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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.14


"Then, Norma-dono. There is no problem with Guide Skalabel casting <Purification> on himself from now on, is there?"

"Yes. I believe so. There is no precedence for this case, and we have to rely on deduction of deduction my father left, however no trace of crystallization remains in Guide Skalabel's body, that is for sure.  I believe the resistance has vanished for now as well. In which cases, the greatest <Purification> in the kingdom should pose no danger now."

"Your words bring hope to us. Truly, our meeting has been a great blessing."

"I'm grateful to gods for this chance as well."

"Hohoho. Once we arrive at the capital we shall arrange a transcriber that will stay in Vouka for around a year time. Though it will likely be early next year at the latest. Norma-dono, you won't mind letting them stay in your place, will you"

"Yes. We have got the space after all. If the transcriber finds it unsatisfactory, I will look for a lodging nearby. Ah, and also."


"After about a decade, just to be safe, please have other people cast <Purification> on Guide Skalabel."

"Eh? No, but that's."

"It should be possible to gather multiple <Purification> users at the capital, and especially if Guide Skalabel calls for it, shouldn't it?"

"Ah! I see now."

"Three would be better than two, each of them should be equipped with mana boosting equipment, and given Blue Potions, make them cast as much <Purification> as they could. As the Crystallization should not progress to an advanced state like before by then, I believe that should be sufficient to solve the issue even without someone with an abundance of mana like Eda present."

"Oh, Elex Temple can prepare three <Purification> users no problem. Oops, please keep that confidential."

Next to the two in deep talk, Vouka town lord, Crimus Ulban was waiting while looking all smiles. As many people are waiting for their departure, he must be fretting bad on the inside.

"O Master, Master. You have my most heartfelt gratitudes."

"You've been saying that all this time already. Stay in good health. Don't come again now."

Scribe, scribe, the young apothecaries were still on the clock even now.

Shira looked at Eda next to her.

"Oh, yeah. Eda."

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"I need you to do something for me."

"Un. What is it?"

"I'd like to leave Jericho with you."

"Eh? Oh, sure no problem."

"Jericho's got money on them, they can go get their favorite fruit on their own, so you only need to prepare a room for them to stay in."

"That's OK, we've got some spare room anyway."

"Guide Skalabel. I think it's about time for your speech."

The one calling out to Skalabel was the person in charge of the entourage's escort, vice commander of the Royal Knights, Neisan Aspell.

"Yes, indeed. Neisan-dono, if you would."


Neisan walked ten steps ahead, inhaled greatly and started talking at a tremendous volume.

"To all of you present here, listen well! The words I shall speak now are the very words spoken by Guide Skalabel himself!"

The rustle quieted down at once. The town personages crowding the yard to the gate, and even the townspeople waiting outside the gate gradually went silence. Once it was completely silent, Neisan spoke with a thunderous voice.

"During this visitation, I, Guide Skalabel have been rejuvenated and regained my health back, thanks to an arrangement made by my teacher Shira-sama!"

A faint rustle broke out in the silence.

"It is all made possible with <Purification> performed by Shira-sama's pupil, apothecary Eda-dono!"

The rustle got bigger. Gradually growing louder, with no sign of stopping.

"Eda-dono is!"

Neisan's word swallowed down the commotion.

"A savior of our Guide Skalabel!"

OOOOH, a cheer erupted.

"This town, Vouka is a town of grace that has given us a new life!"

WAAAAA, another huge cheer. That was the highest honor the townspeople could hear. The cheers won't calm down.

Neisan glares at all the people around with a frightening look on his face.

"Anyone dares to harm Eda-dono, or obtrude on her!"

Neisan's voice got louder, deeper and tougher.

"Shall face us as enemy!"

Neisan paused a bit here until his word sank in the people's minds.


The people waited for the next word with a bated breath.

"Stand not in the path Eda-dono takes!"

Neisan greatly inhaled even more, knotting powerful words.

"For that is my wish. That is all!"

Someone clapped.

Not sure why they clapped here, perhaps it was to express their delight at Skalabel's regained health.

The applause eventually got spread among everyone who gathered there, lasting for a while.

"Thanks, Skalabel."

Guide Skalabel bowed deeply at Shira.

And when he raised his head, Shira was gone.

"O Master?"

He searched around but Shira was nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, apothecary Shira left the public eye for eternity.

Skalabel knelt on the spot, and prostrated toward the place where Shira was.

His pupils followed suit.

The priests followed suit.

The knights, squires, and even Prime Minister Office's officials followed suit.

Then they got on their carriages and horses, and departed for the capital.



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