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Okami wa Nemuranai 24.5


"Either way, Shira-sama will have to move to the guest house once Guide Skalabel arrived. What's wrong with having her do that sooner."

"What? What is this about?"

"You can't be expecting to lead Guide Skalabel to that dilapidated house Shira-sama lives in right now, can you?"

"I'm not gonna stop him if he's coming on his own. Won't throw a welcome party though."

"One man can barely get through the path that goes there. It's at the furthermost spot in an area full of abandoned houses. And considering the public order there, we cannot possibly allow guide Skalabel go there. And frankly, who in their right mind would show him that dirty place."

That dirty place is where Shira resides though, what's really going in his mind there, thought Lecan amusingly.

"Naturally, Shira-sama will be living at the guest house during Guide Skalabel's stay. We have arranged the rooms with that plan in mind."

"Did you get the OK from Shira?"

"There is no need to. It's only obvious."

"Then there's need to discuss that with me. Tell Shira yourself. 'Move to the guesthouse, it's only obvious'."

"Everything will go to waste if by any chance she declined."

"I don't care."

Lecan stood up once again.



"Very well. We shall enlarge the road leading to Shira-sama's houses. We will demolish all buildings that stand in the way. So carriages can get through. The residents will be moved elsewhere. Is that good enough for you?"

"Don't care."
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"Why do you say that there."

"That place will cease to be the place it is now if that's done. What Shira thinks of that doesn't concern me. However."


"Shira is probably gonna be pissed off if you remove the herb field in her garden to make ways for roads."

"Father, unless we do something about that herb field, there is no choice but to proceed through a narrow path on the right side pressing against the wall while getting tree branches caught on your clothes. I do not think we can lead Guide Skalabel there."

The town lord crouched down with his hands pressing against his head.


Lecan left the town lord mansion with <Recovery> as a parting gift.

Lecan contemplated on his way back.

Is there really no way to assassinate Shira.

If there is one, it would be <Purification>.

There are no <Purification> users in this town. Except Eda.

But Kogurus might have one.

A trip from Kogurus to Vouka takes five days, but that can be shortened to two days by riding a horse without caring for its wellbeing.

By doing that, they could bring a magic water charged with <Purification> effect intact.

How would they sprinkle that magic water on Shira.

No, they don't have to. They can just put it in her drink.

However, Lecan has never seen Shira drinking something someone else made.

What if they coat it on an arrowhead.

That's not going to work either.

She may look like an elderly woman outwardly, but her true body is more like that of the young Nike.

Considering how agile she moved with that body, ordinary arrows and spears can't possibly hit her.

Besides, that's assuming the enemy knows Shira's weakness being <Purification>, which is unthinkable in reality.

Lecan can't come up with any way to assassinate Shira.

But Lecan isn't an expert assassin.

Those who specialize in assassination can think up measures beyond expectations.

Wonder what kind of scheme would Dovor and Gido employ for this.

Lecan has no idea.

That said, just because Lecan can't come up with one, doesn't mean those expert assassins won't.

(Hold it.)

When you think about it, just having the assassination ends up in failure isn't necessarily a good thing.

It actually makes thing worse.

What will happen then if they found out that a certain method that would have killed any living breathing human no matter who they are didn't work on Shira.

That's the true crisis.

In short, he cannot truly protect Shira without stopping the assassination even before there is an attempt.

But Lecan is unable to anticipate the enemy's method of attack.

(Then I'll do what I can do to the best I can.)

Lecan decided to frequently visit Shira's house until Skalabel arrived.

He went straight to Shira's house from the town lord's that day as well.

Shira was working on the herbs they gathered. Lecan observed her working.

If they're really going to kill Shira, doing it after the highways have been repaired would be pointless.

If there really are assassins, they would have long infiltrated Vouka town already.

That day, Lecan planned to expand <Life Detection> range to the utmost and observe Shira's surroundings.

He was surprised when he actually gave it a try.

<Life Detection> is originally an ability that enables detection of living beings within a 1000 step area, this area can be moved to a degree. However, the further away it's moved, the blurrier the image gets.

But right now Lecan can see information 2000 steps away. Meaning he can observe Shira's house and the area around it.

Just when did it got like this.

Must be that time.

That time his ability got boosted after the fight in Dungeon Ninae.

As if something is telling him to use this ability to protect Shira.

Lecan concentrated on <Life Detection>.

Four red dots indicating humans are encircling the area around Shira's house.

There are only uninhabited deserted houses around Shira's house, no one should be there.

Shira can use <Detection>.

However, <Detection> is unlike Lecan's <Life Detection> in that it doesn't work unless it's actively cast. Shira probably doesn't use <Detection> much if at all in her daily life. Being that powerful, she doesn't need to be constantly on guard of her surroundings.

Which means she might not be aware of these four suspicious individuals.

"I'm off for a bit."

Lecan rushed out his house, leaving Eda behind.

But then, the four red dots got away from Shira's house before Lecan could get there.

Lecan went back home, had dinner, got <Purification> cast on him and went to bed.

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