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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.10_11


When they got back to the lounge after lunch, there was a magic tool put next to a flower vase.

Its magical structure looks familiar. It's that <Yacklubend Tele Voice Jar> or something.

Surprisingly nothing feels out of place. No one seems to question just what is that either.

However, a magic tool with such a huge magic stone in it stands out so awfully obvious to Lecan instead. Like shouting at him 'hey I'm here'.

"Shira, do you know about <Yacklubend's Tele Voice Jar> magic tool?"

"I sure do."

"Does our talk in this room right now get leaked outside?"

"Nope. But this is a good chance as any, let's have a little practical lesson. I'm gonna undo the barrier for a bit now."

Lecan understood Shira cast some sort of magic, but he had no idea of the specific.

"There's mana flowing out of that tele voice jar toward its paired jar in the town lord's mansion. Can you see it?"

Lecan concentrated on the jar, following after the flow of mana.

"Yea. I see it."

"Try loading your mana into that flow of mana toward the receiver jar, pouring lots all at once."

Loading your own mana into mana emitted by a machine is quite a task. But after a period of strenuous struggle, Lecan grasped the knack.

And then he poured much of his mana into it at once.

"Huh? Lecan. Did you hear something from the town lord's mansion direction? And also screaming."

"Beats me. Who cares."

"Quite an interesting spectacle you showed me."

"Guide Skalabel. Just, what has Lecan-dono done?"

When the barrier was undone, sounds from this room must have started coming out of the receiver jar. Dunno who, but the one listening in must have brought their ears close to the receiver jar in excitement.

"Shira. What happened?"

"What will happen when you cram in ten barrel worth of stuff inside a barrel?"

"It's gonna burst open."

"Then, that's."

"I see."

There's many apothecaries around. Quite a lot of them can perform medical treatment as well. The knights have red potions too.

Nothing to worry about.

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The enthusiastic talk continued afterward, until it was about time for dinner.

Dinner on the fourth and ninth day will be held in the town lord mansion's dining hall, the priests and apothecaries will also be having their meal there. The town lord is present as well.

Just when they were about to move out, Eda grabbed the chance when the conversation ended and spoke to Skalabel timidly.

"Umm, Skalabel-sama. Can I have a minute. I mean, may I have a bit of your time."

"Eda-dono. What can I help you with?"

"Skalabel-sama, you came here to cast <Purification> on Shira-baachan didn'tcha, I mean, did you not?"

"Indeed I did."

"But that's over now, right?"

"That is correct."

"Then, can you please in exchange, once, just once."


"Can you please cast <Purification> on Lecan once?"

Lecan was surprised. That thought never even crossed his mind.

"My <Purification> is no good. Been casting it every night, but it's no good. My <Purification> can't fix up Lecan's left eye. They said it won't work if the <Purification> isn't a high level because of Fixation thing. But if it's Skalabel-sama's <Purification>, then."

"And this Fixation, is?"

Norma answered Skalabel's question.

"As Guide may have known, adventurers who frequent dungeon depths are sometimes unable to heal their old wounds even with Large Red Potions. I believe that is because red potions have fixed rate of healing potential, as well as limitations like decreased effects with successive uses, due to all that, its healing effect may not reach certain parts of patients whose life force is too large."

"Fumu, fumu. Intriguing. I believe that is likely a correct interpretation."

"But then, there are also cases where their wounds don't get healed even though they have <Recovery> cast on them and displayed healing effects. After checking Lecan's left eye, I believe it's due to a phenomenon, different from <Overwritten> we discussed yesterday, in which a wound gets recognized as a normal state in the deeper part of body."

"Indeed. I have witnessed such things myself."

"It's a high-level magically induced state, but I've yet to understand its mechanism. For argument's sake, I refer to this state as <Fixation>."

"I see, I see. Quite enlightening. I do dabble in medical treatment but my main profession is an apothecary thus I never delved into such research. But if I am not misunderstanding things here, <Purification> with enough depth can restore both <Overwritten> and <Fixation> then."

"Yes, that's what I have concluded as well. Hence why I told Eda that her <Purification> may some day heal Lecan's left eye if she keeps improving on it."

"So that is how it is. Of course, I would be delighted to cast <Purification> on Lecan-dono."

"T-thank you so much! Aren't you glad, Lecan."

His left eye can see again.

It'd be wonderful if that really comes true.

The lost of sight in Lecan's left eye may not have hindered him in battle thanks to <3D Perception>.

But it's just not the same as spectacles seen from naked eyes.

Lecan has come to truly appreciate sense of sight precisely because his left eye has lost it.

Perhaps deep in his heart, he has always longed for his lost vision be restored to his left eye.

"Lecan-dono. I shall now cast <Purification> on you."

Skalabel readied his wand.

That was when Lecan saw Eda's face.

She looks pleased. Pleased, for Lecan's sake.

However, in reality Eda must have wanted to heal it herself. That was why she kept casting <Purification> every night with utmost effort. And how she kept getting dejected at her failure every night.

Can it really be said that Eda absolutely has no regret or chagrin, asking Skalabel to cast <Purification> on Lecan like this?

"No. Guide Skalabel. I'll have to decline."

"Hou? It might bear no fruit, but there is no harm in trying, is there?"

"It's not like I can't fight just because my left eye can't see. Meaning there's no need to rush. I'd be ecstatic if it could see again though. Well, I can wait."

"By wait, what are you waiting for?"

"Either for a <God Cure> I found in a treasure chest, or for Eda's <Purification> to get better."

"Hahaha. I see, I see. So that's how it is then. You truly are an extraordinary man, Lecan-dono. That's unthinkable normally."

"Eh? Eh? What? What's this about? Lecan, it's once in a lifetime chance you know. You can have the highest level <Purification>, you know?"

"Hahahaa. Eda-dono. Lecan-dono is saying that he wishes not of my <Purification>. He would like your <Purification> to heal him."

"Eeh? Mine?"

"Or perhaps he wished to obtain a <God Cure> with his own hand. I see, so this is adventurer's dream. Lecan-dono lives for his dream. Most impressive indeed."




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