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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.12


They dispersed early after dinner the night that day.

Amamir who was left at the town lord's mansion was visited by the officials who asked him about the talk in detail.

Amamir explained how Skalabel got strikingly better thanks to <Purification> from Shira's side, and how this must be kept secret until the last day.

He also emphasized how the talk between Shira and Skalabel covered so many ground-breaking matters that would advance knowledge about medicinal plants by leaps and bounds, that they're not something that should be carelessly publicized without Skalabel's supervision.

The stuff about medicinal plants were whatever to the officials. What they're worried about is one, whether Skalabel would return to the capital safely, two, whether Skalabel had plans to go somewhere else besides the capital.

In short, they're worried about Skalabel's well being most of all. And if he has any intention of making another journey like this one.

It'd be bad if by any chance he ended up wanting to revisit Vouka, or worst of all, wishing to stay for long.

No telling just where and what kind of ripple effects that would produce. It would greatly shake the populace at the capital and require additional fundings.

That said, the Prime Minister Office won't abandon Skalabel nor will they try to force him do something he's unwilling to. The king trusts him greatly, he's very popular amongst the capital's populace and on top of that, he's relatively cooperative with Prime Minister Office, he's a politically useful figure to have around.
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As Amamir himself also came from a noble background, he understood where these officials' worries lay, thus he touched upon topics that would assuage them.

Guide Skalabel never mentioned anything about wanting to go here again, neither did Shira's side showed any sign of wanting that. On the contrary, despite welcoming this visitation, Shira's side looked a bit bewildered about it and likely even found it bothersome.

And distilling Skalabel's intentions, it's pretty much definite that he wishes to bring back the knowledge he gained here to the capital to further help rearing new budding apothecaries there, the capital is where Skalabel will be active at.

After explaining that far, Amamir also talked about how Skalabel has plans to spread books authored by a scholar by name of Sasfrey in the world, hinting that the project can't be done if it's not at the capital.

He then hinted on the schedule for this trip.

One or more two extra days pose no big problem, and the arrangement made with the prime minister even accounted for four extra days if it would come to it. With Skalabel currently being extremely motivated, now is exactly the most crucial time. These officials would live up to their reputations if they could aid him well here, and Amamir himself would personally report their performance to the prime minister.

Due to his position at Elex Temple and lineage, Amamir is someone these officials look up even higher than Skalabel.

By making use of that fact, Amamir managed to secure Skalabel's freedom as well as the officials' peace of mind, bringing him in this trip was truly the correct choice.

Lecan got to hear all this from Amamir while they were eating together. Once he was aware of that, Lecan ceased trying to read these officials' and their employees' intents more than necessary.



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