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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Overwhelming Humiliation at the Tournament


The tournament day.
Fine weather since morning.

I'm heading to the arena with Celica.
The people walking on the stone paved road are gazing at me with smiles.
I wonder what's this. I'd never experienced this from people when I was a God.
It's ticklish.
I could only return an embarrassing grin at them.

When I look at my side, Celica is smiling. Her blue eyes are filled with trusting light.
"What's wrong, Celica."
"I was just thinking that even Keika-sama has something he's weak at."
"You.... I'm just not used to it."
Celica laughs like a blooming flower and then she embraces my arm tightly. I can feel her slender body line.
"O-oy. Don't stick that close in the middle of the city."
"It's fine isn't it. Fufu."
She keeps smiling like she's happy about something.

We arrived at the arena.
The arena is similar to a stadium on earth, there's an elliptical stage in the center with ascending audience seats around it.

We're parting at the entrance since they separate the entrances for the participants and the audience.
"Then I'm going."
"...Please be careful Keika-sama."
"You too Celica, watch your surroundings. Do it as planned okay."
Celica obediently nodded even though her shapely brows furrowed. Her blond hair is glittering from the morning light.
I nodded and went to the participant entrance.

A middle-aged man who seems to be an official approaches me immediately.
"Good morning, Keika-sama. I'll guide you to the waiting room."
"Has my opponent come?"
"Gaff-sama hasn't come yet."
"Hou, is that right."
I concentrate my ears.
--<<Great Eavesdropping>>.
Noise enters my ears. I push that aside and listen to his voice.

"Hehe, that woman really came alone. --Ya know the plan guys."
"Leave it to me."
"Then I'm going. Kukuku, I'll humiliate that bastard in front of the audience...."
Oh. He's quite vigorous.
Defeating him will be worth it.
I'll enjoy it to the utmost.

I laughed and followed after the official in the narrow stone passage.
And I was led to a small room of about 10 tatami big.
There's some chairs, table and bed inside.
After doing some light stretching, another official calls me.

"You must be Keika-sama. The first match will begin soon."
"Is that so. Please guide me."
"Over here please."
I followed after the official.

We arrived at a bright place with morning sun.
It's the elliptical arena stage with soil ground. Me and my opponent are situated furthers apart from each other.
The audience who were looking from above grandly cheered when they saw me.

I look at the opposite side.
Gaff with his filthy hairy face came walking slowly.
He's smirking showing his yellow teeth.

The host shouts like his throat's split.
"It finally begins! First match, Gaff VS Keika! It's an interesting match up, you just can't look away! Then get readyy! --Start!"
The starting gong resounded.

I walk ahead while pulling my Tachi. The sleeves of my Wafuku are fluttering.
Gaff pulls the great sword on his back even while being afraid of my actions.
The great sword glitters reflecting the morning sun.
I recalled that it was a famous sword.

I squint and look at him.
Name: Gaff
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Job: Bandit Head
Class: Warrior Lv 34
Element: 【Fire】

Weapon: Explosive Great Sword 【Robbery and Murder Item】: Added explosive damage  Low probability to cause Instant Death
Armor: Chimera Scale Armor 【Robbery and Murder Item】: Agility improvement  Weightless  Floating

Cut: Slash with two-handed sword
Mow Down: Horizontal slash with two-handed sword
Storm Press: Swing sword from above, driving down tempest-like explosions on opponent
Press Down: Jump to the sky, driving down a powerful blow with your whole weight put on it

Accumulated Slash: Accumulate power and slash. Pulverize opponent. Double power.
Magic Judgment Slash: With the force from swinging sword, nullify direct magic attack

【Weapon Skill】
Blaze Dancing: Cause chain explosions with an attack. The opponent will run about like they're dancing
Explosive Wind: Cause small explosion, additional damage

Looks like he's not all words, he's mastered the higher skills of warrior class.

Since Gaff has come closer, I speak to him.
"You should use your secret skill asap. You can die easy without suffering that way."
Gaff slashes at me with his face red.
A horizontal slash.
【Mow Down】 huh.

I easily evade with a back step.
He takes a big step while chasing me.
The great sword was lifted diagonally to the left, and then slashed down.
The sword is clad in wind.
Must be 【Storm Press】. Did he train to be able to use it diagonally.

I slant my Tachi and lightly flush away the powerful slash. The ground is gouged with the blast.
"What was that attack. Are you plowing a field or something?"
Gaff's face crumples with anger.
"Don't underestimate me!"
He's swinging the great sword continuously. Fwoosh, swoosh, cutting the wind.
I easily evaded them by a hair's breadth since they were just simple 【Cut】s.

