did we talk about. Once I told them a brief sum of some of our talks, they went and fervently pressed for answers from our record keepers instead."

"So that's why those two and you looked quite drained this morning."

"Hoho. Letting these two out of my sight will not do, thus I've instructed them to never leave my side. They shall accompany us during meals as well from now on."

"Oh right, some people have been constantly trying to listen to this room with <Farhear> these past three days. Two of them."


"<Farhear>? Is there an apothecary who would learn that magic?"

"Uun. They're likely not apothecaries. After all those apothecaries were all with us during meal yesterday, weren't they. Those two were using <Farhear> from outside the room even then."

"Shira-sama, does that mean everything we talked about today has leaked out?"

"Nah. This room's got some kind of barrier put over it. This barrier expunges <Farhear>'s coordinates, so you can't listen to the conversation in this room."

"Fumu. But then, who are those people?"

"If I may, perhaps."

"Hm? Priest Amamir, you've got an idea?"

"Prime Minister Office has dispatched three additional people besides the two administrative officials and one apprentice official to accompany this entourage. They have lower standings as they take order from the officials and in charge of miscellaneous chores, yet they possess incredible skills. I have heard they even do covert work at times."

"Well, <Farhear> isn't an offensive magic anyway. All's fine so long they don't go past that."

The record keepers' pens hitting paper resounded in the room. They even recorded that huh, thought Lecan half amazed half impressed.




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