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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Mystery of the 【Emblem of Hero】


After having a meal, I'm in the inn room with Celica.
I've left Lapisia to Minya since I have something to talk about with Celica alone.

We're sitting on the bed next to each other. Celica is sticking close to me somewhat. I can feel her bodily warmth.

I took out the 【Emblem of Hero】 from my breast pocket and stared at it.
"Every places we went to today was a free pass huh."
"The emblem permits the holder to go to any place. Besides, people would be suspected of doing something bad if they refused a hero's visit."
"Figure. I have the authority of a police, a prosecutor and a judge for anything related to demon king after all."
"Po-lice? Pro-secutor? What are those."
"Ah, sorry. Never mind. More importantly, looks like this has a party function. I wonder how do you set it."

I tinkered with the palm-sized flat silver disk.
And then an arrow and some words appeared.
"Oh here it is. 『Choose the person you want to add to the party』 huh."
I point the arrow toward Celica and set it.
"Ah, something clicked just now."
And then, Celica's name was engraved in a small word on the 【Emblem of Hero】's back.
Looks like I can register up to 8-10 people.

"Ooh. We're joined up as a party now huh."
"But is it alright? If I remember correctly, experience points will be shared between party members."
"I'm strong enough as is. It'd be better if Celica and Lapisia got stronger instead."
I'm a god in the first place, I can't power up unless I gather believers.

Celica nods earnestly.
"I understand. Please allow me to receive the favor."
"Fumu. Seems like it can see the party member's location. I'll add Lapisia later."
"She's a child after all, we can rest easy that way."
Celica laughs.

I look at the 【Emblem of Hero】 once again.
"Next is the exclusive skills of Hero huh. I should be able to acquire them... or should have been."
"Is there any problem?"
I activate <<Truth Sight>> and look at my own 【Skill】 screen.
Katana Slash: Slash with a katana
Katana Stab: Stab with a katana
Iai: Ignore defense + probability of instant death effect

Gale Slash: Flying wind blade. One row.
Gale Revolting Blade: Produce multiple blades of wind that wildly about. Multiple rows.
Roaring Storm Slash: Wind blade that calls forth storm. Ranged attack.

Moon Water Slash: Flying water blade, cut the enemy. One row.
Roaring Waterfall: Push the enemy with a waterfall like water pressure. Multiple columns.
Water Demon Slashing Destruction: Conceive power of sacred water on the blade to destroy evil. Great damage to one enemy.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - (Great Warrior)
<<Break Down>>
<<Earth Break>>
<<Sky Saber>>
<<Giga Break>>

Pierce - (Holy Knight)
<<Gale Sting>>
<<Critical Strike>>
<<Multiple Sting>>
<<Holy Strike>>

Explosive Flame - (Holy Sage)
<<Fire Ball>>
<<Shining Rain>>
<<Prominence Tower>>
<<Aurora Detonation>>

I tilt my head in puzzlement.
Accurately speaking, there's one open space on Cut - Pierce -  - Explosive Flame.

I can't see it even with Truth Sight.
Furthermore, if I get either of Cut or Pierce, I can't acquire the other skills.
If I did that, my Class probably would become [Great Warrior] or [Holy Knight] instead of Hero.

I explain to Celica since she looks confused.
"When I equipped this, there were only three unmastered skill tress of Hero, there was a blank space. I think it's possibly because I'm not of Light elemental."
"Eh... Then."
I removed the Emblem of Hero and put it on Celica's neck.
"Let's try it."

I smiled and stared at Celica.
Celica slightly twisted her body in embarrassment. The big breasts shook.

--Oops, Celica's status is still the modified one. Gotta fix it.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 year old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Knight Lv 5=====Lv 17
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 10 (1) Growth Limit 25
Agility: 17 (3) Growth Limit 30
Magic: 19 (4) Growth Limit 75
Wisdom: 12 (2) Growth Limit 50
Luck: 02 (0) Growth Limit 03

Cut: Cut with a sword
Stab: Stab with a sword
Double Stab: Stab quickly. Twice.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - Pierce - Cover - Explosive Flame

Cover - (Hero)
<<Magnus Wave>>: Nullify enemy's buff. Does not affect ally.
<<Justice Slash>>: Holy attack that ignores defense.
<<Ultima Garden>>: Create a domain of absolute defense for a period of time. However both ally and enemy cannot attack.
Demon King Destruction Flash <<Ultima Slash>>: A blow to erase the demon king.
I shout out loud.
"This is it! The basic skill is 【Cover】 and the final secret art is 【Demon King Destruction Flash】, the <<Ultima Slash>>! Judging from its description, it seems to be a skill exclusively to kill the demon king."
Just as I thought, the Light element really is the key!

