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Okami wa Nemuranai 25.10


"L-Lecan. You got married?"

Eda who had been keeping to herself while listening and grinning suddenly spoke up.

Lecan had a blank look, unable to process what Norma just said.

"Hahaha. So Lecan could put on that innocent look too."

"What are do you mean I've established a commuter marriage?"

"Lady Sushana personally served you tea, didn't she."


"Daughters of nobles do not serve tea to guests. That's maids' job."

"I thought that was a bit odd."

"The only time they do is when they consider the other party family. 'Family' in a very intimate sense. Noble ladies who have come of age don't even serve tea to their own father. On top of that, the room layout is clearly made for commuter marriage."

"Did they set me up?"

"I don't believe so. Town lord-sama's put enough trust and expectations on you to present his daughter to you Lecan. Hmmm. Or maybe."

"Or maybe?"

"Did you do something that could be seen as a source of anxiety to the town lord?"

"Source of anxiety?"

"Lecan, you're the the person town lord-sama depends most during this Guide Skalabel's visitation. Beyond a shadow of doubt. If he had a quarrel with you that resulted in you refusing to cooperate, it would immediately put town lord-sama in a predicament. Have you done something that could make him harbor such worries?"

"Now that you mention it, I might have."

"That's it. Town lord-sama was worried you would abandon him, so he's clinging on to you."

"And he used his own daughter?"

"To town lords, offering their daughter to their subordinates signifies the highest honor."

"Even if the daughter doesn't agree to it?"

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"You're forcing your own sense of value."


"First of all, you must understand that to the town lord this is the highest form of present he could give. Leaving aside whether that would make you pleased or not. And daughters of high-ranking nobles are surprisingly steadfast and cognizant of their value and duty from early ages, you know."

Lecan couldn't comprehend it.

And yet Norma reproving him about forcing his sense of value pricked his chest.

(Am I doing the same thing to the town lord?)

(The same thing he did that angered me.)

"Besides, it's not like they're forcing you to this commuter marriage. It's nothing more than a nominal offer. You could make a move on lady Sushana if you agree to the commuter marriage, if not you could just not stay at that room."

"I see. No, wait. I've promised to stay there once Skalabel gets here. That room is where I'm gonna stay at. So this commuter marriage thing won't get established as long as I'm not touching Sushana at all, yeah?"

"Lecan. If you go to bed at night in that room next to hers, that's the same as you making a move on her. At least that's how the surroundings will see it as."

"Then, what should I do?"

"Well now."

Lecan frantically looked for a way out. However, he couldn't come up with anything.

Seemingly taking pity on Lecan, Norma put forth an idea.

"How about bringing Eda there."



"The reason you're staying at town lord's mansion is to act as Shira-san's bodyguard, chaperon and helper right."


"A woman's chaperon has to be a woman too. And Eda is Shira-san's apprentice as well as the best <Recovery> user in this town. She's also a gold rank adventurer. She might actually be more fit for that role than you."

"I, see. Indeed."

"They haven't told you that the room next to yours belongs to lady Sushana, have they?"

"They haven't. I found out about that room through my detection ability, I haven't seen that room myself nor have they told me."

"Good. Then tell them yourself. 'Eda is needed in order to fulfill the role given to me by town lord-sama, let Eda use the room next to mine'."

"Right. I'll do that. Thanks. However, Eda isn't the only one staying there. You too."


"The town lord has given his approval for you to be present during the reception. But if you're there as a chaperon you can look at Skalabel up close or even talk to him. You might even get the chance to see the guy working his magic."

Norma fainted when she found out that the <Herb Saint> Guide Skalabel is coming to this town to meet his master, Shira.

And then she asked Lecan.

To have her included among the group of people who will be welcoming guide Skalabel.

You would normally expect dine together and welcome party during a VIP's visitation, but taking account of guide Skalabel's condition and such, there will be no such event this time around. No one is allowed to have an interview with him during his stay. This wasn't decided by the town lord, but a directive straight from the prime minister himself.

As such, the only chance this town's influential people have to get in touch with the virtually living god is when he arrives at this town.

And since the town lord doesn't want his tidied up garden getting messed up, the reception will be done outside the gate. No one else but those involved is allowed to step into the town lord's mansion.

As such, even if she's in the welcoming group, the moment will be over in an instant as the carriage passes by her. She would be fortunate to even have a glimpse of the guide's face. Nevertheless, to Norma, even such a glimpse would be worth a memory of her lifetime.

Norma had never asked Lecan anything before.

Lecan himself fully intended to push it through no matter what, yet the town lord easily agreed to it when he asked. In fact, even without Lecan asking, the town lord would have gladly welcomed Norma to be among the welcoming group.

In other word, the town lord has heard about all the gratitude from the people saved by Norma's own medical endeavor.

"B-but. Someone like me is"

"There's no better medical practitioner than you in this town. And you're one of Shira's friends whose wisdom and skill she's acknowledged. You're the one most fit as Shira's helper."




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