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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.17


In the end, there was barely anyone who came to Vouka looking for Shira.

This was due to Guide Skalabel and his entourage spreading news about her disappearance in towns they passed by.

Many personages expressed their interest to meet Eda through the town lord, Crimus Ulban, however.

Eda would generally turn down such requests. Furthermore, after consulting with Norma, she decided to charge one big gold coin per casting of <Purification>.

No one will pay one big gold coin for one session no matter how rich they are. Those who suffer serious injury or illness can just resort to <Recovery>. Besides, the true value of <Purification> is made apparent after successive casting.

In the end, not one soul sought Eda's <Purification>.

Several town lords' messengers requested an audience with Eda through Crimus. For these kinds of requests, she would go meet them at the town lord's mansion.

Vantaroy town lord's messenger said this to Eda.

"Watching over you was a task Guide Skalabel entrusted to my lord. We shall regularly send someone to check on you, please feel free to turn to them should you need anything. Ensuring your continued freedom impeded by no one is Guide Skalabel's wish."

This was in fact a form of warning to Crimus. An indirect statement by Vantaroy's town lord to him, 'We're always monitoring your actions'.

Requests for Eda's <Recovery> had dried up as well. At the end of the day, one gold coin fee is just not affordable. Noble houses would have someone with <Recovery> under them, while the wealthy and merchants could just go to the temples for <Recovery>. As the monetary offering for it doubly serves as charity, receiving <Recovery> at the temple is more preferable to them.

Their neighbors also found out about Eda being a user of <Purification> who was also a savior of <Herb Saint> Skalabel, and while they were a bit bewildered at first, they treated her like they did before after some time.

There was a period of time when groups of people tried to push their way to see Eda, but they went right home with a glare from Lecan.

Jericho would go out during daytime despite living in Lecan's and Eda's house. They went to Shira's house. Cleaning up the house and tending the herb garden.
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Arios came back four days after herb saint's departure.

Arios resumed tutoring Eda on defensive stance as well as gait style using short swords, but after a while, he declared that Eda didn't seem able to learn <Stealth Step>.

The three's light armors were finally done early on month ten, way later than initially scheduled.

Eda's light armor is made to emphasize flexibility and speed, bearing a vivid blue color.

As for Lecan's and Arios's, the important parts like the chest area, shoulder pads, knee guard are blue colored, while all other parts are red.

They also got paid for the Great Octocular Spiders' materials. Totaling in a large sum of 19 platinum (white gold) coins excluding the fee for the armor. It was split among the three. Arios also got the payment for his Queen's Venom, but Lecan didn't pay attention to the amount. He was not interested. But Arios handed him five small bottles with Queen Venom inside nonetheless.

"I'm sharing them."

Eda has started to accept quests at the Adventurer's Association. There were times where she would take on the quests alone, and times where she would go with a party of young adventurers. By young here is around 15, so they're technically older than Eda, but they were none the wiser. Eda is famous as a gold rank adventurer now, and the fact that she looks like a young girl she is appears to have quite an distinctive impact.

Lecan went to two dungeons.

The first one was a small dungeon to the north of Skerus. The dungeon only had 12 floors, but he had some fun.

The other one was Dungeon Golbul. One night, he had the urge to fight the Greatarm Ogre.

He quickly went in the dungeon, quickly beat the ogre, and quickly dashed out. Commander Doug was waiting for him outside, so he greeted him, showed him a glimpse of the dungeon item and went back to Vouka right away.

The dungeon item was a mantle.

It's got defensive properties against physical and magical, a sort of lesser version of Lecan's own <Overking Bear>'s overcoat. He gave it to Eda since she wanted it. She tried to pay for it, but Lecan wouldn't take it, saying it's a thanks for the <Purification> every night.

Lecan would spar with Arios sometimes.

Arios's swordsmanship has gotten more flexible compared to before. In other word, it's gotten crafty. He even managed to prevail against Lecan often. The results would likely come out differently in a real combat, but in terms of pure sword skills, Arios comes out on top.

Meanwhile, month ten was nearing its end.

"Lecan. You're leaving this town after new year, right?"

He never mentioned anything about that, Eda must have sensed that from the mood. Or perhaps she learned how to read Lecan's trains of thought.


"Are you going to dungeons?"

"I'm thinking of heading for Dungeon Tsubolt first. Haven't decided after."

"You're going alone?"

"Arios wanted to come along."

"I see."

"What're you gonna do?"

Lecan would take Eda along if she said she want to tag along.

"Honestly, I wanna come with you. But if I did that here, I'm gonna stay Lecan's baggage forever."

Eda's <Recovery> is potent enough to be considered a trump card in dungeon explorations. Adding to the fact that Eda is good with her bows, has reached a certain level of mastery in close quarter combat's evasion and defensive, and her life force is plentiful enough. She's absolutely not a burden.

However, the baggage here doesn't refer to her fighting prowess. Thus far, Eda has been living and growing up under Lecan's protection. And she feels like that can't go on as it is.

"I want to try living by myself for awhile. I'll show you I can live independently. I'm going to become someone Lecan will come for and ask to be with. I'm gonna give it my all so I can heal your left eye."

"I see."



"I love you."

Lecan almost said 'me too', but he stopped short. It's not Eda's <Love> that Lecan's got. The feelings Lecan hold for Eda are a bit different from that word. However, Lecan couldn't find quite the word to express that verbally.

As such, instead of words, he patted Eda's head. Ruffling through her hair rather roughly.

Eda laughed while crying.

On the last day of that year, Lecan and Arios left the town.

Their destination is Dungeon Tsubolt.

Snow was falling that day.

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