Gaff is already sweating and gasping for breath.
"What, was that all your power. Hm? Hmm?"
I raise my chin and look down on him.
Then he jumps in the sky while gritting his teeth.
"Damn you!"
Jumping thrice the height of a man, blocking the sun.
--Aren't you good. So this is 【Press Down】 huh.

The great sword shines, and falls down with the wind!
A powerful blow!

I take a back step to evade and tilt my Tachi to act as a shield.
The stage's stone pavement cracked, raising cloud of dust. I block the flying splinters with the side of my Tachi. Clank, clink, lightly repelling them away.
Thick white smoke rises.
Gaff is stiffened with his sword below.

I didn't miss that chance.
Like fencing, I thrust my Tachi casually.
The tip bores Gaff's shoulder.
Gaff grimaces and jumps back.
"Hee, looks like even a fool has nerves on their shoulder."
"S-shiiiit....! Y-you.....!"
"Anything else you can do? None of your skills came through right?"
After comprehending that all of his skills are useless against me, he realizes the difference in status.
Gaff looks awfully hurt from my words.
"U...!--Hm? Keke."
Gaff's warped face that looked like it was going to cry suddenly brightened.

And then he slowly swings his great sword like it's matching my Tachi. It's not a movement from 【Cut】.
--Hmph. Looks like he wants to talk to me about something.

I slowly swing my Tachi matching his sword.
Our swords hit each others.

He puts his face close to mine while we're locking swords.
"Look to the left audience seats.... Kuku."
I move only my eyes and see it.

One of Gaff's underlings is standing behind Celica in the audience seats.
He must be thrusting a dagger on her back.

Gaff speaks while exhaling his stinky breath.
"Give yourself up if you value the woman's life. I'll let you go with your life.... We're gonna thoroughly enjoy the woman later tho'!"
Gaff made a dirty laugh 'guhehe' after saying that.

I laugh with a composed face.
"So what? Look at Celica."
I exchanged a significant look at Celica and winked.

And then Celica shouts out loud with her beautiful blond hair glittering from the sunlight!
"Keika-sama! Please don't mind me, I beg of you please win!"
A sound like meat getting bitten resounded under the blue sky.
Red liquid immediately flow out of Celica's cute lips.
The underling behind her shouts.
"Uwaa! This woman bit her tongue....! I-It's not me! I didn't do anything!"
The underling was panicking.
Celica who's escaped from him coughs blood and falls down in front of him.
Her blond hair spread out like a fan.

I grin and laugh.
"And? Do you--give up?"
Gaff changes his countenance in surprise.
"Y-you! Don't you care about the woman!"
"Ah, right. I won't forgive you for causing this situation."
"W-what's with you! Are you a devil!"
"Hmph, that's not quite right-- I'm a God."
I lightly push my Tachi that's locking with his sword. Gaff was blown away to the back with just that.
Gaff falls on his backside in the rising cloud of dust.
Fear runs through his small eyes.

I speak while looking down on Gaff like giving a sentence from God.
"You deserve death for all the sins you've piled up. Die gallantly!"
"W-what! I didn't do anythin'!"
He spread his arms wide as if he was appealing at the audience.

However, my <<Truth Sight>> uncovers his background!
"Hou. Then let me count your sins. --first, yesterday, you attacked an old man baker, stole his money and gravely injured him."
Gaff's surprised voice is met with the audience's rage.
"What!", "So you were the culprit!", "That bread was the best y'know!"

I turn into the judge of the afterlife and sentence more of his sins.
"Before that--a felony, you attacked the caravan of Biblo Firm, killed all the members and stole their freight."
The audience were surprised.
"So it was his doing", "They said the bandits killed the people who were pleading for their life while laughing", "Didn't know he was a bandit."
Gaff shouts out flinging his saliva.
"What're you saying! He can't prove his words!"

My sentence is not over yet.
"I see, proof huh. Then, you attacked the western monastery, violated the women and children, killed the men and plundered the treasures. One of those items is the armor you're wearing. --In addition, you got close to the Blue Knight Sabin by pretending to be a merchant, gave him sleeping drug and then murdered him. The evidence is the great sword in your hand."
Gaff gritted his teeth with bloodshot eyes.
The audience rustles.
"I thought that sword looked familiar....!", "Please! Avenge us!", "Kill the villain!", "Hand him over to the guard!"
They began to speak those words.

After counting his sins, I finally speak.
"You've killed more than 100 people who were not resisting. Even if the king pardons you, God won't."
Gaff groaned with white bubbles coming out of his mouth.

However, the atmosphere in the arena has turned completely on my side.
"Defeat!", "Kill!", "Kill!"
Even no mercy call has begun.

