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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Meeting the Old Demon Lord


"I don't know this ceiling...."

I muttered while looking at a ceiling that can't be called nice by any standard.

I was in an unfamiliar bed when I came to. However, I can't move my body. It's like sleep paralysis.

Yup, I can't make heads or tails of the situation at all. Rather, it flew straight over my head.
That said, it's not like I can do anything. I can't move my body, I can only think.
Just when I'm thinking about that, that glass marble in front of me is.... No wait, that's not right? That marble is floating and coming closer. It should have been inside my pocket, I wonder why it's floating .

"Yo, nice to meet you."

Eh? A voice came out of the glass marble-thing??

"Huh? You don't understand what I'm saying? That's strange, I'm sure I've put the native language in your memory...."

"N-no, I can understand you. My thought just couldn't catch up with stuff that flew over common sense."

"Ooh, good good. Then, let me explain the situation. You must be itching to know right."

--According to what the glass marble-like thing is saying, this world isn't earth. The name is 『Ethania』.
In other words it seems I've been summoned into another world. However, I wasn't summoned by this glass marble thing, it appears he interfered with the summoning and pulled me here.

"Is that really something that can be easily interfered?"

"Welll, it's not impossible cause I'm a former demon lord. And in order to do it, I had this King Soul cross over space and time to where you were."

--Yes, the glass marble-like thing in front of me is surprisingly, a former demon lord. His name is Gune Ino Setora. Dignity? Like I know!

"A certain country succeeded summoning a hero you see. After some twists and turns, I got myself killed by the hero just a few days ago. There is a country that holds a hero who can slaughter a demon lord under their arms.... Every country became terribly afraid of the collapsing military balance. And so, other countries rushed to start the hero summoning ceremony. Without putting the circumstances of the ones they're summoning into consideration that is."

--There's a hero, and he's an assassin huh..... Well from the demon lord's side, a hero is nothing more than a hit man. I guess the situation is similar for VIPs everywhere.

"What's bad about it is that some put the Collar of Subordination on the hero the moment they're summoned or add the Art of Subordination on the summoning magic circle itself. The General Humankin sure can do some inhuman things to their own race without batting an eyelid huh. Well,from their perspective, maybe they don't think otherworlders as their kind though."

--General Humans. It seems that's what they commonly call humans in this world. It seems they call anyone besides themselves Demi-humans and Demons. Of course, each races have a proper name of their own, so they ignore and think that lumping them all together as 'demi-humans' to be an insult. That seems to be common among Royalty and nobles among General Humans. It seems there's not much discrimination among the commoners who often come in contact with each others though.... As for me personally, I love paws and mofumofu myself, and mofumofu is the only choice if I have to choose ...

"Well, you don't have to worry. I've sent your neighbor's pet dog Yatsufusa-chan (♀ 1 year old) to the country that should've summoned you instead."

"Wait a minute! What are you doing sacrificing my neighbor's pet dog. She was a lovely one who got attached to me...."

"Next time! The hustles bustles of Hero Yatsufusa-chan!!"

"Don't end it. You haven't explained the reason why you interfered this summoning yet. Speaking about myself, I'm weak with things like fighting y'know? I'm even uselessly confident that I could die easily see?"

"Fuffuffuffu, that doubt is already within my expectations! Allow me to explain!! I dispatched that ball to where you were exactly for that!"


"In actuality, that ball is the condensed gem of my whole being. It's a catalyst of inheritance that corresponds to a certain condition."

"A certain condition? And I was qualified for it??"

"It's alright! The condition is a being that's identical to me in your home world 『Earth』! In other words, I'm the you in this world."

What! If it becomes a Time Paradox this or that will, w-wait that's future and past. Hmm, it does somehow feel like he's not just some stranger to me, but I don't know what to think when I'm suddenly told like this. But, unlike me who was a complete mob, this guy was successful in life huh, I'm a tiny bit envious. Not gonna put up with assassinations though.

"And thus, your body is currently in the process of evolution to cope with magic power and such. Congratulations, it'd even surprise the masked motorcyclist rider-san!"

"Oy, what're ya doing without the permission from the person himself...."

"Now now, I've set the initial body to be that of a 15 year old. Overflowing youth see? Fumu, looks like you're getting used to it little by little. Your mind seems to adjust to your body too, you sound a teeny bit younger now."

Come to think of it my speech have become somewhat youngish, or rather, rough, it sure feels a bit odd.

"And, what do you want me to do?"

This is the most important matter that needs to be confirmed. Even if I have to unwillingly admit that we're the same person, I'll have to refuse if he's pushing some unreasonable demand on me.

"Nn, I don't mind if you live freely y'know? You can live as an adventurer, as a merchant, or create an uhauha harem with beast and monster girls. Just one thing. I'd like you to listen to two of my requests if you become as strong as I wish. Of course I'm not gonna ask for some inhuman things like 'give me your body' or something you know?"


Quite an exceptional treatment for a term. If this were following the templates, it wouldn't be strange if it he asked some dangerous things like 『I'll train you here and now, let's fight!』, or 『I'll kill you if you don't obey!』. Now that my body is younger and all....

"Guess redoing the gray springtime of your life is also an option. I peeked at your memories a little, that was sure some withered youth days without anything bittersweet eh."

I feel heavy just remembering it. I would probably round up into a ball if I could move my body.
Since I was in an all boy's school, it was a gray lone--------ly youth days with no chance encounters or anything. I was a worse poor talker than I am today, I had no courage to pick up girls.

But! Now that I'm younger!! I'll stop enduring it! I'll live as I please!

I want to spend my days surrounded by my favorite cat's hut beast girls and monster girls! I want to live a depraved life playing around without having to worry about working with all my assets and property! However, I don't wanna get stuck with a troublesome position like noble, perhaps my first aim should be a village mayor who can sing and fight? Or a mayor whom not even countries could meddle with? The strongest mayor who can even win against countries, and likes mofumofu!? I think they exist! I will become mofumofu!!!

Oops, not good. My suppressed lid of desire popped. I've got to lock and weld it well. This isn't the time to release it yet.
I was an introvert who didn't like to try things, but from now on I'll be assertive. If I fail, I can just run away to another country, since there's probably no future troubles anyway, I'm gonna give it a try.

"Have you collected your thoughts? Anything you wanna ask?"

That reminds me, there's still one big question.

"I'm gonna ask just in case, is there any way to go back to the former world?

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