This is the reason why the demon king thoroughly removed Light elemental people.
He must be very afraid of this art.
--On the contrary, this suggests that this skill can definitely kill him!

Celica shakes as her blue eyes open wide.
"Could it be, Keika-sama can.... see ability and skill?"
"Ah, I can."
"Keika-sama even has the power of a Shepherd! My goodness!"
"Shepherd? What's that?"

"Shepherds were people of age past. Each village had one of them, they saw through proper ability and talent that people have and enlightened people the path they should walk on. Even if say, someone is smart in their childhood, they would teach him that he's more suited to become a Warrior or Monk instead of Scholar."
"So there are people who can see Skills and Status in this world. Then why didn't you consult them? Celica has more talent to become a Magician than a Knight right."

Celica frowns and looks down sorrowfully. She speaks like she's about to cry.
"S-so that's really true.... I was strong and fast in my childhood...."
"Figure. Since you've leveled four times, subtracting that, your initial status would be 『Strength 6, Agility 5, Magic 3, Wisdom 4』. No wonder you thought you were more suited to be a Knight or a Warrior in your childhood. Your growth rate is 『Strength 1, Agility 3, Magic 4, and Wisdom 2』, the magic one is higher. Since the Agility is also high, I guess Monk and Priest could be a choice too."

Celica frowned painfully.
"Ah, if only I had met Keika-sama earlier. Recently I sensed the limit of my power.... But the demon king had killed all people with the power of Shepherd."
"Can't you just change your Job?"
"We used to be able to change Job in Temple of Umo, but that was also destroyed by the demon king...."
Celica said weakly.

I think inwardly.
You can't choose a Job that suits you even if you can see your status.
If you chose the wrong job, you wouldn't be able to change it and finish without ever getting strong.
Light elemental people are killed by the Sinner system.
Even if they survive, they can't become Hero.
Even if they get ahold of the 【Emblem of Hero】, they'd be out if they chose the wrong skill to raise since they couldn't see the skill tree.

I unconsciously laugh.
"This world's difficulty is worse than even Lunatic and Inferno. Normally it'd have been impossible to clear."
Celica looked down weakly. Her blond hair hangs on her cheeks.

I take off the 【Emblem of Hero】 from Celica and put it on.
"Well I can just be of Light elemental."
I call forth my Status and tap it with my finger to rewrite 【Faint Gleam】 to 【Light】.
Since I'm a god of river where fireflies ride, 【Faint Gleam】 fits me better though. Can't be helped.

I look at my palm.
Umastered skill 【Cover】 appeared.
"Okay. Next, I just need to raise it properly and acquire 【Demon King Destruction Flash】."
Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"D-don't tell me.... Keika-sama also has the power of Great Priest to change job....!?"
"Hm? Well, I can do something similar to that."
Then Celica clung on my chest. Her blue eyes are moist with tears.
"Please, Keika-sama! Please make me stronger!"
"I think I've listened to your wish, 'I want to live', already though."
"T-that's true.... but I want to become stronger! I want to be of help to Keika-sama."
"You've helped enough... But a wish is different. Offertory--you gotta  offer something."
"Uu.... I don't have anything anymore...."
"I can't do it unless you offer me something. Well give it up. Don't worry, I'll protect you."
"I don't want that! --I-I will offer myself, could Keika-sama at least make me strong enough to be helpful please? ....not good?"

I fold my arms and think.
Celica has helped me a lot.
She might face dangers if we go together hereafter.
Celica should be safer if she gets a bit stronger.

I nodded.
"Well fine. Then take off your clothes and lie in the bed."
"Eh, so sudden..... Y-yes...."
Celica begun to take off her clothes while blushing.

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