Gaff shakes his big body and then raises his face with dark eyes.
"I didn't want to use this.... But you alone, I'm not gonna let you live."
"I'll return it back to you in entirety."
"Bark all you want! --This is the eeeend!"
He puts his hand on his back, taking something from around his belt.
It's a mask that emits ominous aura.

He smiles like a madman and then puts on that cursed mask.

An explosion happened with Gaff in the center.
Shaken by the strong wind, the audience screams.
"KYAAA!", "UWAAA!", "What!?"
"That guy went and put on a cursed mask!"
"Hii", "Run, run away!", "Yer' gonna get killed by the insane cursed man!"
The audience are trying to run away.

Gaff pushes his hand toward the spectator seats.
"Shut uuup!"
Intense black wind rages.
WOOOSH! Wind clad in black aura sweeps over, beating down the audience. Even the guards fall down.
"No way!", "Someone, help!", "NOO!", "I don't wanna die!"
People's screams filled the arena.

Looks like he's pleased with the screams, Gaff walks toward me while his big body convulses.
"Ge, gehe! ...Power! Ultimate power! I can easily crush anyone!!"
His attribute values have certainly multiplied by more than 1000.
You can even say that he's equaling a God.

However I grin and laugh.
"Go on and try it."
Gaff swings his great sword while shouting dirtily.
The great sword is wrapped in ominous black aura!
--【Storm Press】 huh.

I stand and smile like it's nothing. I'm not even trying to evade the swinging sword.


A dull sound resounded in the arena.
The audience held their breath while screaming 'HIII'.

The great sword directly hit my head.
However, I'm standing calmly. Not even spilling a shed of blood.
I'm looking puzzled like saying, "Did you do something", while looking at him with disdain.

The eyes under the mask are shaken by unrest, his voice is trembling.
"W-why! How could you stood this power--!"
"Are you an idiot? You think I would set the item I made to be able to kill me?"
"Wha---! Whaat--! Y-you, just who are youuu--!"
Trembling in fear, Gaff takes a step back. His knees are shaking.

I raise my Tachi overhead. Reflecting the sunlight in glimmer.
I make a cruel smile while remembering all the insults I've received so far.
"You didn't know? I said it just now didn't I? --I am....a God!"

I swing down the Tachi in one go! A trail of light surpassing speed of sound!


Straight line from Gaff's head to his groin!
The excessive force cuts the ground's stone pavement as well.
My Tachi is sunk in the ground.

Shiiin.....The arena fell silent.
Swoosh~, a light breeze blows.
As if blessing me.
The cursed mask falls from his face. It hit the floor twice and broke.

Gaff opened his eyes wide while raising some hoarse voice and then he fell down behind.
Then his fallen body splits apart.
Darkish blood gushes out like a fountain.

After a moment, UOOOOO! The arena shook like it was broken.
The audience unanimously shouts.
"You did it!", "You're the true hero!", "Keika-sama~, look at me~!", "Keika-sama, hold me!"
The women are sending hot gazes at me.

And the host loudly announces.
"The winner of the first match, Keika! The loser is this filth, Gaff! Give a grand applause to the future hero!"
Clap clap clap! Intense applause resounded like thunder.

During that, Celica stood up with her blond hair loose.
She wipes the red liquid around her mouth while smiling.
And then she took out a ruptured pouch and a hard meat from her mouth.
--It's a clot of blood made from boiled red fruits 【Rubera Fruit】.

Celica's blue eyes are filled with determination, and then she shouts out loud.
"That man is the bandit's friend!"
"Wha, damn!"
The bandit ran away.
The audience who notices it points at him.
"That guy was together with Gaff!", "Catch him!"
"Shut uup! I'll kill ya!"
The bandit drew his sword and swung it randomly.
"Hehe, now Gaff's dead, I'll be the next boss. I'm gonna get away--gwa."
An arrow was stuck in the bandit's chest.
He opens his eyes wide as he looks down at the arrow, but then he's enraged when he sees the arrow's shape.
"You bastard Maji....! You traito...r"
He coughed blood and fell down.

I look at the direction where the arrow was shot.
Majiria wearing robe with a bow in his hand is standing at the top of the topmost seat.
He raised his hand when he saw me, then he climbed the wall and jumped down the four-story tall arena, disappearing.
"There's one over there!", "He ran away!"
The guards ran after him. I wonder if Majiria could escape.
Well he's accomplished the job of handing the mask to Gaff anyway, after that it's whatever.

I turn back.
I greatly nod at Celica while walking back to the entrance. Praising her, you've done well.
She waves her hand happily while looking bashful.

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