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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Looking at the Status


"Eh? That's not possible you know??"

He said it so easily.....

"You said it too easily no matter how you put it. Rather, if you could send that ball then it should also be possible to go back there isn't it?"

"Nn, about that y'see. One of the summoning conditions that summoned you was that it would somehow pick someone who wouldn't have problem coming here. Someone who didn't have a lingering attachment to that world and wouldn't be dissatisfied coming here I guess. And like I told you earlier, every countries expected the hero to be a military weapon, so of course they don't have any intention of returning the hero. I'm not sure if they even know how. And, I was only able to send that ball because there was a coordinate that could link with me, which was you."

Just great. Mwu, if that's the reason for the condition, I can't deny it. I have no more relative after all. If I have to say, my only regrets would be the announcement of the lottery and the manager's anxiety and physical condition from my disappearance. I also have a childhood friend, and I feel really sorry for her <TLN:or him, not clear in the raw>.... There's nothing I can do though!!
Ah, I can just imagine my Kouhai panicking in the vacant room, but let's ignore it, ignore it.

"Looks like your soul has mostly linked to the body. Think it's about time you can move?"

Fumu, come to think of it, I've been feeling quite used to it. The odd feeling that this wasn't my body jostling a while ago has disappeared. My mind is very clear. Right now, I feel that I can even tell a drunk customer off. I am the strongest ever! Un, sorry, it's not going that far.

I raise my body and look around. Umu, the interior of the building is clearly not of Japan. I try to grip and open my hands. Ummu, no problem. I get down the bed. Umu, nothing's wrong with moving around. But there's just one little thing.

"My height...isn't it short?"


Gune clogged his words.
Yes, my previous height was 176CM. Now it's only around 150CM. Even if I was 15 year old, I should have been 160CM....

"I-It's cause it used my body as the base. That's why it followed me as the standard."

"In other words?"

"I was that small when I was 15 year old. But but, I got taller on my third growth period!"

It appears Gune's race has three growth periods, and they grow taller than 180CM on the third growth period. However, they're quite small until that.

"I'm the base of that body, but since it matches you quite well, it should gradually grow bigger.... probably. B-but, you should be perfectly fine doing that deed, so don't worry. I was that big when I had my first child...."

The former demon lord speaking without confidence. Well it's fine though. Rather, he was already a parent when he was this small huh, that's amazing.

"Then, now that you understand, I'll explain the present situation."

--We're presently in a forest at the western part of Taikun Dukedom. It seems there's five big nations currently in this continent.

Alentia Kingdom in the center.
Orocina Empire in the north.
Hinoto Empire in the east.
Oltana Federation in the south.
Taikun Principality in the west.

In addition, there are also small countries that get gradually absorbed by the major powers.

"Huh? By west, isn't it near the demon lord territory that you governed as you told me earlier?"

"Yes! At present, there's no one who's working as a demon lord and the political situation there has become very unstable!"

Don't say that so radiantly! He doesn't have face since he's a ball though.
It seems the territory of this guy who was called Western Demon Lord has been divided into parts by his three former subordinates.
These three seem to not get along well so they become the restraints for each other, and thus the situation hasn't influenced this dukedom.
Oh right, he's called Western Demon Lord since, in this continent, there are countries ruled by demon lords that surround the five countries on all four directions. Some coexist well, some have repeating skirmishes.
By the way, the hit ma.... I mean, the hero who was sent to Gune seems to be an another world hero summoned by Alentia Kingdom. They seem to be a blond European, so they're most likely not a Japanase.
<TLN: The author doesn't actually specify the hero's gender. So the 'they' here signifies gender neutral, not plural.>

"What about religions, how is the situation? I don't wanna get close to places with strong religious presences, so tell me about it."

"Fundamentally, people believe in six Gods. Of course, we demons also believe in those Gods. It's not like the thing in your memory where demons = evil god you see."

Muu, he said what I thought preemptively.
It seems the Creator God has entrusted the six pillar Gods to manage this world, they're alway protecting this world.
The six pillar Gods are

God of Military and War Aren
God of Wisdom and Business Ordis
Goddess of Life and Harvest Ametoris
Goddess of Death and Fate Hadin
Goddess of Growth and Talent Levelitt
Goddess of Spirit and Principle Rutia

The woman ratio sure is high, Gods. I selfishly imagine that the two male Gods must be feeling intimated.
A fight is all about number, big bro!
Back then, a newbie-kun who offended an aunty quickly resigned in tears due to the intensity of that you see. Really scary.

"Now then! Why don't you try to appraise your long-awaited abilities?"

"Oh? I can do that?"

"Yup, your eyes are outfitted with 【Discerning Magic Eyes】! They're something special that would let you see the data in your mind if you focus at something while thinking you want to appraise it!"

"You've gone and done something opportunistic again. But, I'm grateful for that consideration."

No really, I'm thankful in this respect. I think being able to check various status is a huge advantage.
As instructed by Gune, I stare and focus at my own hand. Computerized status of myself flows into my head. I see. My status is like these.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: ???
Class: Otherworlder Lv1
Title: Unset
HP: 13/13 MP:4/4
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Connection Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Housework Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv1 - Disguise Lv2
【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv1

Otherworlder - Able to freely change class. Always active just by possessing the title.
Candidate of Next Generation Demon Lord - One who holds the possibility to become the next generation demon lord.
One who Surpasses Mom - A title given to one who has mastered housework.

"Well well, quite an interesting line up isn't it. Ah, for now, you're quite ordinary, so be careful not to easily die okay. There's no Continue. Also, please be advised that we do not accept claim, return, and cooling-off."

"There's a lot of things I want to retort, but first, this race! Am I not even a human?"
"Maybe it can't be displayed since your Magic Eyes's skill level is still low. I can't grasp what you've turned into too y'know."

The other things are problematic too. I don't know what this Differing Soul Connection even is, and there's even Magic Development. In the first place, I don't even know how to use magic y'know?

"Well, you might have to fumble around, just keep at it okay. I'm going to sleep inside your magic eyes from now on, so do your best not to die! Well then, adios!!"

The glass marble gradually turns into particles of light.

"Wait a minute! Don't just leave after dropping that addendum!"

I retorted in a hurry, but the light changed into particles of light and then Gune disappeared into both my eyes.

"O-oy, Gune!?"

There's no response even after I called him. Looks like he's left me alone in the hut.

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