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Okami wa Nemuranai 27.1


The following morning, Lecan was going to enter the guest house through the back door when he noticed the same knight as last evening standing there. A hint of fatigue was evident on his face.

The interrogations of their allied mages last night, the all night watch duty over the guest house and the two mages and mage squires, as well as the evidence gathering were supposedly done by all members of the knights in the entourage. Of course they'd get tired.



A green light soaked up the knight.

"Ah, it's so comforting. Fatigue just slipped away. Thank you very much."

"Good work out there."


Two knight squires and one temple knight stood in front of the lounge.  It's the other temple knight besides Derston. The man's got quite the mana pool as well. Lecan couldn't recall his name.

The two knight squires looked tired as well.




When Lecan got in the lounge, Skalabel and Cawin stood up from their sofas and greeted him.

"Good morning. Lecan-dono."

"Good morning. Lecan-sama."

Cawin took a glance at <Necklace of Intuador> but he didn't ask why Lecan had it on him. Cawin knows the necklace acts as a mana storage, but he's likely clueless on its other functions.

"Yea, morning. Guide, please don't stand up whenever I come in. It pains me to see you do that."

"No no. My conditions have gotten so much better now. And even if I weren't, I would have stood up nonetheless. I find the act of standing up quite fun in itself."

The two young apothecaries standing in the corners of the room greeted Lecan as well.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

The two of them seemed weirdly tired out.


For now, Lecan cast <Recovery> instead of greeting them back.

The two hurriedly said their thanks.

Lecan waved his hand to say 'don't mention it'.

The table has an assortment of warm thin-sliced smoked beef, fruit, bread and soup. on it Skalabel and Cawin must have had their breakfast.

Two maids are on stand by.

"Get my breakfast here. With lots of meat and fruit."

"Certainly sir."

Cawin stayed in Skalabel's room last night as his attendant.

Apparently that's always been the case even at the capital.

Once Lecan's breakfast arrived, Skalabel spoke to Cawin.

"Mind if you could leave us two alone."


Cawin stood up at once, made the two record keepers and the two maids leave the room before doing so himself.

Lecan continued working on his breakfast without minding them.

"I have been wondering, have I done something unwanted. Lecan-dono."

Lecan replied back after swallowing meat.

"Well Shira looks happy."

"I am fully aware that the act of me coming here has caused no end of headache to Master."

Lecan stuffed in more meat in his mouth, bit on bread and then chewed on them.

"Be it as may, I wanted to cast <Purification> for her."

He bit another mouthful of bread before chewing them.

"I wanted to be of use to Master, as trivial as it is. I wanted to repay my debt to her."

He brought a soup cup near his mouth and gulped down the content.

"No, that's probably not it. At the end of the day, I just wanted to see Master."

He put a whole peeled Zospa fruit in his mouth.

"But Master needs not <Purification>."

Then he swallowed it down after a few chews.
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"Far from it even--"

"When I managed to learn how to make Mana Restorative as well as <Barrier> the day before you arrived here, Shira said this to me."


"'Lecan. Congrats. You've made it to completion. Both in medicine making and in magic. In all of my long life, I've never had a pupil who managed to master these two simultaneously let alone to completion. I'm really proud of you as a pupil.'"


"That made me happy."

"I could imagine."

"Just between you and me, I almost cried even."


"I'm sure Shira is proud of you as her pupil too."

"I would love for that to be true."

"Remember what Shira said when you showed him your Stamina Restorative. 'Splendid. You've really studied well, haven't you.'"

"That she did indeed."

"Shira does not flatter."

"She never does indeed."

"You too are her pride."


"Aren't you glad when pupils you're proud of succeeded on the path they choose themselves?


"Then you've performed your due duty to Master."

"Haha. That must apply to you as well then Lecan-dono."

"Of course it does."


"But from Shira's point of view, both you and me are mere fledglings."

"I believe that is indeed true."

"All the more reason to hone the stuff she teach us and make her say this one of these days. 'Oh, you have surpassed me'."


"But who knows where Shira would be by then."

"So it would truly come to that."

"I believe so yeah."



"The two hidden techniques Master bequeathed you."


"I am afraid to say that, despite my understanding of them, I am incapable of recreating them."


"However, I do not wish to see those techniques die out."


"If a pupil I deem worthy managed to reach the proper stage, would it be acceptable for Lecan-dono to show those two techniques once again before them."

"If we run into each other sure."

"Thank you. Let's decide on a password."


"How about the password <In the name of Casa Seula>."

"<In the name of Casa Seula> huh. Got it memorized."

"Please pass on the hidden techniques to the one who came up to you with that password."

"Got it. But I'm not gonna stay in one place just to wait for your errand man. I go wherever I like. Whether you could find me or not is not my problem."

"Yes. I am sure the God of Fate shall lead the ways."

A petition to gods can sometimes demonstrate an unbelievable power.

And Skalabel is probably the kind of humans loved by many gods.

That person could end up finding Lecan for real.

Though Lecan himself doesn't really mind showing some medicine making for Skalabel's sake.

"By the way, what's up with this Casa Seula name?"

"It is what Master called herself when she was teaching me at one time."



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