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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.1


The following day, Lecan started practicing on <Barrier>.

"This will be the last magic I teach you."


"You've no aptitude for Mind type magic. Hence, no need to teach you that. You have to get Grace-laden accessories and the likes yourself to guard against mind magic. Well, that's how it works with everybody else though so it's not like you're at a disadvantage alone. Lots of Grace Items for that anyway."


"I've taught you <Appraisal> <Graph Make>, and <Concealment> in Perception type. <Detection>, <Clairaudience>, <Amplification> and <Analysis> are meaningless for you. So we're done."

"No, <Clairaudience> is that magic that lets you listen to faraway conversation and other sounds right? That kind of intel comes in handy for fights."

"You'd better off training your own ears. Extraneous information could carry unforeseen pitfalls with it."

"You won't know till you use it."

"I do know. There's roughly two utilities of <Clairaudience>. Eavesdropping an opponent's house, and for scouting in group battle. Eavesdropping doesn't suit you. And you've got a much more reliable mean for scouting. There is no point in putting effort into pointless stuff."

Lecan still couldn't agree to her fully, but he couldn't talk back with how forceful she was being.

"So we're also done with Perception type. <Origin Water> is good enough for Creation type. We're done."

"I believe there's <Mist Spray> spell in Creation type. Besides, aren't there still a lot of other spells in it?"

"There's a whole lot of them. But you know. Creation type eats up a stupid amount of mana."

"Yea, I've experienced that with <Origin Water>. Took me an absurd amount of mana to produce such little water."

"At the end of the day, Creation type is a magic that creates thing from nothing. It goes against the law of nature. In reality, only those who have deviated from the law of nature can learn it and only after an extended period of intense training. And yet, you have already acquired a Creation type spell in your former world for some reason. So since you got the aptitude from that, I taught you just <Origin Water>. You know full well just how useful that magic is, don't you?"

The Creation type spell Lecan obtained in his former world refers to <Gust>. It was a skill he acquired in a dungeon, but it apparently got appropriated as magic in this world. It does consume mana though.

"I know full well. I realized that magic is all about applications after watching you healing that whatchamacallit knight."

"So bear with <Origin Water> for now. Learn other Creation type magic once you've gained an even deeper understanding of the world. But I know that your interest likely lies elsewhere."

Apparently, Lecan only gets to learn <Origin Water> for the Creation type.

"I taught you <Draw>, <Move> and <Float> in space type magic. Now only <Barrier> left. I'm teaching you anti-magic <Barrier> but once you've got that figured out, getting the anti-physical version of <Barrier> would only be a matter of time. I'll teach you the knack at least."

"Space magic's got <Control> and <Exchange>. Are you not gonna teach me those."

"<Control> is normally an advanced version of <Move> magic. It affords a very precise control completely outside the realm for <Move>. However, comparing between <Control> and <Move>, <Move> excels in moving heavier objects."
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"Fumu. And?"

"Among chefs, there are those who collect knives of all size from small to big, using appropriate sized knives depending on the foodstuff they cut, and then there are those who use the same knife to cut everything, small and big. "

"Yea. There are."

"Then you know the convenience of mastering one magic that's applicable to all situations rather than switching between two magic. You're a bearer of an overwhelming detection capability. Capable of detecting even the smallest of thing. You can see how your magic move in fine detail. In short, your <Move> boast a precision on the level of <Control>."

In other word, it's all thanks to <3D Perception>, and <Mana Detection>. Both are skills Lecan acquired in his former world's dungeons, nobody else in this world has them. Now that she mentioned it, Lecan realized that fully focusing on <3D Perception> could likely afford him a similar result as <Amplification>.

"As such, you have no need to learn <Control>. Go master <Move>."

"Got it. Then how about <Exchange>. No other magic is that handy."

"Your common sense is a bit out of whack cause you only know it from me. <Exchange> is normally a magic utilized only to exchange notes. Mages with common sense won't even entertain the thought of transporting living humans to some faraway spot using that spell."


"A minor slip while casting this spell could mean entirely erasing the person you sent off this world. And fluctuating emotions tie to such slips. Someone as passionate as you must not learn this magic."

That means Shira has been moving around between faraway spots while risking herself getting erased from this world. Calmly at that. I see, that is beyond me, thought Lecan.

"Space magic also got other spells like <Snap>, <Airtight>, <Liberation>, <Compression> and <Purge>, but every one of them is just way too dangerous. I don't plan on teaching those to anyone, not just you."

"Got it. How about Special type. I thought you're gonna teach me <Dehydration>."

"Like I've told you before, every spell of Special type magic is virtually a different type. Each one of them requires its own aptitude. Like say, <Training>, the aptitude for this spell directly correlates to your affinity with animals and magic beasts. You cannot learn this unless you're someone who finds a Longarm Ape's fur more attractive than a human girl's hair."

Lecan turned at Jericho and stared at their fur.

"Yeah, it's impossible for me."

It felt like Jericho looked a teensy bit dejected there.




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