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Okami wa Nemuranai 26.12_13


The questions and answers resumed once they got back to the lounge.

Shira spoke of her expert knowledge with her unique views on life to answer Skalabel's questions. At times, Amamir, Norma and Kotojia also threw their own questions.

They had dinner early.

Afterward, Eda and Norma left to accompany Shira, while Skalabel left with Cawin, Lecan went out through the back door.

His room at the detached building is just a stone throw away.

Someone called out to him.

"I'd like to borrow a bit of your time."

Lecan stopped and turned around.

"Zaka Kingdom Royal Knights' Vice Commander, Neisan Aspell."

"I'm Lecan."

"I'll get straight to the point. I wish to have a bout with you."

"I refuse."

"Now that's unexpected. To think you would turn tail from a bout."

"I'm the one surprised. How do you figure it's all right to have a duel now."

"It is not a duel. It's a bout."

"Same difference. Both you and me are working as guard right now."

"You are on your way back to your lodging after finishing your duty."

"My duty is on-going even when I'm in my room. Even in sleep, I keep watch on where Shira is. So I can rush out anytime if there's something amiss. Doing this duel stuff is only going to hinder my duty. What are you gonna do if our enemy launch an attack in the middle of our duel?"

"Your worry is unwarranted. I have excellent subordinates."

"Hou. So you're saying I can play around and duel in peace cause you guys, Skalabel's escorts gonna take care of Shira, is that it?"


"Then if I tell you that I, Shira's guard, will also keep watch on Skalabel from tomorrow onward, you guys will go back to the capital ahead of time."

"That cannot be done."

"Because you don't trust me?"

"That's not the problem. Escorting Skalabel-sama is our duty."

"Same with me."


"Don't ask someone to do something you yourself can't."


"In the first place, won't the prime minister lose face if you the leader of Skalabel's escort fight me, Shira's guard in a sword match while you're staying in this town?"


"Besides, aren't you ashamed of using your status as Skalabel's entourage to challenge me. Get Skalabel back to capital first, then go back here before even thinking of doing this stuff."


"Say someone challenges you to a match while you're on duty guarding the royalty at the capital, won't that be deemed an attack on royalty?"


"That's what you're doing right now, you're attempting an attack on Shira. Meaning I'll have to cut Skalabel down."

"W-w-w-what did you say."

"It's only right. You attacking me is like Skalabel attacking Shira. What's wrong with fighting back your attacker."

"Hold it! I did not attack."

"Ssh. Keep it down."

This guy's a dumbass, thought Lecan.

But he's a staunch martial artist.

Lecan does not dislike this kind of folks.

As a matter of fact, Lecan isn't against fighting this vice commander guy himself.

The aura cladding his body is enough to make Lecan consider that. His fighting prowess rivals that of Lecan.

Lecan may have a trump card in magic, but this guy must have extraordinary equipment on him, and he must have heard about Lecan's match against the other vice commander, affording him time to come up with countermeasures. It'd be a good match if they do fight no doubt.

However, Lecan is holding himself back due to the situation.

Thus, he decided to pull this vice commander's leg with words instead.

But looks like now's not the time to fool around.

"Neisan. I've sensed weird movement in the east side of the guest house. Someone used a magic. Likely <Sleep>."


"Heading out. <Concealment>."

"Ah. Lecan?"

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Lecan's <Life Detection> is not a magic, it's a skill. A skill he obtained in his former world, not of this world. Even in previous world, there was no way to detect getting detected by this skill. At the very least, Lecan doesn't know anyone who could.

Moreso this world, no mage, no matter how capable, can detect <Life Detection>.

Lecan who has erased his presence with <Concealment> took <Sword of Rusk> from <Storage> and goes around to the east side of the guest house.

Three mages and their two subordinates are trying to bury a weirdly shaped box in the ground.

A subordinate knight of the Royal Knights is laying next to them.

"What are you doing over there."

Five startled men turned their eyes at Lecan.

The one who spoke to Lecan was the mage with the most extravagant attires. The Vice Commander of Royal Mages, Roland Batt.

"You must be, Lecan-dono. What have you come here f-"

"I'll reiterate. What are you doing over there."

"We have been ordained by his excellency prime minister himself as Guide Skalabel's escorts. You've no right to order us."



<Name: Magic Barrier of Yacklubend (Mind Type/East)>

<Type: Magic Tool>

<Effects: Amplifies Mind Type Magic within Range>

※ One in north, south, east and west each.

※ Once they have been positioned correctly and the spell recited, the amplification will be in effect for a short period of time

※ Only mind magic cast from outside the barrier affecting the inside of the barrier gets amplified

※ The amplified mind magic affects all living beings inside the barrier

※ The barrier's size and strength correspond to the magic stones installed

"<Magic Barrier of Yacklubend> huh."

"Spellcast Shortening even for <Appraisal> huh."

"Considering you're burying that thing here, you must be planning to put the guest house inside the barrier."

"We're not obliged to answer that."

"As Shira's guard, I won't let you bury that thing unannounced."

"We don't need your permission."

Two subordinates and a mage are holding a magic barrier-like thing each.

The other two mages have a wand on their right hand each. Not thin wands like apothecaries use, they're thick with jewels embedded on them.

The three mages are considerably skilled. They've also got huge mana pools, and equipment to match.

To be frank, Lecan has no chance against these three mages were they far apart.

However, it's another thing entirely at this distance. This is a swordsman range. Is it carelessness that make them let Lecan enter the range. Or is it confidence.

"As guard of Guide Skalabel, we are obliged to arrest all individuals we deem suspicious. Something suspicious was being done in that lounge."

Lecan didn't reply back. Cause he knew what Roland was trying to do.

"You too count as one of those suspicious individuals. You just saved us the trouble of coming after you. But wow, that's a lot of mana. What kind of trick do you employ I wonder?"

What is this guy talking about.

"Your Spellcast Shortening is a thing of wonder as well. Who could have thought anyone besides our Royal Mages is capable of such."

Roland readied his wand.

"Perhaps, that nonsense Zaifad-dono spoke of, about you rapid firing <Flame Spear> had some truth in it? Oh I just can't wait to seize and examine your equipment in detail. And that mana control. We mages don't care about the medicine, but I've gotta take my hat off for such precise mana control. Just what kind of Grace Items afford you such a feat, we will definitely figure that out before we get back to the capital."




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